Love and Revenge

[Red] WARNING includes: violentness, sexual language, and other things NOT FOR KIDS!!!
Allie and her friends were all talking when something comes up; do their boyfriends want them too make the ultimate sacrifice at 15? Find out in Love and Revenge


4. Jaclyn/ Break Up?

                                    Chapter 4: Jaclyn

            “Ben, we’re all at my house tonight,” Jaclyn said.

Her mom had said it was fine to have a little get-together tonight and that her parents would be in the man-cave if she needed them, her 4 story house would be all to them. Her mom even said the boys could sleep over in the man-cave with her dad if the girls slept in the house with her mom. This was a 1st. Of course, there were limits on the amount of people. Ben, Allie, AJ, Stephen, Cali, Sarah, and Matthew were coming over. Sarah said she had some news to share with the girls first.


            Cali was the first one to jump to conclusions, “Uh, Sar, are you like, um uh, like, uh you know…” Sarah cut her off. “Off course not Cal Pal, I just wanted to break up with Matt. I mean, there’s this other guy, and well…” Another cut-off, this time it was by Allie. “Oh, another guy huh? Well Sar bear, you should jump at the chance, I mean we’re young, and..” “Alley cat, I thought you were over the fight between you and AJ, I mean seriously, you are living the FANTASY.” “Jac attack, nuh-uh I am SO over that fight it ain’t even funny. Mmmmm.” “Stop it, I think the guys are spying, let’s trick them, Al, you start complaining that AJ doesn’t like you alright? We’ll join,” Sarah told us.

“Ugh, you guys I know, we should all just dump right now, they are horrible to us. I mean, AJ doesn’t even like me, let alone LOVE me like I do him. Ahhhh. Help me you guys!!!” “I understand your pain Alz. I think I’m gonna break up with Matt, I just wish, oh, never mind.” The guys just couldn’t hold it any longer; Matthew came bolting down the stairs to the furnished basement and hurtling towards Sarah. “Sarah, I really like you, honey, please don’t leave me!” Meanwhile, AJ went over to Allie, “Allie, I really do like like you, and, I thought we were through our bumpy spot, you seem to be proving otherwise though.I mean, I was going to tell you tonight but, here.” AJ handed Allie a blue box, could it be? Allie opened it as AJ said, “Allie Bassman, this ring is a promise to you that I love you, and will not take this ring from you until our parting day. It is a promise that I will marry you when we are older. Will you accept this promise?” “Oh, AJ, Sarah was the one who heard you guys at the door, I knew you really liked me, it was all an act. I’m sorry, I, I, I L, lo, love you, too. Yes, of course I accept this ring.” Allie and AJ hugged and then shared a long kiss on the lips with each other.


            A/N: Things went great with Allie and AJ, but, will things go as well with Sarah and Matthew? Will they kiss and make- up as well? Comment below what you think will happen, and find out in the next chapter. Also, this is your last chance to be in Chapter 5. I am sorry about all of the shortness, but I promise to make up for it. Enjoy!

~Jaci, Like, Read, Favorite, Comment, that’s just the way it goes! 



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