The Heart of a Dancer

My name is Lyra, I'm 15 years old and do two types of dancing. I dance Ballroom and ballet. This is my story about my life as a dancer as well as becoming a princess of dragons. Follow me into the mythical world of Zolukila and experience the wonders found hidden in the forest, caves, and the real world of hope.


2. Rehearsals

        Lyra got the part of Odette in Swan Lake and she was thrilled. She smiled and usually practiced night and day. Her eyes glittered with the newfound happiness of dance and the pure joy of it. She ended her rehearsal that Monday and she walked out, her eyes still shone with happiness. The girl walked down the path, unaware of eyes watching her from the shadows of the forest beside her studio. That forest was to never be entered...for it was said to have evil beings living there and that was true but there were also good beings, fairies, elves, unicorns, and other things.  Lyra walked to her house and sat on her bed upstairs, pulling her hair out and letting it fall in small waves down her back. She went to her balcony and saw a flash of white and narrowed her eyes to see it better but when she felt herself get dizzy she thought she saw a white mare with a horn, then darkness crashed onto her and she crumpled off the balcony, falling to the ground and landing harshly. One arm bent at an awkward angle before she drifted to oblivion she managed a weak cry of pain.  The unicorn, named Lorelei, trotted to her and with the help of other fairies she got the girl onto her back and vanished into the forest.


        Lorelei lay the girl down on a soft bed made from grass and leaves and went to get the elven queen. The lady stepped down form her place on her throne made from wood and knelt beside the girl "Thank you Lorelei, this is our savior." the queen responded as she touched the girls head. Lyra stirred and cried out but soon her cries died down and on her forehead was a jewel...glittering it sent light shining down her but could not heal to damage done to her bone. The queen bandaged her arm and lay it by her side at the bent angle. Lorelei nuzzled her and she groaned before the queen ushered the fairies and Lorelei out. then waited for Lyra to awaken. 


             Lyra stirred and her eyes opened slowly, seeing the movement at the edge of her bed she tried to sit up but pain lanced up her arm and she was gently pushed back down. "You shouldn't move so recklessly. " the elven lady said sternly "My name is queen Angelica." 

Lyra took deep breaths but soon pain was so much so she just faded back into a deep sleep. 




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