Wish they knew us

Sex partying Niall Liam Louis Harry Zayn R Love Tour



Maddy p.o.v. I woke up on my 18th b-day and it was Friday and it was 6:30am I had 6 text all from my BFF's I jump in the shower and got my black skinny jeans,my 5SOS shirt,my hoodie Jacket, and white converse and my phone ray bans keys and backpack and left it was 7:15am when I pulled to Starbucks and Jordan and Hannah are already t here I saw them and ordered a coffee and we talk before we left it was 7:30am when left we were 5 min away so Jordan did have a car so she rode with me and Hannah got in her car and left. JORDAN P O V

OMG MADDY DOSE NOT KNOW BUT SHE IS GOING TO 1D WITH US AHHHH BUT SHE WONT KNOW TILL TONIGHT but any ways we were listing to the radio before we went Inside and Shake It Off came on we started daceing and singing and we took a selfie posted on Instagram and went to class.

Maddy pov

After school I went home and Hannah meet us there and 10 min I walked in and I went to my room with my friends and around 5:00pm my yelled "Madison get ur butt down here" so I did and she said here is ur gift I opened it OMG ITS TICKETS TO SEE 1D IN ONE WEEK HOLY CRAP MOM THEY AR FROUNT ROW AHHH MY SAID "Guess what Jordan and Hannah are going too" ahhhhhh I said a dream come true I said

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