A Supernatural fanfiction. Starts after episode s07ep09, "How To Win Friends And Influence Monsters". I have started writing a sequel, but I'm waiting until I get some views to publish it.


2. The Hunt

“So, you’re alright with doing this hunt with us?” Dean asks me, quietly, as Sam is packing up the Impala.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I whisper back.

“Hey! Are you guys comin’?” Sam says after putting a duffel bag in the trunk.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Dean replies as he gets into the driver’s seat. I hop into the backseat after Sam takes shotgun. “So Carrie, what sort of music would you like?”

“You can’t seriously be asking her that question.” Sam says to Dean.

“I am serious, what sort of music do you want?” he says to me.

“Metallica.” I answer, making Sam give me a look.

“Alright!” Dean says, putting a cassette tape in. Fade To Black starts playing. We drive to the motel they’re staying at, about 15 minutes from my ranch. We get out of the car and I make sure my gun is in my leather jacket. Sam unlocks the door to the room and we walk in. “Here’s all we know about this hybrid.” Dean says, motioning to all the papers on the wall.

“Wow, nice.” I say, looking at all the information. One thing catches my eye. “So, it likes to capture women and torture them?” I ask, looking at Dean.

“Well, yeah, but, you know, it’s a monster.”

“And you want me to back you guys up?” I say.

“Hey, you were the one who said yes.”

“Well, I didn’t technically say yes.” I say, making Sam even more confused.

“Whatever, you implied it.” Deans says while making a face.

“Ok, what the hell happened between you two!?” Sam asks, extremely confused

“NOTHING.” We say in sync, which causes Sam to pull Dean outside to talk in private. I listen in anyway; “Dude, what happened?”


“Yeah right.”

“I swear to god, nothing happened.”

“It was when I was getting beer last night wasn’t it?”

“Dude, nothing happened while you were getting the beer.”

“Oh yeah, well then what’s with all the side conversations and the ‘NOTHING’?”

“Nothing happened.”

“You didn’t”

“No, I didn’t, I didn't do anything.”

“I bet you did.”

“No I didn’t, now let’s get back to the case.” Dean walks in with Sam close behind. I give Dean a look, and he winks at me, making sure Sam doesn’t see.

“Are we gonna get going on this hunt or what?” I say, looking at both of them. We go back to my house to get everything ready for the hunt; silver knives and silver bullets. We tack up the horses and head out, Sam and Dean are riding my old nags of course and I’m riding Kindling. We split up, Sam alone and Dean and I together. We start riding on the trails, looking for the hybrid. Dean just barely sees the thing through the trees and takes off, cantering and shooting at it. I quickly follow, once I see it. We eventually lose its trail and slow the horses down. We start on the ride back, when we find Sam. I tell him what happened as we ride back to the ranch.

We had spent a couple hours hunting, so when we get back it’s dark out. We get some beers and sit in the living room, Dean and I on the couch with Sam on the chair. “I need to go feed the horses.” I say, as I stand up after we all chatted for about 20 minutes. As I’m walking out the door Sam starts to demand Dean to tell him about Cas, or whatever.

I head outside and start walking towards the barn. I hear footsteps behind me, and I turn around thinking it’s Dean. There’s nobody there. I must be imagining things, I keep walking. Somebody grabs me from behind. I try to scream, but he’s covering my mouth. Whoever it is drags me away, into the woods. It’s the hybrid. I try to scream louder, but its hand is so tight around my mouth it’s choking me. I black out.


I wake up pretty dizzy, and I can tell I’m pretty scraped up. I’m tied to a post in my black tank-top that I had on under my leather jacket. Shapeshifters are freakin’ perverts. Then it shows up. But there’s something wrong. It’s Dean.

“Hello, how’re you doing?” he asks, while cleaning off a knife.

“I’m peachy, thanks for asking.” I answer, hoping he won’t use the knife on me. But seeing as he’s a shifter, he probably will.

“Heh, well, you won’t be for long.” he says, turning around and smiling.

