song lyrics

it's a collection of all my favorite lyrics from different bands.


7. sleeping with sirens-who are you now?

You made me hate my own reflection
Question every choice I make
So I could try to be perfect
But I will try to be fake

So forgive me ‘cause I really could care less that
This world has changed me
So you know when you ask me

Who are you now?
Did you say what you want?
Don’t go back to the start
I’m asking, who are you now?
Did they break you apart?
Won’t you fight back for what you want?

Sometimes you gotta fall before you fly
And sometimes you really live, you’ve gotta try
We can change it all together, in the end you’re gonna find
That what we felt in our hearts was real the whole time
When you open up your eyes, I hope that you find
Who you are, who you are

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