I still miss you

Et digt om min bedste veninde som desværre gik bort for nogle år siden efter at have kæmpet en hård kamp mod kræften.


1. digtet

I still miss you
Now that you`re gone
After all that you`ve been through
It all feels so wrong

I Remember the day
When you faded away
I were by your side
and catched the tears that you cried
I know that you`re not here anymore
But I still love you like I did before

Nothing can change the way that I feel
I wish that it all wasn't so real
No matter what
i`ll never stop
Looking up at the sky
And see the stars fly
knowing that you
are looking down to
little me on earth 
who is truly hurt
only by letting you go


Af Nadja H. K.

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