falling for you...again (calum hood fanfiction


4. party night... it all begins here

laylas p.o.v

(the day of the party)

i knew now about the party... the 5sos boys coming... why would my brothers even invite them?

since i needed to get ready for the party, i hopped into the shower washing my natuarlly curly and brown hair.i then put on some light make up, but it didn't look to casual. i then picked out a beautiful black dress that hugged my figure and cut just above my knees. to be honest i wanted to dress to impress, especially since i was seeing 'Mr.Hood' again.

i also slipped my nude heels on, which complemented my tanned skin. as i did so my brother jai entered my room slightly nervous. Because i knew something was wrong i questened my brother.

'what's up jaidon?' i 

he then replied shakily and very fast 'Please don't be mad but i think you are really gonna meet calum hood again because all the 5sos and janoskians boys are trying to hook you two up' 

my face dropped but the word 'okay' came out. i guess i didn't mind...

a/n there will be a part 2 to this


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