Other Side of the Screen



2. A Message

I rub my eyes and open my laptop. It flickers back to life, and I suddenly remember staying up until the early hours of the morning. I don't remember exactly how early, but the light streaming through the window tells me that I slept through the morning.


I check all my tabs quickly - a couple of Facebook notifications, an email from college, and a new message on tumblr.

I click it, curious.

Its probably another badly disguised spam message, but I can't help feeling a little bit excited. 

Hey - I love your blog! Who's yr favourite GoT character? Mine's deff Margaery but I really like Dany too...


I smile, and hastily type a reply.

Idk, I quite like Dany and Margaery...My fave HAS to be Lord Baelish, but I have a terrible feeling something bad's gonna happen to him in the next book... Aidan Gillen is such a babe too ahaha

Nice one, I think, straight in there with the Aidan Gillen obsession... It later occurs to me that they probably already knew about that from the endless stream of Littlefinger posts on my blog. And maybe the blog title.

Probably the blog title.

The reply is astonishingly quick.

He's a pretty great LF, I have to agree...And yeah, I get what you mean - nobody's safe in that series ahaha! But enough about them - I want to know more about you.


I stare at it for a few seconds, unsure whether to reply.



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