What If Peeta was rescued instead of Katniss? What if Katniss was hijacked instead of Peeta? What would happen when Katniss sees Peeta again?

Read this Fanfiction to find out! :)


2. The District

Peeta P.O.V


"Peeta!!" A female voice screams. It takes me a minute to relize that its Katniss!

I hear a noise from behind me and whip around. Its Enobaria.

"Go Peeta! I can handel her!" Joanna says.

I nod at her greatfuly, and run to find Katniss.

"Katniss" I scream. I hear her shouting my name, but I cant see her. Then I hear another voice.

"Katniss were are you?!"

Thats Finnick! But why does he want to find her? To kill her? "Over my dead body" I think to myself. And now Im running to find Finnick. I dont care that we're allies, I wont let him, or anyone else, hurt my Katniss.

I run up as quietly as I can, trying to stay hidden underneath the thick trees. I dont care if im loud, im gonna die anyway....

*Normal time*

"KATNISS!" I scream bolting strait up. I cry out from a sharp pain in my head and lay back down. "Carful", A voice says from behind me. "You hit your head pretty hard when the arena blew out." I wince as I turn around to see where the voice is coming from and I want to scream.

The voice is Hamich.

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