The Magnificent Nobody

My names Bella Swan. I was born in 105 AD and am the rarest creature alive. I am a vampire and werewolf, an angel and demon, a mermaid and witch and an elemental. This is the story of when I moved to forks.


6. 5) Finders Keepers Part 1

"Hey babe, Landon and me were just chilling and we were wondering...." Darius said.

"You mean YOU were wondering and Landon was just taken along for the ride?" I said

"No!!!" Darius said defensively feigning hurt.

"Ha ha, now are you gonna stand their like a lost puppy Landon, or are you gonna tell me what this dofus (can't spell like usual) can't tell me without his massive ego getting in the way?"

"Well... We were just wondering if you wanted to chill with us, ride the waves..."

"Noah!!! Landon's stealing your lines!"

A light chuckle could be heard from the other side of the room and I guessed with my awesome guessing powers that it was in fact Noah himself.

"Sorry you load of failures at love, im off.." I said sarcastically. Well not the last part. I really was off.

At that I walked away and was aware that Darius had started sulking in the corner.


My mates weren't always like this... So... Friendly-ish with each other. They once hated each other..


(3rd persons pov)

"Hey Noah, look at these precious pearls of yours.. Never mind, not so precious after being dropped in the toilet. Why don't you just jump in like the fish you are?" Darius said

"You Darius are a stuck-up selfish man with nothing more useful to do with his life than tormenting other people's lives and for that I take pity on you!" Noah spat at Darius.

The response he got was Darius rolling his eyes, "Snob!" He muttered.

Noah started walking away until he heard what Darius said next.

"Go ahead and leave them like you left everyone who ever cared for you, all for some girl who is mine and would never in her right mind do anything with you!"



"Finders keepers!"

Then Darius kicked Noah so he would fall down.

"Losers weepers!" He spat at Noah's face and walked away into the arms of his unsuspecting mate who had just come in.

"What's wrong with Noah?" She said 

"Oh him, he just tripped on something!"

Bella looked at him like she new he was lying but she didn't say anything.

She ran to Noah and helped him up.

"You, me, balcony ten minuets" She whispered quietly so Darius wouldn't be able to hear.

He just nodded in response.

She helped him up, "Are you alright, what happened?!?"

"I just have a few scratches nothing major, and I just tripped on the.. Um.. Floor?" Noah said kinda like a question.






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