Look Behind The Glass


1. The Move

"Come on you" comes a voice which runs out the house behind 2 small children who seem to be laughing. "Jump in the car" said a tall man with neat hair big square glasses and a rather big nose. He seemed the kind of guy who would be wearing a posh suit or something but in reality was wearing a long blue tee-shirt down to his news and old jeans with paint on them. He was properly wearing this because for the next 7-10 hours of the day he would be pulling and tugging furniture to put in his new house. "I mean it you two, We are going to be late." The children did what they where told and jumped in the car. Soon the little blue car was puffing along the dusty path to the families new future. 


As they arrived a woman was standing at the door to welcome them. This was the man ,Jo's, wife and the children's mother. They opened the doors to revile an old victorian house with vast space. The removal van came a few hours later and they where able to get there beds up for the night  . It took about 2 weeks to get practical things ready but   the family where still not fully happy with the house yet. The woman ,Emily, was very perfecting and wanted everything just right. She was a small middle-aged woman with dark brown  hair to her shoulders deep brown eyes and a cheeky smile. She was wearing a long knitted jumper and tight jeans which lead to her heals. The move was going great and it was going to continue to. Or so they thought ...

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