He Noticed Me?

MattG124 is Tammy's favorite Youtuber. One day while on Twitter she noticed how he, the very one and only, MattG had actually tweeted her back and followed her. They soon began talking, What happens when they meet up? Will it be love? or will it fall through?


6. Chapter 6: Matt's POV

Matt's POV

I was up most of the night editing Dare MattG 91. I stopped to message Tammy alot, so i had to cut those parts out. It was just alot. I sat at my desktop computer with Jojo drinking a monster to keep me awake. 

"So Queen," I said when it was about time for me to sleep, like 4 am. no big deal. Jojo was asleep next to my computer on the desk. "Is it time to go to sleep?" I asked her petting her head so she would wake up a little bit. She opened her eyes and stared at me sleepily. "I think its time to go to bed. Come on Jo." I said standing up and picking Jojo up. she meowed and cuddled into me. i smiled and walked through the house to my room. I shut the door, placed Jojo on my bed, where she stood up and waited for me to lay down. I took my pants off and smiled at Jojo, who meowed at me. "Im coming Jo.. calm down" i said quietly and laid down in bed, climbing under my blanket before Jojo took her spot on my chest. She laid down and started to purr. i smiled as my eyes slid shut. "Goodnight Jojo. I love you" I said before finally passing out.

My dream was weird.

I was sitting on my couch with Jojo on my lap and my phone in my hand when the doorbell rang. Jojo jumped off me and started leading me to the door, and i followed. I opened the door to Tammy. She smiled

"Hey Matt" she said to me

"Hey Tammy. this is unexpected. I thought you were coming next week." I said opening the door more and stepping out of the way. 

"Yeah i know, My company said i could take vacation early, so i did. I just really wanted to see you." She smiled and put her bags down before wrapping me in a hug. 

"I feel special" i said hugging her back, shes shorter than i though. but its okay.

"You are special" She said to me, breaking the hug and staring into my eyes. 

"Well you are too." I said to her reaching a hand out sneakily to grab her hand.

"Thanks Matt." she said and took a step closer. "You know." She said as i took her hand. "Ive always liked you." She said literally a few inches away from me. I could smell her perfume. 

"I..Ive always liked you too Tammy" i stuttered out. She stepped closer to me, dropped my hand and put her arms around my neck.

"Matt," She was inches away from my face.

"Yeah Tammy?" 

"Is it bad im really tempted to kiss you?" She asked me her eyes jumping from my eyes to my mouth. 

"Not when the feeling is mutual." I said and she smiled before hesitantly leaning in to kiss me, My eyes closed as our lips crashed together.My hands went to her hips and her hands started to mess with my hair as our kiss intensified. I ran my hands down to her thighs and picked her up while still kissing. Her legs wrapped around my chest and i walked to my room. i kicked the door shut and laid her down on my bed. The kiss broke for a second

"Matt.." She said and made eye contact with me, Her eyes dilated and a darker blue then before. "I..I think Im-" She started to say 

I jerked awake. Jojo was pawing at my face and meowing. I checked my phone, 12 noon. 

"Fuck. " I said rubbing my eyes. Jojo meowed at me "I know i know im getting up Jojo." I said and sat up "You ruined an awesome dream you know." I said to her as i stood up and grabbed my phone again. She was at the door Meowing and pawing at the door, She wanted to leave. "Okay.. Okay" I said and opened the door and followed her to her food dish. I poured some food in it and sat down on the couch. I unlocked my phone and opened Twitter. I didnt have a DM so i just scrolled through my feed. '@TammySk8Official; Weirdest dream ever. Going to Starbucks with @AlyssaSk8Official.' From 5 minutes ago. I wonder what her dream was like.. I replied to that tweet '@MattG124: I had a weird dream too! DM me when you get home.'  I locked my phone and held my head. I got like 7 hours of sleep compared to my normal like 12.  

After like an hour of just zoning into Tumblr my phone buzzed and a notification from Twitter popped up. 'New DM!' it said. i clicked on it immediately and it was Tammy

T:Hey Matt! Howd you sleep?

M: okay i guess. i had a weird dream. how bout you?

T:Same here. Do you mind me asking what the dream was about?

M: Well uh... You came by early and... uhh... it was jsut weird.. its hard to explain. What was yours about?

T: uh.. You were at my house and we uh.. shared my bed.. and Alyssa was making fun of us. then uh the gang came over for Truth or Dare and uh.. things happened

M: Things happened? Things happened in mine too. 

T:What kinda things?

M: We may have.... kissed...

T:We kissed in my dream too...

M: Its awkward now...

T:Did dream you enjoy it?

M: Ill tell you if you tell me

T: Dream me enjoyed it alot...

M: So did dream me..

T: This has to mean something.. right?

M: It might.. I guess we will find out?

T:Very true. 

M:SO whats up? whatchu doing?

T: Not much, drinking Starbucks and helping Alyssa clean and then gonna make a new board. Hbu? Whatchu doing?

M: Just sitting on my couch. petting Jojo and tlaking to a beautiful girl. c:

T:Tell Jojo i say hi c: Jay too

I looked to Jojo "Tammy says hi" She looked at me and meowed. "Ill tell her you say hi."

M: She meowed, which probably means hi. Tell Alyssa i said hi.

T: She said heyy. but hey i gotta go build a longboard. Ill talk to you later?

M:Sounds like a plan c: have fun Tam c:

T:Thanks Matt! I will,

With that i just stopped responding. I looked to Jojo. "Its bad isnt it.. I really like her" She just looked at me and meowed. "Yeah i know."

"Are you talking to the damn cat again Matt?" Jay asked walking out of the kitchen. 

"Maybe.. Oh and by the way, Tammy says hi." i said to him. 

"Tell her i said hey. and youre just wierd." He said and walked back to his room. I sighed and grabbed my phone. 

"Hey Jay!" I called


"Im gonna go penny boarding. I have my phone" 

"Sounds good, bye" Jay called. I grabbed my board and keys and left the house.

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