Everett Daniels is your typical 20 year old girl with passion for music and fashion. She has always been the "silent leader" of the band. From a little town in Georgia, she moved two years ago with her best friend and cousin Denise to London to achieve her dream to become a fashion designer.

Everett is the kind of girl that focuses on her work because she's ambitious and would like to succeed more than anybody.

Joshua Zaré is the typical English bad boy, who breaks girls hearts because he was once broken too. On top of his 22 years of life, Josh is an aspiring model and works at the "London Superior Arts institute" as a model to make a name for himself. A hundred percent convinced that no girl could ever make him love her anymore.

What happens when two opposites such as Eve and Josh come together for whatever reason and are attracted to each other?

Is Joshua going to teach Everett to loosen up a little bit (a lot) and drive her away from her dreams? Or is Eve going to teach Josh ho


2. Stop Being Annoying

Everett's POV

It's been four days since I first met Joshua and started drawing his portrait and he's been on my back 24/7.

At first I hated it but now I've learned to ignore his flirting attempts on me even tho I blushed and smiled sometimes.

Since it's a non stop work until next week I'm gonna have to see him the weekend to finish it. Ugh.

I spotted him in the school hallway talking to a tall blonde so I walked over to them.

"What about tonight?" I heard him say to the girl while she was giggling and playing with her hair. Stupid girl.

"Uhm, sorry to interrupt but I gotta talk to him for a second." I said, pushing Joshua to my locker.

"Ouh jealous much? Aha." He said, smiling.

"First of all, eew. Second of all, Eew! And third I just wanted to tell you, Saturday at my house to finish the project, and don't even start saying a thing, we're not gonna be alone. I'll text you the address." I said, leaving him at the same spot.

Well this is going to be interesting.

On Saturday Joshua showed up ready to work and to be cooperative. Which surprised me a lot.

He got along pretty well with Denise, knowing that I told her he was an asshole I was surprised to see them bond that much. Not good.

I finished the portrait on Saturday night and we were all chilling in our living room when Denise had, I quote the 'best idea SHever!'

Yes I said that. Denise adds SH in front of every word she wants to emphasize.

"Let's party tonight! Let's all go to funky budha!" She said

"That sounds like a great idea!" Joshua said.

"That sounds like a crap idea" I said.

"Oh come on Eve! Let's have fun for once! I mean... Have fun for once because obviously I always do!" She said, laughing

"No I'm not going. I'm too tired."

"Oh come on Everett! Please come with us and we're gonna stop annoying you for today." Joshua says, standing up to start jumping.

"What are you doing?" I said, looking at him questionably.

"Training for tonight's party. I love to hype myself up before club! Aha!"

"Me too! I think we're twins bro!" Denise said, standing up and doing the same.

"You are the weirdest people I've ever met!"

"Well you must not know a lot of cool people then. Aha We're going out anyway, with or without you" He said before looking at Denise as they had a laugh.

Uhm, what was that? I hope Denise is not starting to like him. Now I have to go to keep an eye on dee because I don't want her to fall into his grasp.

"Fine, I'll go!" I stood up and walked to my bedroom to get ready.

We got to funky Buddha three hours later and we were waiting for Joshua to get here.

"Hello ladies! You look gorgeous." He said, coming from behind us.

"Wow josh! You're not half bad yourself you know." Denise said while smiling at him. 
Since when does she call him "Josh"? I mean they've known each other for a day for chocolate's sake.

"Let's get in, my friends are waiting for us in the VIP area"

"We need to pay first." I said, opening my purse to take my wallet but Joshua stops my movement by putting a hand on my hand that was holding the purse. I felt shivers and quickly loosened my tight on the purse causing it fall on the floor.

"No way. You're coming inside with me! Let's go" he said taking my purse from the floor and handing it back to me. "There you go."

We followed him inside to his table. There was a bunch of girls and only three boys. Playboy alert! When we got to the group Joshua introduced us after saying hi to everyone.

"Guys, these are Denise and Everett, some friends. Denise, Everett, these are my three of my best-friends Matt..." He said pointing to a guy with dark brown hair in the back "Jay" he said, pointing to the guy with brown hair and brown eyes next to him "and Gary" he pointed to the guy just sitting in between Matt and jay.

"Nice to meet you all! Lot of girls you have there" I said, feeling uncomfortable.

"Yeah. Some good friends of ours! Aha!" That Matt guy said, winking at me.

I already want to go home to my bed. Denise was having so much fun and I couldn't possibly leave her here with these boys so I decided to suck it up and try to enjoy it as much as I could.

"Having fun?" I heard someone say as I woke up from my thoughts. I turned around to see a smiling Joshua. Oh god, that smile. Stop it, Eve!

