Time's Ran Out

[This is set when all of the Doctor's regenerations ran out and he's gone. So most of the characters will be OC]

Many years have passed since the mysterious man disappeared. He's only a legend old people tell to children to entertain them. Only a few have lived to tell their experiences with him. Twins Mary and Mariah live in suburban Albany but what happens when they stray too far into the woods? Things take a turn for the worst that's what!

{CAUTION: MILD CUSSING but not too much}


3. Chapter 2

A hologram of a various men flickered past. The voice began to talk. "I am the TARDIS. Which stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. I was stolen almost 3,000 years ago by a Timelord who called himself the Doctor. I was his vessel, the way to travel through all of time and space. He had many companions along the way." The voice said.

"Who is the Doctor?" Mary asked.

"The Doctor was the last of the race of timelords who came from a planet called Gallifrey. He stole me because of his love for adventure. Numerous times he has saved many races and galaxies, other times, destroying them. He and I have changed ourselves over the years, he was always fond of humans." The TARDIS explained.

Mariah and Mary glanced at each other in awe. "Is he still alive?" Mariah asked. There was no answer for a while, they thought the TARDIS had stopped working but the voice cracked and then answered,

"No. His regenerations ran out. I was left here, still working but badly broken. The Timelord race is extinct." It said.

The twins both frowned. "Is there a way to fix you?" They said in unison. The TARDIS replied, "No. Humans cannot be able to use me. Only a Timelord knows how." Mariah groaned and stomped down the stairs, towards the bundle of wires hanging all over the place. Blue light glowed from the wires. He began to fumble around, trying to piece the wires together, nothing was happening, what did he expect? He was no mechanic! Mary watched him from a short distance away. Suddenly, he found a compartment, curiosity got the best of him and he forces it open. Golden light streamed through and began to enter both of their bodies. They screamed.

A long while had passed until they calmed down. Panting, the twins looked at each other in confusion. "I think we should get out of here." Mary muttered. Mariah didn't argue. Quickly, they exited the TARDIS, slammed the door shut, and raced home.


For half an hour, Mariah kept tapping his pen and clicking the button, to his classmates's annoyance. He had to get home. Right now. A voice kept whispering his name. Glancing at the clock, back at the teacher, outside, then at the board. It was driving him mad.

"Mariah...." There it was again!! He couldn't take it anymore,. Getting up, Mariah walked out of the room, running before anyone could say anything, then sneaking past security.

When he got home, he saw Mary crouched near her bedroom door. Mariah knelt and stroked her hair gently. She wiped tears from her eyes. "You hear it too right?" Mary nodded as he helped her up and led her outside. They were going to ask the TARDIS about this since it began after they left the other day.

It didn't take long for them to find it again. Mary opened the door and immediately asked a question. "Why did you call us here?" She asked. The TARDIS didn't answer. Mariah approached the console. He began to press buttons and pull levers, as if he knew what to do. The doors closed. A strong whooshing sound erupted. The tube thing on the console began to move up and down, glowing a bright orange colour. Mary ran towards him. "What the hell did you do??" She exclaimed.

Mariah chuckled, "Shes working! Traveling through time and space!" He held onto the console, his twin following his example. Mary began to laugh. "So she really does work! Wow!!"

The whooshing sound stopped with a clang and all went silent. "What do you think is out there?" Mariah whispered. Mary shrugged but her eyes sparkled with curiosity. They opened the door together.


They both held up their hands as about 7 knights in red cloaks and armour pointed crossbows and swords at them. "Oh shit!" They cursed in unison. "Who are you?" One of them shouted.


"State your name and the purpose of this... Blue... Box..?" The knight asked.

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