The Magnificent Nobody

My names Bella Swan. I was born in 105 AD and am the rarest creature alive. I am a vampire and werewolf, an angel and demon, a mermaid and witch and an elemental. This is the story of when I moved to forks.


4. 3) Hello Mates, Meet My Mate

------------2 hours later------------------

"What are you gonna name him?" I asked Rosalie.
"Sebastian Noah Swan!" She replied, "By the way who's the father?"
"Your mate!" I said.
"No your real mate."
"I don't know yet but it isn't Emmett. I know this for two reasons, one he's already met his mate but he killed her because he was hungry, and two, don't you think he would have tried to look for you if he loved you?"
Rosalie tried to reply but her throat was on fire.
"Let's go hunting!"

We made our way to the forest and I asked ruby to take over. I smelt a herd of deer and ran after them. Rosalie was right behind me carrying her baby. I pounced on a deer and sucked it dry while Rosalie was finishing I ran deeper and deeper into the forest until I heard growls. I bared my fangs at them and they advanced forwards surrounding me.

Rosalie then came running to me with her baby and standed next to me snarling at the wolves. I chose that moment to step forward and speak.
"Back down Wolves, we come in peace!" 
I looked round at them all and one face caught me out.
"Mate!" I whispered.

One of the wolves got out of the line and came back in, in there human form. 
"Why are you on our territory leeches?" The werewolf spat out.
My 'mate' growled.
"Go home Seth, Embry go with him." He ordered.
I guess he was the alpha of the pack.
"Alpha as I previously said, we come in peace!"
He looked at my face and into my eyes.
"She eats humans. Kill her!"

The wolves charged at me and I ran until they were a bit away and asked Darla, my wolf, to quickly take over.
I transformed into a white wolf with green eyes and silver rings. I was way taller than the alpha.

I ran back to Rosalie and motioned to my back. She shrivelled her nose up in disgust and started running away. I ran after her, got under her legs and pushed her onto my back. Then I ran behind there reservation until I smelt my 'mates' house. I barked and waited until he came out. 

Rosalie finally figured out who I was and smiled at me. I gave her my biggest wolfy grin and licked her face. I heard laughing and saw my mate standing laughing at me. He sniffed the air and looked at Rosalie. He started shaking and turned into a wolf. I growled protectively and stood in front of Rosalie. 

I shifted into my human and he did to.
"What, but you were a, then a..."
I laughed.
"Follow me and all will be revealed..." I said and started walking home not sure if he was following or not.
When I got home I opened the door and let Rosalie and my 'mate' in.
"Welcome to my humble abode." I said motioning to the inside of my house. 
"Rosalie please show..."
"Please show Seth to my guest room."
"But I'm not sure where that is!"
"Well then I suppose you can take him to what ever room you please."

I made me,Rosalie and Seth a sandwich then followed Rosalies scent to my bedroom.
"Sandwich Seth?"
"No thanks." Seth said a little uncomfortable.
"To bad, more for me and Rosalie I guess."
"But she can't eat food?"
"Try again mutt!" Rosalie said eating up her sandwich.
"Rosalie don't be rude to our company."

"So Seth I'm guessing your wondering what the hell is going on.."
He nodded.
"Well to start things off, my name is Bella Swan and this here is Anabelle Swan or as she's better known Rosalie Cullen."
"Rosalie Cullen. But doesn't that mean that..."
"Do you want to listen to the story or not?" Silence "Very good. Now where was I, oo yes I am a vampire."
"I am not mates with a stupid leech!" Seth shouted.
"Ahh so quick to make assumptions pup!"
"PUP, PUP! I'm only a few years younger than you!"
"How old are you then!!"
"Ha your so young. And by the way so is Rosalie compared to me!"
"How old are you?"
"Let's just say I was born around 105 Ad."

"Anyway before you rudely interrupted me I was saying I am a vampire, a werewolf- not a shapeshifter- an angel, a demon, a mermaid, a siren and an elemental."
"My mate is officially awesome!" Seth shouted.
"Oo and one other tiny little detail I forgot to mention. I have three other mates!"
"What!" Seth screamed.

Before I could answer my phone went off. It was Darius Heath.
"Hello hunnybun!" I said to him.
"Hi sweety."
"What do you want?" I said cheerfully.
"Ball for everyone!" He replied and hung up.
Rosalie and Seth were looking at me confused as they had both heard the conversation. I ran off into the biggest room of the house and used my air elemental power to dust every thing in it. I then used my witch powers to decorate the room and hang a banner saying Novem annis, et numero!
I tidied myself up and put a red and black gown on and used my powers to put a light blue and pink gown on Rosalie and a tux on Seth.

At that moment the door to the ball room opened and people came flooding in. I used my vampire speed to greet ever person and went to find my mates. They were in a corner talking and so I told them to follow me and ran back to Rosalie and Seth.
"Hello mates, meet my mate..."

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