Aubree's Mom

I'm Chelsea Houska. You will all know me from starring on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 2, but not everything about my life is mentioned on the shows. I got pregnant the year I turned 18 and it was a struggle as my daughters father, Adam wouldn't commit to parenthood although he tried to make it look like he was interested and trying to keep up school as well a being pregnant. This is my story about going through struggles with my daughters dad and being Aubree's mom.


2. A day in the life of Chelsea

Today, I'm heading into Sioux Falls to meet my friend, Megan with Aubree. I've known Megan since high school and she has been there, by my side throughout my pregnancy with Aubree and when Adam hasn't exactly proved himself to be a good father or committed boyfriend. Aubree and I left my house early so I could go pick up some more hair dye and some things for Aubree from the store. We met Megan at 11 o'clock at Starbucks, which is mine and now Aubree's favourite place. Megan used to live with Aubree and I but after going back to Adam she moved out because she thought Adam wouldnt treat me any different this time, but we sorted things out and are close friends once again. We stay with Megan an hour, as she needs to pick up her son, before heading to my sister Emily's house so Aubree can play with her daughter, Braylee who's the same age as Aubz. We spoke about work, as I am a cosmetologist, about how big her other daughter Malea is getting and about our sisters coming to stay at our moms house for a few days. I have 2 other sisters along with 25 year old Emily. The eldest is Melissa, she's married with a daughter Isabelle and is like 12 years older than me. Then is Angie, she lives in Florida with her husband and two children, Noah and Destinee and she is also in her 30s like Mel. Then is Emily, she lives with her boyfriend, Braylee and Malea and after Emily came me, Chelsea. After staying with Emily for a few hours, both Aubree and Braylee are tired so I head home to give Aubree dinner, shower her and then out her to bed. Just a normal day in the life of Chelsea.

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