The Magnificent Nobody

My names Bella Swan. I was born in 105 AD and am the rarest creature alive. I am a vampire and werewolf, an angel and demon, a mermaid and witch and an elemental. This is the story of when I moved to forks.


9. 8) Anastasia

Thank you everyone who's reading and thanks to everyone who has commented that they are enjoying this. Where would I be without you all.


Bella's POV;

The first thought I had was where was I. I didn't seem to remember how I got here, or anything before that for that matter. Where was I? How did I get here? And more importantly, who was I? I didn't remember anything. Not even my name.

A light suddenly shined in my face but I was momentarily blinded so I couldn't make out the face of the stranger across from me.

"Please may I know your name young one?" The dark stranger asked. It sounded like a deep masculine voice. "I would like it if I new the name of the tasty treat delivered to me!"

"Umm, I'm so dreadfully sorry sir but I, I don't know." I replied feeling like an idiot. What kind of person doesn't even know their own name.

"Is that so young one," I gulped "well them I guess I'll have to name you myself, I mean I'll have to be able to tell people a name when they ask what the succulent smell is, or, as I would correct them, who."

"Please can you tell me your name sir?" I bravely asked.

"Oh no, there's no need for that young one, anyways we need to come up for a name for you. How about... Ann... No too simple, you need a beautiful name that matches you. What about Aurora... No your not a princess. Well. How about Anastasia... Yes perfect. It means resurrection if your wondering. Like a resurrection from your old life to this new one. Oh goodie. Let me tell the others.

He turned the light off and I could hear him walking to a door, opening and them shutting it. Anastasia. It was as good as any. 

I was stuck here for the next hour or so. I couldn't keep track of time but it took ages before someone finally came.


Bellas POV

The man that took me brought two other men along with him the next time he visited.

"Hello Anastasia, meet my brothers, their... Delighted to meet you." The mystery man said debating his words.

The blond haired one sneered at me and I wondered what I had done.
"She's just a pathetic human Aro, why the fuss!"

"Shh I didn't want to ruin the surprise this early, well I guess what's done is done. Anastasia I am Aro and my two brothers are Caius." He said motioning to the blond, "And Marcus." He said motioning to the other.

"Brother please I insist tell us why you keep this pet?"
"She was delivered to us by the Olympic Coven and they claimed she said we killed her parents and chased her through the woods."
"Seems like something we would do."
"True, but I have a great memory and nowhere in there is us chasing this pathetic creature." The ma..Aro said dauntingly.

I had no clue what they were talking about, or who the Olympic cove or cover or whatever, where.

"So little one, why did you lie??" Caius said shooting daggers at me with his eyes.
"I,I,I'm not ent-t-tirely sure s-s-sir." My voice quivered as I spoke.
"Hmm is that so?"
"I,I,I think"
"Let's go brothers!"
"But what about the girl?" The brother that hasn't said anything yet questioned.
"Turn her at first light, she could prove to be a useful asset, if not we'll dispose of her.. quickly."
Then they turned and walked out locking me in the room.

I reflected on what they said. What did they mean by turn her.

--------------First Light--------------------

I was awoken when I heard a creaking sound. I pretended to be asleep. "I know your awake human."
I stopped my charade and sat up. I had never seen him before, he had dark hair and bright red eyes. 

"Just close your eyes, it will hurt- at lot!" He said.
"Wait, wait, first what is your name??" I asked trying to buy time.
"Felix Volteri one of the guards of the three masters."
"Great, anyway could I persuade you to not do what you are doing?"
"Well actually now that you mention it I could...No!"
I scowled.

His straight face turned into a smirk as he leant forward and licked my neck. I yanked backwards. He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me towards him in record speed. Instead of licking my neck though he inserted something sharp into it. The last thing I saw was his mouth fill with blood...

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