He Noticed Me?

MattG124 is Tammy's favorite Youtuber. One day while on Twitter she noticed how he, the very one and only, MattG had actually tweeted her back and followed her. They soon began talking, What happens when they meet up? Will it be love? or will it fall through?


5. Chapter 5: Tammy's POV

"Why dont you tell me about yourself?" I said to him,i had just explained basically my whole famous history. 

"Well.. a bunch of my friends had okay youtube accounts so i decided to join it. I started getting pretty famous and i added Dare MattG like 3 years ago. I started getting more famous. Youtube offered me the thing where they pay me for making videos and i accepted, obviously, a college drop out who didnt have a job? I was taking that fucking offer.After a while i moved in with my friend Jay and here i am. My story isnt very exciting. I jsut got to VidCon in Florida every year and I visit California to go to Youtube headquarters every now and again. Im actually scheduled to go there again in about a month." He said. 

"I live in California! Near the Youtube headquarters actually, Will you come visit me?" I asked.

"I will try my best. Im usually there for a week so. Ill be with you as much as possible." He said. My mind raced. He looked really really worried. 

"I will be looking forward to seeing you Matt." I said, a smile breaking across my face. He smiled back. 

"You know. I dont think i told you this but you really are very pretty Tammy" He told me. I felt my cheeks flush.

"T-Thank you Matt" i stuttered out. "youre my favorite Youtuber. and im pretty sure Alyssa and i have had conversations about your looks."

"good or bad conversations?" Matt asked chucking

"very good. You are a very. very Attractive guy Matt." i laughed a little bit.

"Im glad you think so." 

"So Matt.. What do you do when you arent shooting videos?"

"Sleep. Eat. Annoy Jay. Penny Board, correction, fail at penny boarding." he laughed.

"I could teach you. I have a vacation soon. Im being paid to go on vacation. I can come to Canada... maybe?" I said hesitaintly.

"Yeah.. yeah thatd be awesome! you could bring one of your penny boards and we could go penny boarding. you could stay at my house, i mean id have to talk to Jay but he thinks youre hot too so he shouldnt have an issue with it. But he has to know you are strictly mine." Matt started to stream these words out of his mouth. He stopped talking once he realized what he said. It took me a minute to understand.

"So im Strictly yours huh?" I laughed a lil.

"I...I..I mean i jsut dont want him to try and hook up with you." Matt started making up all these excuses.

"Wait wait wait.. Matthew. If im Strictly yours... Are you strictly mine?" I asked as flirtatious as i could. His eyes just widened and he started to babble.

"Uh.. uh.. uhh.."

"Cos i think if i am strictly yours, its only fair that youre strictly mine as well." i smiled."Can you agree to that?" i asked

"I-I-I-I I think I can Tammy." He said smiling, finally snapping himself back to reality.

"So my vacation is in..." i checked my phone calander. "About two weeks." 

"Im going to California in three weeks so you can stay at my house and then, if you arent tired of me, I can stay at yours." He smiled.

"That sounds like a plan to me." i smiled. 

"Holy crap. its late. you should go to sleep. Im going to edit the Dare MattG that i shot today. Ill DM you though cutie."He smiled.

"It is pretty late.. I think i can deal with that. Im gonna go kick people out of my house. DM me love" i said and smiled.

"No doubt about that" He said and we hung up. I closed my laptop and walked out of the bathroom to everyone on the couch. 

"TAMMY!" Alyssa yelled and ran up to me, jumping over the couch. "How'd it go?" She asked

"I'll tell you once everyone leaves." i told her and walked towards everyone. "Do you guys need rides home?" 

"We can Longboard, its not to far." Sky and Jess said. 

"Do you mind?" Luna and Katie asked.

"Not at all. " I said

"Actually Tam, ill take them. you talk to your dream guy." Alyssa told me.

"You sure?"

"Positive. Nick you need a ride?" 

"I live like two streets over, ill longboard." He said chuckling. He grabbed his longboard and stopped to hug me before walking Sky and Jess out the door.

"Where are your keys?" Alyssa asked

"On the table by the door."

"Kay. bye."

"See you later." With that they left. I plopped down on my bed and opened twitter. there was already a message waiting for me.

M: So.. Vacation. Do you want the spare room orrr....?

T: We will figure that out when the time comes. What does Jay say? I havent asked Alyssa yet.

M:Hes chill with it. Talk to herrr.

T: She just left to bring people home so ill talk to her once she gets back. Promise c:

M:Okay cutie.

T:Im so excited for Vacation. the next two weeks have to fly by.

M: I wanna see what happens when you stay here. 

T: What do you mean?

M: Either you will get so fed up with me and not want to see me again, or you'll get bored, or who knows, maybe you'll fall in love c; jkjkjkjk

T: Who knows. I doubt the first two though.

M: I was kidding with the last one.

T: I know. but its a possibility. 

The door opened and i heard Alyssa put the keys on the table, kick her shoes off and sigh.

T:Alyssa jsut got home. Ill talk to you tomorrow<3 good night

M:Goodnight beautiful. Tell me what happens

T: WIll do. <3

"Hey Lys.." I said as she sat down on her bed.

"Yeah Tam?"

"You know how i have a paid vacation in two weeks?"

"Yeah i got mine too."

"Well i was wondering if you would be okay if i went to Canada for that week.. And then the week after Matt is coming to Cali so i offered for him to stay here, is that all okay with you?" i asked nervously

"of course. I was going to go to Britain to hang out with Zoe and Joe and To stay with them so yeah. Go stay with Matt. and Matt can stay here for that week. i dont mind" She smiled at me. 

"Thanks love" i said and stood up to hug her. She ran into my arms and we hugged for a long time. 

"I Love you Tammy, As a sister"

"I love you too Alyssa. Now lets knock out." i said and we ended the hug. I grabbed a white tie dyed short sleeve that fell to just below my ass and changed into that, then i put my long black hair up into a bun. I looked over at Alyssa who was changed into a black tee shirt with boxers she stole from an exboyfriend and her hair was up into a bun. "Night Lyssa"

"Night Tammy. See you in the morning." She said smiling.

"Sounds like a plan" i smiled and turned the lights off from the switch by my bed. I plugged my phone in and pulled up twitter

T:She said itd be okay. im going to go to sleep now. goodnight Matt<3 c:

M: Awesome! im looking forward to seeing you in person my dear. goodnight<3

I locked my phone and put it down next to me. I laid there staring at the ceiling with a smile on my face for a good 5-10 minutes before i finally drifted off to sleep.

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