"It's not that bad after all" I said, smiling back to him.

"Oh I get a smile? Wow you must be really enjoying yourself! Aha!"

"Shut up! Haha"

"You look amazing tonight by the way. I really mean it"

I blushed a bright pink and looked down at my feet. "Thank you" I said, looking back at him to see him smirking.

We just started talking randomly and I've got to admit that he's a pretty nice and funny guy once you erase the overly confident and full of himself side of him.

As we were talking I saw a gorgeous brunette walking up to us with furious eyes. I didn't even had the time to react as she was pulling him away in the corner where they started having what looked like an argument.

Wait a minute. Oh my god. She's his girlfriend. He has a girlfriend and here he is flirting with Denise and I and clubbing with a bunch of other girls. What a jerk. 
I couldn't take it any longer so I exited the club without telling anybody and took a taxi to get home.

Once I got home, I changed into my pjs and laid there on my bed thinking of the scene I've just witnessed. Why does it piss me off this bad? I mean yeah I know that's because he's being a jerk to his girlfriend. I can't believe it. Ugh.

My phone wouldn't stop buzzing and I knew it was him calling and texting because I've already texted Denise to let her know I was going home.

I shut my phone down and turned off the light waiting to drift out to sleep.

I woke up the next day tired and sick. I should stop drinking with Denise. I went to the bathroom and took a hot shower before changing into my Ramones tee and comfortable sweatpants.

I walked downstairs to find Denise watching TV with the lowest volume ever. You couldn't even hear the people on the Telly.

"Hello party chick" I said, walking up to her to hug her.

"Ow... I've got to stop drinking too much." She said, hugging me back.

I looked at her and she still looked fabulous even tho she had a monster headache at the moment. Denise is the gorgeous dark haired girl every one likes to have as a best-friend. Of course it's not her real color. See, Denise and I are mixed.
Our fathers are African American.

Anyway, as I was saying: She's just so cool. I, on the other hand is a boring brunette who likes to work. Very exciting.

Maybe that's why Joshua likes her so much. Joshua. It's the first time I think of him since I woke up.

"Why did you leave so early yesterday, Eve?"

"Uhm, I wasn't having fun. That's all"

"Bullshit. I saw you smiling and laughing with josh. That seemed like a good time to me. Now give me the real reason"

I sighed before answering " Alright. I was talking with Joshua, when suddenly a brunette took him away and they started having an argument. I assumed she was his girlfriend and there he was, being a jerk to her by flirting with a bunch of girls and you and I!"

Denise almost choke on the cookie she was eating " Me?! What do you mean me? Haha Everett, josh and I are not flirting with each other. We're just friends and he's really cool!"

"Yeah, a cool jerk."

"How do you know she was his girlfriend? You can't assume things so quickly Eve! Have you talked to him?"

"He's been calling me and texting me the whole night but I don't want to talk to him"

"Why? I don't get it. He's not being a jerk to you whatsoever so why can't you talk to him and be friend with him?"

"I... Okay I'll try."

"That's my girl!! Now we're gonna relax today and have a girl night in! Like old days, babe!" She said and came close to me as we did our special handshake.


Since we had two weeks of vacation I haven't seen or talked to Joshua since the club incident. I was waiting to talk to him face to face.

It was Monday and I haven't seen Joshua during the whole day and I only had a class left before going home. 
I walked to my locker and started taking my material out for the class.

"Hey" I heard a familiar voice say to me. It was Joshua.

"Hey... How are you?"

"I'm good. What's up?"

"Nothing much. Uhm... How was your holidays?"

"Cool. You?"

"Cool. Look Joshua, I'm really sorry I didn't answer your calls and text messages last time but I was tired and I forgot to do it the next day. And the days after that..."

"No problem. Why did you leave the club anyway?"

"Uhm... I was just feeling like going home."

"Why? We were having fun together and suddenly Alexia takes me away and next thing I know it's that you're no where to be found... Wait... You left because of alexia?"

"I mean, I didn't want to cause any more drama between you and your girlfriend" I said, feeling uncomfortable.

"What? Alexia is not my girlfriend don't worry. She's absolutely nothing to me and if anything, I hate her." He said with such anger in his voice.

"Sorry if I sound curious but why is that?"

"I don't want to talk about it. Look, I got to go. Have a nice day" he said, almost running away from me.

Josh's POV

I've known her for three weeks only and there she was, being jealous. Haha If I had any doubt before, it sure brushed away.

I can't believe what I'm gonna say but thanks alexia. I never thought you'd be of any kind of help for me.

Can't wait to see what happens next with Everett. Next week's theme is "Body". Now that's my kind of talk. Haha

We're just beginning. 
Josh 1/ Everett 0


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