Everett Daniels is your typical 20 year old girl with passion for music and fashion. She has always been the "silent leader" of the band. From a little town in Georgia, she moved two years ago with her best friend and cousin Denise to London to achieve her dream to become a fashion designer.

Everett is the kind of girl that focuses on her work because she's ambitious and would like to succeed more than anybody.

Joshua Zaré is the typical English bad boy, who breaks girls hearts because he was once broken too. On top of his 22 years of life, Josh is an aspiring model and works at the "London Superior Arts institute" as a model to make a name for himself. A hundred percent convinced that no girl could ever make him love her anymore.

What happens when two opposites such as Eve and Josh come together for whatever reason and are attracted to each other?

Is Joshua going to teach Everett to loosen up a little bit (a lot) and drive her away from her dreams? Or is Eve going to teach Josh ho


1. Not Very Nice To Meet you

Hiya! My name's Everett Daniels, Eve for short and I'm a 20 year old girl from Georgia in the US.

I'm currently studying at the "London Superior Arts Institute" and this year is my final one before going into the active world.

Let's just say that it's THE most important year of my courses.

I live in the center of London with my best friend and also cousin Denise Daniels. She's studying business while I'm into fashion and designing. We're hoping to open our own business together when we'll get settled.

Now there's one thing you should know about Dee and I, it's that we're best friends but we're completely different!

Denise is the party animal, carefree and cool chick that when you meet for the first time, it feels like you've known each other for months. I, on the other hand, is this clean freak, obsessed with school and fashion but very much opinionated. I speak my mind high and loud without thinking of consequences.

Yes I know it might sound weird but we totally work it out and she's definitely my sister. We grew up together.

I've got an older brother, Ethan who's the most overprotective brother in the whole wide world. He was against the fact that we were moving to another country and even started to search scary facts about England to talk my parents out of it. I mean, how freak is that?

Did I hear psycho? Yes that's what I taught. But I love him more than anyone else too so I'm okay with it. See, there's a reason behind his overprotective behavior towards me. It's because-

Now wait a minute... I'm not gonna give in everything yet! You'll find out by reading my story. The story of a quest to love.


It was a typical monday of my life. I woke up at 7am, got ready for school and woke up Denise who had a rough weekend of partying and drinking.

Sighs. She's hopeless.

"Dee, you really got to get up if you don't want to be late for school." I said, trying to go nice on her since she was hungover.

"Leave me aloooone" She whined like a spoiled brat.

"No, you've got to go to school Dee! Come on there's only one week left then you've got a little vacation" I tried to convince her.

"Ugh! You're annoying!" She said while getting up. She scrunched up her nose as if she was going to puke and rushed to the bathroom. When she came back she fell on the bed once again.

"I can't go to school like that. I'm not gonna be able to make it through the day without being sick."

I sighed. "Okay, you can stay in bed today but only for today! I'll call your school and let them know." I started walking to the door when she called my name. I turned to face her.

"What are you gonna tell them? Not that I'm drunk right?"

"Dee, do you really think I'd say such a thing? Of course not! Now stay in bed. See you tonight." I said, exiting the room, then the house.

My day at school was pretty boring until yet. As I was heading to my next class I bumped into some guy that was too focused on his phone to be careful to where he was going.

"Hey, if you disconnected your eyes from your phone for a second you would see that there's a world outside, composed of people that you can hurt by bumping into them!" I said, almost yelling at him. He looked up from his phone and stared at me with a smirk on his face.

Ugh I hated that. Another arrogant prick that was going to waste my time. I might as well save it before he starts talking.

I tried to walk past him but he blocked the way.

"Do you have a problem?" I said, looking into his grey eyes not intimidated at all.

"I'm sorry I hurt you. I wasn't looking"

"You sure weren't!"

"Let me make it up to you and escort you to your class"

"No thank you. Now I've got to go." I started walking but he stopped me again.

"Wait! I didn't catch your name."

"That's because I didn't say my name."

"My name is Joshua Zara. What's yours, babe?"

"Don't 'babe' me and I'm already late for class so bye" I said, running away before he could add something else.

I walked in the classroom and went to my seat and started placing my drawing tools on the table while Mrs Green was talking. Her class is my favorite because we get to draw some nice stuff each month. This week's theme was "Portrait" and I can't wait to find out who I am gonna draw.

Once she finished talking, mrs Green opened the door and six male models walked in, making all the girls squeal with admiration.

Typical girls. As I was about to get back to organizing my stuff on my table, I spotted a familiar face in the bunch. Oh no, don't tell me.

" And finally Joshua you're gonna be Everett's model for the month" Mrs green said pointing me to him.

He walked to me with the same smirk still plastered on his face. I just wanted to punch him. Ugh.

"So your name is Everett uh? I like it" He said, while sitting next to me.

"Let's start right away, I don't want to spend the whole week on it." I said, quite sternly.

"Feisty much? Aha. Okay, let's go." He said and placed himself on the chair in front of me.

I started drawing and as I was defining his traits on the paper I realized how handsome he was.

Woooah Eve, slow down... What was that?

Anyway, let's stay focused.

Josh's POV

We spent the next hour sitting in that room with every one else while she drew my face on the paper.

There was something about that girl that I really liked. The fact that she doesn't flirt back or feel intimidated by me makes me want to try harder.

I'm not used to girls being so indifferent to me.

I've seen her a lot of time in school but I didn't really pay attention to her. Fashion nerds are not my type of girls.

I'm going to make her change. She's going to fall for me. I have no doubt.

I looked up and found her staring at me.

"Like what you see?" I said, smiling. She blushed and looked away from my eyes. Yes! A blush! That means I'm on the right way.

Everett you're going to fall for me without even knowing it.

Let the game begin.


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