Other Side of the Screen



1. About the Blogger

In my GoT tee and old jeans, with unbrushed hair and a makeup-free face, I must look a treat.

Of course, that would concern me if I cared. I don't.

I don't care about much, if I'm honest. It's sad but true. After one particularly messy breakup (the less said about that, the better) I decided that it would be better if I just stopped caring about, well, everything.

Around that time, I was told by a friend about a new social network, "the likes of which I'd never seen before". She swore it was the best thing that had ever happened to her, and I agreed to check it out.

Bad idea.

It was life-consuming. I lived for the reblogs, and time trickled away as I scrolled well into the early hours of the morning. Dark circles became a permanent feature on my sleep-deprived face, but I didn't care.

Online, nobody saw the pale, scrawny, red-haired dork with 'granny' glasses. They saw someone to talk to about everything fandom - OTPs, headcanons, fics. My follower count began to rise.

I found somewhere I could be myself - however clichéd and soppy that seemed.

So, here I am.

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