Aubree's Mom

I'm Chelsea Houska. You will all know me from starring on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 2, but not everything about my life is mentioned on the shows. I got pregnant the year I turned 18 and it was a struggle as my daughters father, Adam wouldn't commit to parenthood although he tried to make it look like he was interested and trying to keep up school as well a being pregnant. This is my story about going through struggles with my daughters dad and being Aubree's mom.


10. Almost Aubree's Special Day

It's a week until Aubree's 5th birthday so I need to start preparing for the party. It's going to be at the bowling alley in Sioux Falls and it's just going to be close family and friends. It's Minnie Mouse theme so there's going to be a Minnie cake, Minnie cake pops and everyone get mouse ears like the ones you get at Disney World. Aubree also started school recently and has already made many friends, but is at the same school as her cousin, Braylee so she has one friend. Aubree likes Minnie Mouse a lot so I need to make this birthday very special, she already has loads of presents piled up from my mom and dad, sisters, friends, Rita and me of course so she's going to be spoilt rotten, I just hope that Adam can come along to see her open her presents on her birthday morning, after all he did turn up to take her to school with me. I'm working a few extra shifts so I can head late night shopping to pick out Aubree a few more gifts. My boss and a few colleagues met Aubree many times so they have got her a card fro everyone, my boss got her a gift and some of my close friends that I work with have also bought her something small. I head home at 8, as Aubree is with mom, and go straight to bed as I'm so tired from the day I just had but I'm looking forward to tommorow when I'll be getting Aubree's extra gifts after work, with Megan and mom. 

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