Love and Revenge

[Red] WARNING includes: violentness, sexual language, and other things NOT FOR KIDS!!!
Allie and her friends were all talking when something comes up; do their boyfriends want them too make the ultimate sacrifice at 15? Find out in Love and Revenge


2. Jaclyn/ Boyfriends

Chapter 2 Jaclyn


            Allie's relationship wasn't the only one going downhill; Jaclyn and Alex were hitting a rocky top as well. Jaclyn met up with Alex at Orange Leaf. They discussed their relationship and then broke up. Jaclyn was therefore opening up her options in dating. It was just 2 days before Ben asked her out and she said yes. Of course, Jaclyn was still a little bit shaken up, but they were freshmen in high school, 9th graders. School had just started and they had heard rumors about what happens at ZCHS. Ben wasn’t doing football this year, just Cross Country and Track. So Jaclyn didn’t have to worry about all the practice time that football takes messing with her boyfriend time. Jaclyn really seemed to like Ben, even more than Alex and only after 3 days. It wasn’t an awkward sort of thing, just passionate. They were only about 2 weeks into school so far, but Jaclyn felt like the world was turning against her. She just hoped that Ben would understand that she would have to spend less time with him than they hoped, with football games, cheer practice, and homework. Not to mention a job and family/ house stuff. Life was hitting a rough patch for Jaclyn. But were Allie, Jaclyn, Chloe, Kenzie, and Cali about to get a surprise in the least expected place?


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Hey guys, please like, and favorite, don't forget about the contest!!! (Chapter 1). I really hope you like it and please send feedback. I wrote what you have seen so far and some more a little less than a year ago, I changed some names and stuff so yeah, but the story line is the same and I hope you enjoy!!

~Jaci, author

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