Look Behind The Glass


2. "Are you ok?"

Weeks had past and the house was now as the family had dreamed. The dinning room had photos of the past hung on the badge wallpaper, and a candle on the oak table with lit up the room. The bathroom was now tiled , the bedrooms painted and the cabinets built. But the best thing in the whole house according to Jo was the old fashioned mirror with hang above the fire in the small front room. You see, Jo was very perfecting about everything and was diagnosed when he as 13 with ocd. Every morning everything had to be the same. Jo's alarm would go off at 7:30 and would get out off bed at 7:45. Then he would get change and make his bed for 8:00. Then he would make his toast and brush his teeth ready for 8:15. After this he would spend 5 minutes in front of the mirror making sure he looked ok. He was very particular about his appearance and had to look perfect because his condition. 

After several weeks strange noises started to happen at night. First there was the clanking of pipes with Emily thought would be to do with the plumbing, then the constant sound of running water which Jo thought was because of a broken tap although the tap would work perfectly in the day. Jo's mood had started to become angry because of the lake of sleep he had. Due to this he had come up with the decision to put and end to it so he called the plumber. After a thorough look the plumber announced that there was nothing ring with the pipe which left the family puzzled. 

Then that night After everyone was in bed, the lights where out and doors looked there was an almighty scream from down stairs. In panic Jo grabbed some scissors and ran down stairs , thinking he would find someone with his children. He ran down stairs and held the scissors up but know one was there. "COME OUT , GIVE THEM BACK" he shouted. At this loud noise the family ran down the stair to Jo but everyone was there. Still Emily called the police and once they looked round the house they said that there was no-one there and there hadn't been a break in and that the house was clear.......or so they thought........

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