The Magnificent Nobody

My names Bella Swan. I was born in 105 AD and am the rarest creature alive. I am a vampire and werewolf, an angel and demon, a mermaid and witch and an elemental. This is the story of when I moved to forks.


12. 11) Pure hate

Unknown POV

"Master, we've just been informed that a newborn child has massacred around 200 innocent people in a nearby village!" One of my servants informs me.
"And why does this interest me boy?" I question.

He looks nervous and talks with a stutter, "Well I just thought that you needed a favour from the Italians and getting the newborn child off their hands would ensure you get one."

I ponder this for a while then reply sharply, "Find out who did this and bring them to me by the end of the week or you won't live to regret it!" I threaten.

He nods and runs away as I chuckle evilly. "This is going to be fun..."

----------Bellas POV---------- 


It is the only thing in my world.

Anyone in my way I dispose of after they have rejuvenated me.

It is all a sick game I love to play.

I will rule and the world will tremble!

---------Rosalie's POV--------

"Have you heard from Bella yet?" Noah asks. 
"No, not a thing." I reply sharply.

Noah called a meeting to discuss our situation as it has been over a month since Bella disappeared and she hasn't tried to make contact with anyone.

The five of us huddle together and discuss tactics. "I say we burst in the cullen's house and kill them all only saving the old one and torture him until he gives up the information freely- well as freely as a torture driven maniac can give up information..." Darius trails off seeing the blank looks we are currently giving him.

I sigh, "As good as that sounds they're still my family and I don't want to hurt them.. Whether they killed Bella or sent her away.

Darius looks furious. "How dare you, you selfish pig! Our friend is in trouble and all you want to do is play tea parties and make believe with your murderous family! How could you betray Bella like this!!"

"How could I.."

"Ok calm down guys. They'll be no murdering or torturing on my watch. Darius mind your mouth or you just may find it doesn't last too long." Noah exclaims stopping our quarrel before it gets out of hand.

"Are you threatening me you slimy, unloved sea urchin."

"How does that even make sense Darius?"

"An urchin is a child dressed in rags so I would assume he's saying that you are childish and have very bad taste in clothes." Landon explains.

"Wow Landon, you're much cleverer than you let on!" I exclaim cautiously trying to change the subject.

"Word of the day honey, word of the day."

I chuckle to myself for a few seconds until I hear an almighty explosion of rage. I turn my head a second before he pounces. 

"Darius no you can't!" Seth shouts, speaking up for the first time this evening.

"Shut up you bloody mongrel. I can do what I like and no one can stop me."

"But what about Bella?" He says in his last effort to stop the upcoming disaster.

The look on his face completely breaks my spirit.

"This is for Bella."

That was the last sound that ever graced my ears. 
As I feel myself falling down further and further through the cracks of the earth I remember his expression. 

It was one filled with anger and determination and fuelled by pure hate. 

As my life faded out of my grasp, I couldn't help but feel terrified for the little town of Forks, the state of Washington, the country of America and ultimately, if no one could stop him, the world.



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