Never Forget

This is our love story. It's not the prettiest, but it's ours. And I'll never forget it.


1. |One|


The most beautiful girl in the world. Long blonde hair, deep colored brown eyes and the prettiest smile. I'm in love with her.

Though I've never spoken a word to her, I do know she is the nicest, sweetest, most genuine person on the planet. How do I know that? Her actions.

She is the girl who sits in the back of the class, always with a new book each day. She has the best grades in the class and is constantly reading.

Lucy is a girly girl, which is one of my favorite things about her. She doesn't try to dress like all of the other girls that have really skinny jeans or inappropriate tops. She wears knee high dresses and flats or a nice cardigan sweater with a skirt, that is not too high on her legs. Her makeup is light and not caked on like the others. And she always has her hair curled.

No one notices her though. She doesn't talk to anyone and no one talks to her. No one knows anything about her. She's a mystery. Though we leave her alone. She doesn't get bullied, just ignored I guess you could say.

I don't ignore her. She doesn't even know who I am, but I'm so intrigued by her that I am head over heels for her.

I'm just waiting for the right moment to make my move and talk to her.


As for me, I'm Charlie Graham. I'm the most popular guy in school. I never said I liked it though.

Everyone knows my name and everyone tries to be my friend just so they become popular too. It's hard to know who my real friends are. Which sucks.

I'm the captain of the football team, which is ironic because I hate football. I'm good at it, don't get me wrong, but I just don't like it. My dad always wanted to be a big NFL star when he got older, but he never made it. So now he's dumping his dream onto me. I don't want to be a football player though.

My true passion is for art. I love it. Give me a pencil and a piece of paper and I could be occupied for days. I love drawing and painting and sculpting, but no one knows that.

Except for my twin brother. Yeah, I have a twin brother. His name is Dallas. He is the school's bad boy, I guess you could say. He has girls drooling over him, just like me, and he has every guy scared to death of him. I'm not scare of him though. He knows not to mess with me.

We are in completely different social crowds, though we still get along pretty well. But we are brothers and brothers fight. I'm sure you'll get to see us try and kill each other at some point.

He holds something over me all of the time and he wins almost every argument with it.

He knows I love art and he knows I love Lucy. And that's enough to shut me up every time.


Currently, I am sitting in class, trying my absolute hardest to not look behind me and look at my everything. Lucy.

This math class seems like it's lasting forever.

Five minutes later, the bell finally rings. I shove all of my books into my backpack and then turn around to see Lucy putting all of her things into her backpack also.

Just go say hi to her. You have nothing to loose. You idiot, I have everything to loose.

She walks past me, not even glancing at me and I smell her beautiful perfume as she goes by. I need to talk to her. I'm gonna do it.

I follow her out of the room and try to catch up to her, but I end up running into something hard.


"Move!" I shout at him, the people in the rushed hallway, not noticing my outburst.

"Why can't you move?" He shouts back.

"I need to go talk to someone," I say.

"Ooh, is it-" he starts to say her name but I slam my hand over his mouth.

"Dallas, please don't," I plead. Even though the hallway doesn't seem to be listening, they are and if word gets out that I like Lucy it will be spread through out the school as fast as a plague.

"Oh little bro, when are you gonna tell her?" He pushes my hand off of his mouth.

"I hope that 'her' is me," Hadley chimes in. I didn't tell you about Hadley. Well, umm, she's kind of my girlfriend.


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