The Magnificent Nobody

My names Bella Swan. I was born in 105 AD and am the rarest creature alive. I am a vampire and werewolf, an angel and demon, a mermaid and witch and an elemental. This is the story of when I moved to forks.


11. 10) Hell's captive

----------Rosalie's POV------------

"What did you do to that girl Carlisle?" I exclaim when I enter the family room for the first time since I was back.
Carlisle slowly turns his head with a disappointed look on his face. "I thought I told you before that it didn't matter!" He says getting a little bit angry.
"I know, but I hadn't seen her go and you know how..." I suggest.
"How dare you try to accuse me of hurting an innocent. All I did was send her back on her way with no recallation of what happened here. Do you have a problem with that?" Carlisle stares into my eyes, daring me to speak up.

"No." I squeak finally succumbing to his authority. Before Bella enlightened me to the world, I would have no clue of the true, mean alpha male Carlisle is. I can feel the stares of everyone in the room even without my vampiric senses, so I think it might be a good time to leave this conversation at a standstill and never get back to it.

As I get up to leave, something pulls on my arm. It's Edward. I gaze into his big, round eyes and for the first time realise how distraught and confused he is. 'Lets go up to my room.' I tell him in my mind. He nods having heard the thought and tugs me to my room at vampire speed. 

When he get there he smiles at me and laughs, "The tension in there was so thick, I couldn't stand to walk up the stairs at human pace." I smile back. "So Edward, What can I do you for?"

"Talk. I haven't really talked to anyone in ages. I need to discuss stuffs and thingywhats!" 
"Go ahead.." I direct fully aware of the fact that only a few weeks ago he really hurt me and not once tried to find me when I was gone.
"I miss her," he began "she was my mate, I think."
"Who... Bella?" I ask slightly amused as Bella already has a vampire mate and so can't have another, but what's the fun in telling him that.

"Yes.. I remember she was beautiful. Luscious locks with random strands of rainbow colours. Perfect curves. I never really spoke to her or got to know her, but that's not why you get in a relationship. It's all about if she's pretty and if I would like to own her. Which I would."
"But what if she didn't want to be with you in that way?" I inject scared with how this is going.

He shoots me an amused look. "Sister you have always had the funniest sense of humour. What makes you think that I would allow her to have a choice in the matter. She couldn't do anything to stop me, she's just a pathetic human woman." I suddenly feel very sick and make my way out of the room, of the house. All the way to the little lake by the side of our house. I hope Bella comes back soon, I miss my son and I can't stand this charade much longer.

------------Bella's POV-------------

Blood. It's all I can smell. I've been running for over a day now. I haven't lost the dryness in my throat and I'm scared to admit what I think it is I need. Everything calls to me in different ways. The sky tells me that everything is watching me, ready for me to slip up. The ground tells me it's ready to open up and release me into the clutches of hell. The breeze try's to force me away from here. My mind tells me to kill the first thing in sight if I want to live and my heart tells me that I can't harm someone for my own selfish desires.

The more I walk the more it becomes clear that my mind is winning and that I don't have very long left before it takes over completely.

Smoke rises from the trees in the distance. I see soon that's it's a little house a few yards away. Made only of wood and flowers it seems, it looks like it grows straight out of the ground like a tree. I can hear the heartbeats of three people inside. Two adults and one child. I fight against the urge to kill though the temptation soon wins. I strike.

As I rip through the door the first person I see is the female. Good I want to leave to leave the juiciest till last. Without even thinking about it I lodge my mouth onto her throat. I can feel her trembling in my arms and her husband (I assume) is trying to pry me off of her. 

With my fangs deep in her artery I suck. The first drops of sweetness enter my mouth and then the rest comes rushing in. It leaves me feeling better but still not quite full. I throw aside her limp corpse and stalk the man across the room as he try's to reach the phone. 

I tut at him and with one shot, fling the phone out of his hands causing it to slide to the other side of the room. I'm too far gone to cross back onto the side of humanity and care. All I want now is terror... And blood.

I think I want to play a game. Forgetting my hunger for a short while I begin to taunt the man. I wave his child in front of his face and every time he try's to reach out, I pull away. "If you want to live then kill your child!" I tell the stricken man. What a question. Will the love for his child run true or will his selfish nature take course. I can feel the cogs turning in his head. "Tick tock tick tock, I'm not a patient being so answer fast."

I give him a few more seconds then exclaim as loud as I can, "Times up! What will it be then? You or the child." 
"Take the child, save me please." The man begs. 
I sneer at him. Selfish nature wins then. "You disgust me!" I spit at him before breaking his neck- I'll drink from him in a minute.

First the baby. I can't kill it, I'm not that mean. Well, I am but it's a child. Not much blood in it anyway, worthless. What to do with it? I know. 

I'll turn the baby into an immortal child and set it loose on the nearest town. That will sent a message to my new friends that kept me captive. I don't remember who they are or what they did, but I know they must pay.

Before I leave I finish with the man's body, sucking it dry as I had the woman's then heading off into the night with the baby in my arms. I run as fast as I can trying not to kill the baby before it's even started its job.

The nearest place I come to is a small town with a population of about 200 people, but it should do. I lick the baby's soft neck then suck some of its blood. I replace the blood with the smallest bit of my venom. I don't even know how I know to do this. It's like second nature to me. 

I can see the change taking place so I knock on someone's door ready to leave the baby with them. When the open the door and see me covered in blood they almost close it again, until they see the baby. "Please look after my baby, I think she needs to go to the hospital. Please!" I beg of the woman at the door. Her soft heart melts when she hears the baby needs help so she nods and takes it. 

I turn away knowing the disaster that will befall this town in only three short days. As I start to run again, a sharp pang of guilt strikes my heart, but as soon as it's there it's gone. The sky looks at me knowingly, the breeze is still horrified at what I did and the ground is exuding happiness at the though of keeping me captive at the end of my long life.


I'm sorry a few people feel confused but hopefully you are still enjoying the story. Thanks for over 10k reads and as always,


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