falling for you...again (calum hood fanfiction


2. swapping phones?

calums p.o.v

why do i miss this girl like crazy? two years have passed since a saw that beautiful girl. i still don't know why i count the slow, painful days. i missed her like crazy. i wonder why beau, luke or jai didn't kick my ass due to the fact i broke her heart. the brooks boys were very succesful now anyways, because of the janoskians, so they wouldn't want to argue. everynight i would think about that girl. the boys keep trying to find me some one else but i can't get over layla brooks.what shook me was the fact that i'd have to see her again at the party the janoskians were throwing but i needed some kind of contact with her now. i studied the hotel room, since i was two wasted to do it last night. it looked like the one me and layla shared when we were in california. as i looked again i saw luke's phone . that's how i can contact layla! like some one else. i snatched the phone off the table and began to look through the contacts, to see if there was someone who had her number, but instead a certain name caught my eye making me gasp. 'layla-mae alexis brooks' . i pressed it and began composing a message like i was luke sending it to some one else. so i put something at the top of my mind but kind of made it real.'yeah, lets hope this party is amazing, make sure you get cal wasted tho coz he is always talking about you know who.. his ex'

re-read the message but made it too true. i mention the party so she knows we are coming and now she knows i still have feelings for her as i said i keep talking about her. at least she dosn't know it's me texting her. i composed a new message making it sound more like luke.

'OMG layla? do i acctually have your number still? well obviously but omg. btw that was meant for ash! i should see you at the party since the janoskians are are throwing it. cya'

as soon as i pressed sent luke,ash and mike burst through the door with a maccas so i threw the phone onto the table like it had never been touched.

luke's p.o.v

when we walked in calum did some kind of weird jolt but i didn't think twice about it and kept my mouth shut as i placed down the maccas we had just bought on the table. there was some kind of awkward silence but that didn't bother me since im used to awkwardness. i saw my phone and picked it up, getting ready to update my twitter. suddenly, at the bar at the top it said:

layla:what party?

since i haven't texted her i just thought she had sent it to the wrong person so i didn't bother checking it and just placed my phone back down. i was kind of shocked layla texted. it feels strange especially not seening her in about 2 years. i looked at everyone, who had all started conversation, and cal somehow looked nervous. maybe he has spilt fanta everywhere again in the cafateria but i don't know.i slowly placed my phone down then walked over to the guys to get my food.

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