Purple Ninja Family: Topic's Diary

This is my diary of living in the purple ninja house.


1. New beggining

I walked into the house. Silence. A spiral staircase in the corner and a few bin bags around. 

"Great" I mumbled dragging my stuff to the attic and threw it on the mattress. In the corner there was a box of things with my name on it. I was intrigued. I opened it and on the top of picture frames face down and diaries was a letter with my name on it. I opened it. I couldn't believe who It was from. It was from my dead mother


Dear Topic,

If it has come to this I'm sorry. I didn't want to leave you and your brother in that place. This is where you spent the first two years of your life. With us. We were happy. But it was unsafe for you. Because you have powers. Healing, strength and others you will have to discover yourself. I'm sorry for leaving you now. I wish I didn't have to.

I will never see you again my beautiful girl. But I will always love you.

For the last time.

Love from your mother.


I threw the letter to the side and looked through the box. Usual things. Pictures, teddy bears, collectables. But I came to the bottom and there was a note stapled to a bag.

'use wisely my beautiful girl.. Dad'

I opened the bag to find a whole set of throwing knives and a corset dress with a purple trail.

"Hmmmm" I said. I took this out to find a picture of my dead brother,Haven, and I hugging when we were young. Very young. My jaw clicked and I heard the front door slam.

"Hi!" I heard Dark call up the stairs.

"Great" I mumbled and plastered a fake smile on my face and ran down to meet her. "Hey!" I greeted. "I'm just gonna go to my room make yourself at home!" 

I ran upstairs happy to be away from others. I'm just not good with people. I curled up on the small mattress and fell into a deep sleep to Dark's music coming from a few stories below

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