The Magnificent Nobody

My names Bella Swan. I was born in 105 AD and am the rarest creature alive. I am a vampire and werewolf, an angel and demon, a mermaid and witch and an elemental. This is the story of when I moved to forks.


5. 4) Attention Defict Disorder

This chapter is dedicated to emilykoscik. Here's to about a year of friendship. Also one of my other books on wattpad is called something like Emily+Harry=Forever is about her and her crush who is Harry styles. (the book is about what she wants it to be like, just to reassure any panicking harry styles lovebird people) She loves him so much she even made a bet that she would marry him by the time she is 30 for £30 coincidently. Easy money!!!


"Urgh not another one, Bella really?" My first mate Noah Burke (mermaid) said.

"It's not my fault!" I all but screamed.

No one seemed to notice us but I started talking lower anyway, "His names Seth and he's a werewolf!"

Darius hissed so I glared at him and if looks could kill I'd have one less mate to worry about. That shut him up. 

"Darius you will not kill Seth no matter what he does!" Darius looked at me with pleading puppy eyes, "Ok Darius you CAN kill him if he gets on all of our nerves."

Darius smiled knowing that was the best he could get and then he showed his fangs to Seth.

"Can anyone tell me what's going on here?" I heard Rosalie say.

"What's going on Rosalie is my three annoying mates over here are making a deal with me about the life of my other mate here, Seth." "Please introduce yourselves!"

"Hello my fair maiden, I am my sweet Bella's first mate, Noah Burke and I am a mermaid!"

"Nice to meet you I muttered.

Noah moved to the side the the line could advance.

"You are as sweet as an... Well me. Your as sweet as me. Oo and I'm Landon. Landon Conly."

"If you think he loves himself and is being selfish Rosalie, he isn't. It's just that he was going to say your as sweet as an angel and he is an angel!"

Rosalie nodded and smiled at Landon then turned her gaze to Darius.

"Hello. I'm Darius Heath as you've probably figured out and I like killing and I'm a vampire. I also like bubbles!"

"Ok, not strange at all." Rosalie muttered the last bit but of course everyone heard.

------------A few hours later-------------

Rosalie I'd like you to meet my only surviving family member, Riain Cedar."

She gasped "Mate!!"

"You have to be careful he has something wrong with him!" I explain 


"I have ADD attention deficit disorder and it's a problem with my head, shoulders, knees and toes knees and toes..." Riain said/sung.

Ignoring his little outburst as much as she could without breaking out into laughter Rosalie said to me "what relation is he to you?"

"He's my great great great great great great great great great.. Um i think I lost count... Some large amount of greats, grandson!"

"Wow. Is he, you know.."

"Yes he is human if you were wondering and yes you can change him at the end of the year on the 29th of December!"


"I'll explain later."

Rosalie just nodded in respond and made her way to her mate




I know most people don't read these but i just wanted to say that you know normal people (if your wondering I'm 100% not normal) put something like





Well no offence to them but that's stupid. Like people being told to do something would actually do it- again no offence- so I'm not gonna do that 'cause i don't care if you do any of that. 

Not saying you don't have to if you REALLY want to. (hint, hint) I only care if you enjoy so I want to put something like,





Any suggestions,

Love y'all

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