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1. That was coming!!!!

Why do you think love is so important?? If you ask me you really only need a animal instead of a boyfriend, husband, wife or girlfriend! Maybe that's me but I'm sure I will change my mind!! Enough about me more about you! What do you think of love?? Is it stupid, Romantic what is it?? whatever you think I'm sure my story will change everything!! Once upon a time..... Sike this isn't a fairytale not even close to it this is just another one if those faithful love stories that in the ending you finally understand!! All I have to say now is ENJOY!!!!!!

The first date??

Why does this always have to be like this? Katylyn argued! (Kay for short). It really doesn't have to be like this if you would agree to go out with me!! Matt corrected. The reason I don't say yes is because I'm not into you I am into someone else besides you are good for a chemistry partner not a boyfriend!! Let me know if you change your mind Kay I will always be right here waiting to love you!! Matt said. You are getting to close Matt! Kay yelled.

I am just a average teenage girl 17 and my emotions are the same as a teenage girl too. Let's get to the point.... It is Jay Matthews my secret love! I am not one of those girls who goes head over heels trying to get a guy to notice me...... All I do really is just chill and let it happen!

For some reason everyone thinks that he really likes me!! I tell everyone that is a rumor and I go on with my life but the Rumor is 100% true, he loves me! There is 1 problem tho..... If it wasn't this bad of a problem me and Jay would be like Lady and the Tramp... Rolling a meatball with our noses to each other!! Anyways the problem from all of this is Mindy Jackson!!! She is head over heels for Jay! She will do anything to have and to hold Jay Matthews!! She will tear me to shreds trying to get Jay to love her!! Also I can't date Jay either because of Matt Davis!!!! He wants me to go out with him so bad it hurts him!! I'm flattered that he would do anything for my love but I really don't want his love!! I have a great idea how about we get Matt and Mindy together!! They are perfect for each other they both want to love either Jay or I so maybe they can love each other!!


authors note:

Let me know of any ideas you come up with please it will be so helpful! I'm starting to loose my idea's so if you ask for it your wish will be my command!

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