Time's Ran Out

[This is set when all of the Doctor's regenerations ran out and he's gone. So most of the characters will be OC]

Many years have passed since the mysterious man disappeared. He's only a legend old people tell to children to entertain them. Only a few have lived to tell their experiences with him. Twins Mary and Mariah live in suburban Albany but what happens when they stray too far into the woods? Things take a turn for the worst that's what!

{CAUTION: MILD CUSSING but not too much}


2. Chapter 1

Mariah sighed and stared at the trees that were covered with snow. He tapped his pen impatiently and turned back to the board where the teacher was currently talking about something in monotone. Most of the students were either passing notes, using their phones, or doodling in their notebooks.

The bell suddenly rung and everyone rushed towards the door. It was the last period today so Mariah rushed home. His twin, Mary, answered the door, smiling. She was sick so she couldn't go to school today but she was happy that her brother returned.

Their parents weren't home right now, but their grandmother, Grace, was there watching over them but she was sleeping. "Hey! Mariah!" She greeted him as she sat down on the couch and turned on the tele.

"Nothing interesting happened while you were gone." Mary said. Mariah could already tell that was true. He put his bag down and joined her.

"But you know, I did see something interesting on the news an hour ago." Mary giggled like it was some kind of secret that shouldn't be told, which made him even more curious.

"Oh really? What is it then?" He asked. His twin turned towards him, a playful glint was present in her eyes. "You know that old legend?" She asked.

Mariah sighed, he did. Like it was true anyway, his sister was into that superstitious shit but he decided to let her talk. "Well, on the news they said they found a broken blue box said to belong to the alien in the legend, it's in the woods near here but they blocked it off to outsiders for research." Mary said.

Mariah groaned. "You want to go don't you?"

Mary nodded. "I do! Can we sneak in? Please! Please!" She begged him and gave him the puppy eyes. Damn the puppy eyes! He sighed and agreed, following her out the door and into the woods.

They walked for a while until Mary became impatient and ran, trees rustling and leaves flying everywhere. Mariah forced himself to keep up with her. Seeing the yellow 'caution' tape made him almost cry out in relief. He wasn't fit at all! Mary lifted up the tape and approached the dusty, faded, broken blue box. The sign above was hanging loosely, as if it was about to fall. Mary ran her hand on the side of it, gently. "She's so old..." She mumbled. Mariah examined it for a moment, it seemed as if this weird structure has seen so much in its days.

"What's inside?" He blurted out. Mary glanced at him, then slowly grabbed the loose, rusty handle and tried to open the door, after several minutes of pulling, the door finally opened and Mary could not believe her eyes. "Uh... Mar... Come over here..." She muttered slowly.

Her brother walked over to the entrance, "Bloody hell!" He exclaimed loudly. Instead of being just a tiny space, inside it was huge. Walking inside, they both gasped in awe, a tube-like thing was in the middle of the space, connected to what seemed like a table of controls. On the walls, there were circular things they didn't really know what their purpose were. There were stairs leading up to a small platform off to the side. Wires were hanging all over the place. On top of the console, and the entrance, some kind of ancient language. There was no light but Mariah was shining his phone light around to see.

Mary approached the console and began to feel around, touching buttons and all kinds of controls, when suddenly, the lights were turned on but it flickered, not quite working well, then, they heard a voice.


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