The YouTuber

Katt isn't you're normal YouTuber, shes one of the most famous YouTubers. best friends with all the top YouTubers today like Joe Sugg, Tyler Oakley, Troye Sivan and many more.
what happens when Katt and her two best friends meet the biggest boy band in the world? or the one of the biggest boy bands this year?


7. Chapter 6

Katt's POV

its now Saturday and me, Kelias and Kara are getting ready to go to the air port to fly down to the UK.

"have you been to the UK before?" I asked Kelias

"yeah, I used to live there before I moved to Australia. that's why I've got an English accent"

oh yeah I remember her telling me this ages ago.

"what about you?"  I asked Kara

"no I've never been out of Australia"

"I have doing videos with other YouTubers and stuff, this is going to be fun"


*a few hours later we landed in the UK*



"I told you it will be its there winter" Kelias said while putting a coat on

mean while some fans came around the corner, I tweeted and said on my last video 'the next place you will see me and my friends we will be in London!"

the fans walk, or should I say ran up to us and started asking me, Kelias and Kara questions on why we are in the UK.

"hi everyone, we are here for a surprise for you guys! so we will take pics with you all because there isn't a lot of you here.

we took pictures with them all and they all wrought there twitter names on my arm so ill follow them when I get internet.

"I'm sorry guys but we are gunna have to be on your way, ill make shore I've followed you all and gave you a shout out in my next video"

and with that there where hugs and we where off to the entrance of the air port.


we got a cab and gave the address to the driver, I watched as we drove through the familiar streets of London. and we arrived at one of thee boys house, paid the driver and walked towards the big house and rang the house bell.


Harry's POV


me and the boys where in my house waiting for Katt and her friends to arrive, we had the hole day planed out for us 8.


"that must be them!" Niall said rushing to the door

"I bet you anything his going to fall for one of them" I said to the lads

"yeah same, he hasn't found his princess yet it gets me worried about him" Liam said


all 4 of us ran to the door and already I've fell in love with on of the friends.


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