Love and Revenge

[Red] WARNING includes: violentness, sexual language, and other things NOT FOR KIDS!!!
Allie and her friends were all talking when something comes up; do their boyfriends want them too make the ultimate sacrifice at 15? Find out in Love and Revenge


1. 1. Allie/ The Party/Intro

Chapter 1 Allie


            “Baby”, Allie said “why can't we hang out tonight?” “I already told you babe, I have football”, AJ impatiently told her. Ever since AJ had started high school football it was the same thing. Alli really wanted to spend more time with him but couldn't figure out how to with all they had going on. Her best friends, Jaclyn, Chloe, Kenzie, and Cali were always hanging out with their football playing boyfriends.  Plus, they all did cheer with her. Alli decided that it would probably fine if she had some friends over for a slumber party. She called a lot but only about half showed up. Jaclyn, Chloe, Kenzie, Cali, Ellie, Katie, Tessa, Kassie, Liza, Brooke, Sarah, Sophie, Caroline, Grace, Meagan, and Anna showed up. Of course 16 wasn't a lot because she, her brother, and sister lived in a mansion. Her parents agreed to stay on -3 floor. Her brother and sister would stay on -2. So after games and other fun, AJ showed up and said that his practice was over. He had apparently brought some 18 other players with him.  Will, Josh, Garrett, Conner, Cody, Zach, and Tate were just a few. “I didn't invite you and all your friends you know”, Allie yelled at AJ. “Whoa, I thought that you said she'd be cool by now”, one of AJ's buddies said. At that comment Allie blew up but Kennedy invited them in so they could each take a shower. After their showers, Meagan, Ellie, Anna, Sophie, Grace, Katie, Brooke, and 7 of the boys left.


            Now Kenzie and Josh were on a couch, Chloe and Garrett were on a couch, and Kassie and Zach were on a couch. Ellie and Stephen (one of the other guys) were sitting in a chair, Ellie on his lap. Jaclyn and Alex snuggled up on a giant beanbag while Katie and Tate took the other. Will was dating Liza and so they were together. Matthew and Sarah were already accompanying one another. Tessa was smothering her face on Gus's, while Conner and Caroline were very much enjoying each other’s company. Then near the back of the living room, Cali and Cody were also snuggling. Then Alli sat on a small beanbag near Jaclyn and AJ sat as close as Allie would let him, 5 giant beanbag's away.


            After a while they decided to play Apple's to Apple's. Whenever AJ was judge, he tried to let Allie win because he was so apologetic for making her mad. Soon, Maddie, Alissa, and Sierra showed up. Allie then ordered the boys to go make everyone ice cream. Soon it was only Jaclyn, Alex, Matthew, Sarah, Allie, AJ, Cali, Cody, Katie and Tate. Ten of thirty-three was pretty swell for Allie's parents at 11:00, since usually it was 1:00 am before things calmed down. When Allie decided that it was time to make the boys leave, she brought the girls up to her room on her floor, the third floor.


            Allie soon had the courage to ask how their boyfriends managed to make time with them. The four girls agreed that it took lots of set-up time to plan, and was hard to fit into schedules. She decided to talk with AJ in then. Soon the girls were watching movies, braiding hair, and making friendship bracelets for each other. Just after their last movie was done, every one of them fell asleep on the floor.


            In the morning, Allie's mom took Missy, her sister, to cheer, and her dad took her brother, Jared, to a baseball game. Allie was now free to cry into her pillow because she was upset that she kind of sort-of dumped the best boyfriend she had ever had. He would do anything for her. She was so excited that she got to meet up to him at Starbucks. When she got there, he forgave her and she was back in his arms.


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