The Magnificent Nobody

My names Bella Swan. I was born in 105 AD and am the rarest creature alive. I am a vampire and werewolf, an angel and demon, a mermaid and witch and an elemental. This is the story of when I moved to forks.


8. 7) Operation Confuse The Cullens Backfired

"So does everyone know what their doing?" I ask a few hours later.
"Yes!" They all chanted, a few more enthusiastic than others.
"I can't wait, payback for them stealing our land..."
Rosalie coughed.
"...I mean ummm" Seth stuttered.
"Rosalie was just joking Seth, it's ok."

"So Darius ready to work your magic, make me ugly."
"Won't be that hard.." Darius muttered.
"What did you say??" I said jokingly.
"Nothing" Darius quickly said, "Anyway I'll do anything to be able to get my hands on you!"
"Just get on with it."

--------------A few mins later------------

"What have you done to my mate, all I see is a pathetic human!"
I laughed,
"Thanks guys, so I'm assuming this is a good disguise??"
"I wouldn't have believed it was you if you hadn't have started talking.."

'I can help with that!" Said Sabrose (My witch) inside of me.
My eyes turned purple with silver rings for a second before turing their human brown.
"So would you recognise me now!" I asked the crown in front of me.
"No! Your voice is different and so is your scent!" Exclaimed Rosalie.
"Awesome! And just for Edward and Alice I have.. Umm how do I explain this. I can chose what Alice see's from me when she looks into the future and I can chose what Edward hears from my head." I said proudly.
"Let's get this show on the road!"

---------------Near the Cullens-----------

So everyone's back at mine and me and Rosalie are getting ready for our big act.
"Remember you don't know me."
"Who are you?"
I laughed,
"Good keep it up."
"You make it sound as if I'm your star pupil and I deserve a gold star!"
"Maybe you are, maybe you aren't.
How do you know I don't give gold stars to everyone."
"Let's just get on with this Bells."

I watched as Rosalie stepped forwards and made her way to the Cullens house. I couldn't use any of my talents incase they noticed them but I already knew what would happen.

After waiting a few seconds I grabbed a sharp rock and swiped it across my arm drawing blood. Like I had seen, soon enough 5 hungry vampires came upon me- I trained Rosalie to resist and Carlisle was already immune. Of course Rosalie had to make it look like she still wanted my blood but in reality she was fine. 

"Who are you!" Spat Edward.
"Edward be nice, wow your blood is.. Yummy" Alice said.
At that moment Carlisle broke through to me and took me into his office,
"I'm sorry little one, there very protective of our land and sometimes revert to animalistic measures to keep people away."

"W- w- will they t-take me?" I stuttered for effect.
"No I'll keep you safe until you can return home."
"B-b-but I have no h-home."
"Well sort that out soon, but first can you tell me what you were doing in the woods."
"W-well I-I-I.."
"Calm down little one."
I pretended like that had an effect on me.
"I was lost because my mother and father had been killed by some weirdos wearing contacts and I ran and ran so they wouldn't kill me too. When I lost them I looked around and didn't know where I was, so I found a little cave and slept there for the night. In the morning I started walking and I think you know the rest. I'm terribly sorry if I trespassed on your land." I added a few sobs to make it seem close to my heart.

"It's ok you didn't mean to, just for my interest, what colour contacts were they wearing?" He tried to sound reassuring but failed.
"They had ummm, I think it was some sort of red eyes, maybe crimson."
A troubled look crossed Carlisle's face so quickly that if you weren't looking, you wouldn't see - and this was with human senses.
"Well I hope the authorities get involved, they will sort this out. Now let me take a look at the damage, hmmmm not that bad. Let me just.." 
He picked up a big needle.
"..Put this here."
He injected it into my arm.
I started feeling sleepy and I knew I could fight it but a human wouldn't be able to so I let it render me unconscious.
"I'm so sorry but it's for my family's safety!"
Then everything went black.

--------------Rosalie's POV---------------

I heard Carlisle and Bella talking and I, even knowing she was lying, started to believe her.
Their conversation took the route Bella thought it would take, I had to retrain myself when I heard Carlisle pick up the needle and inject it into Bella but I knew I couldn't blow our cover. I was confused when Carlisle said "I'm so sorry but it's for my family's safety!" but I assumed he was just going to try to make her forget. I didn't think any harm could come from Carlisle.
Then someone entered his office and I started walking away, thinking of the plan me and Bella had until something that not even Bella had predicted came true. Bella's worst nightmare. My worst nightmare.
From within Carlisle's office the visiter was asked a single question that changed the way things were going to happen.
"Where do you think we should hide the body?"

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