“You son of a bitch.” I say as calmly as possible.

“Well now, that’s not very nice.” he responds, while scraping my cheek with the knife. It stings so freaking much.

“That all you got?” I ask, through my gritted teeth.

“Wow, you insult me.” he replies, as he jams the knife into my upper arm.

“...SHIT!” I yell at the top of my lungs, it hurts like hell. “You freaking bitch!”

“Now, now, don’t say-” he gets cut off by Dean, the real one, cutting it’s head off with a silver axe. Once the shifter/vamp fell to the floor, dead, Dean comes over and unties me.

“How’d you know where to find me?” I ask him while he’s untying my hands.

“Lucky guess.” he says, actually making me smile for a second. He finishes untying me and helps me to my feet. He kisses me slowly, and Sam walks in.

“I knew it!” Sam exclaimed, with a triumphant smile.

“Oh, uh, hey Sammy.” Dean says, looking over his shoulder to look at Sam.

“We were just, you know.” I say, trying to back Dean up. I start feeling pretty dizzy again, but I ignore it.

“Yeah, I know what you were doing. I’m gonna go.” he says as he turns around and leaves. Dean turns back towards me.

“You okay?” he asks.

“Other than the gash in my arm, I think so.” I say as I walk towards a table in the corner of the room where my leather jacket and Colt are. I almost fall over with the first step, but Dean catches me.

“Alright, you are not okay.”He says as he helps me stand up straight.

“No, really, I’m fine.”

“No, you’re not.” he demands, while picking up my jacket and Colt. He puts my Colt in his leather jacket, and holds my jacket over his arm. He walks over to me and picks me up like I weigh nothing.

“What are you doing?” I ask, already knowing the answer.

“I’m carrying you, you’d just fall over again if you tried to walk.” he answers, smiling at me. I smile back. The gash in my arm starts to bleed again, a lot. Dean puts me down and I try to stop the bleeding. It won’t stop. Dean takes off his leather jacket, and then his t-shirt he had on under. He folds the t-shirt up and ties it tightly around the gash as a bandage.

“There you go.” he says gently. He picks me up again and walks outside. It’s so bright out. My eyes take a while to adjust, but when I can see, we’re in a place that I don’t recognize.

“Where are we?” I ask Dean while he carries me to where Sam is with the horses.

“The other side of the mountain, close to town.” he replies. Sam gives him a quizzical look.

“She couldn’t walk, so I had to carry her.” he says while putting me down gently.

“Why aren’t you wearing a shirt?” Sam asks, with the look still on his face.

“Her arm was bleeding too much, she needed a bandage.” he answers, his hand still on my back so I don’t fall over.

“You guys only have the old nags with you, how am I supposed to get back?” I ask, leaning on Dean because I feel dizzy again.

“Ride double with me, or you ride and I walk.” he answers, putting his arm around me. He gets up on one of the horses and holds out his hand to help me up. I get up pretty clumsily, while Sam gets up with barely any trouble at all. We start on the ride back, and I realise I’m exhausted, so I put my arms around Dean and slowly drift off to sleep.


When I wake up, I’m on my couch and Dean’s sitting at my feet.

“How’re you feeling?” he asks, his voice quiet.

“Like crap.” I answer.

“You fell asleep on the ride back.” he says.

“Yeah, I was exhausted.” I look down at my arm, and it has an actual bandage on it.

“I cleaned your arm and wrapped it for you.”

“Thanks.” I sit up, but immediately become dizzy so I just lie back down with my head on Dean’s shoulder.

“No problem, you still dizzy?” he asks.

“A little.” I reply.

“You probably have a concussion.” he explains.

“Great, hey, where’s Sam?” I ask, just now noticing he’s not here.

“Getting all our stuff from the motel.” Dean answers.

“Oh.” That should’ve been obvious, the hunt is done, they have to move on to the next one. Dean kisses me sweetly and walks out the door. Without saying goodbye.

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