We Know The 5sos Guys? This Is Before they met Eachother, Plus A Little Twist.


1. --Luke--

It Was the first day of my freshman year. I was Excited. Scared Mostly. This Was The Morning. I Begin to walk down stairs. I look for some lucky charms for my breakfast. I pull out my phone from my pajama pockets. I check Into Twitter. I look through the twitter feed and notice all of my friends tweets. "New School New Me" I whispered to myself. My 8th grade year consisted of mostly bullies. I was short and chubby. They picked on me everyday. Then School finally ended and I worked out and lost a couple pounds. Im Almost 6 ft now. Im really tall. and buff. I' finish my Cereal. I walk up the stairs and lead myself to my room. I put my phone on the charger. I walk over to my closet, I look on the shelf For my grey skinny jeans. Next i look at all my shirts and i found my lucky red plaid shirt. I go to the other side of my room and grab my black vans. I head to the bathroom where i fix my hair to the swept off look and spray some axe , I began to brush my teeth. I run downstairs now realizing im running late. I grab my backpack and car keys. I head out. I Plug my phone into the audio jack and begin to play green day. I listen to 3 green day songs on my way to school. I find the closest parking spot to the front door. I park and run inside. I run straight for my locker. Im getting laughed at by some jock guy with blonde almost white hair. I look at my phone. WAIT!! its only 6:20. Im early the house clock must be wrong. I slow down and start to walk to my lock 182. I was right next to that jock. I put my books and binder inside my locker. I look over and saw the guy giving me a dirty look. Hes a freshman too.

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