Wish they knew us

Sex partying Niall Liam Louis Harry Zayn R Love Tour



One week later MADDY P O V

OMG The time has come I have left and saying are u ready to ahhhh but the bad thing is I'm ready anyways I went pick the up the plane left around 4pm and it was 12:30pm by the time I pick them up it was 3:00pm so we parked and got inside and Jordan was texting her brother Mikey from 5SOS and Hannah was texting her brother Shawn Mendes from Magcon and I was texting my boyfriend Luke Hemings and my brother Matthew from Magcon then they called A 1,2,3 and that was us we got up and got on plane and we were 45 min away from Dallas Texas we wee staying at the Gaylord Texan we landed and I trundled my phone on and I had a text from

Matthew -

Be carefully sis I love u 😜🙈

Me -

Love u too 👍👍💪

Later on we got stake and shake it was good but I was tried and we had 5 days with no parents awesome so we went back to the motel and went to sleep got a text from Luke


Babe I love u so much sleep good tonight love u so much 💙💙..............

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