The Heart of a Dancer

My name is Lyra, I'm 15 years old and do two types of dancing. I dance Ballroom and ballet. This is my story about my life as a dancer as well as becoming a princess of dragons. Follow me into the mythical world of Zolukila and experience the wonders found hidden in the forest, caves, and the real world of hope.


1. A dancers life

A girl, no more than 15 years old stood in a studio, her dark ebony colored hair pulled back into a neat, tidy bun with no strands at all hanging out. she wore a pitch black leotard, pink tights, and pointe shoes. she was stretching for her class started at 7 pm and she wanted to be ready. The girl usually took her dance, ballroom and ballet, very seriously. She positioned herself at the barre and began to roll through her stiff shoes. Pointe shoes were difficult to break in, as dancers call them. The pointe shoes are actually a shoe that has a box made of stiff material, glued over that was satin, then a shank was nailed to the bottom of the shoe and voila you got a pointe shoe. A female who was about 30 came into the studio and nodded to the girl, who's name was Lyra. She then waited for other girl to show up before putting on music and then beginning the class. A long half an hour of barre work then an hour and a half of center work before she clapped her hands and said to line up. It was auditions for Swan Lake. Lyra stood up tall and smiled as she waited then performed the dance of Odette, the Cygnets, and corps de ballet pieces. Her arms were wings, soft and flowing yet frantic at times. Her body was that of a swan, graceful and yet such attitude put into it. She smiled as she finished her auditions and earned a long round of clapping from felllow classmates as well as her instructor. She stood up and took a curtsy, her arms soft yet supported as she bowed then stood and elegantly walked off.
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