Just Our Job

Sunny Los Angeles. Home to hot young adults, stretching, sandy beaches, million dollar beach houses, designer shops and Hollywood celebrities. It is the epitome of luxury living.

But every city has its secrets.

Drugs, murder, theft, scheming: the beginning of a mile-long list of what goes on beyond public view.

Welcome to our life.

This is the world we live in. The world where we can only make our fortune by conning others out of their riches. Where brothers turn on fathers for a few extra pills. Where life-long friends would murder each other in cold blood for the sake of their own reputation.

Isn't so perfect after all, huh?


2. Lizzie's Point Of View- Our Story



The first time I killed a man was when I was seven.


I still remember the lifeless expression in his pale face as the blood began to pool around his limp, motionless body. His dead eyes were open, but could only see the smothering darkness of death that surrounded him, drowning him.

I shot him twice, I think. Once in the gut and once in the heart. He died instantly, which was better for him. I hate when you can hear them suffering just before they die. The awful mangled screeches, or the desperate breathing, trying frantically to suck in one last gulp of air before they plunge into blackness. It's horrible. But it's never anything personal though, it's just my job.

Don't get me wrong, I don't just kill for a living. I do all sorts of stuff, and I work with a group of professionals. And we are a fucking great team.

There are six of us, including myself. The inner group consists of my uncle Stephen, Nicholas, Jordan and I. There is only two in the outer group, Erin and Sylvester.

By the "inner group" I mean that our whole lives revolve around this job and that we have nothing else going on for us, no other choices, and it's a full time thing for us. The others are slightly more well off, for instance, Erin goes to school and has taken her exams and has other options, not to mention that her family is one of the richest in the area. Whereas I have never stepped a foot inside a classroom. And Sylvester is a student at The University of California.

Stephen is the only family I have left. He taught me everything I know and he is a fucking great thief. Aside from the obvious anger issues and the possible mental health problems he is the best person I know.

Nicholas is the same age as Stephen, and they have worked together for a very long time. Nicholas is rich, he lives in a big house in Beverly Hills, his family are spoilt rotten and his wife hates him. He is cool though, in the time that I've known him I have gotten to really like him. He is like a cool uncle or something.

Jordan is new. He was introduced by Nicholas. We get on really well, his parents died when he was young too, so we do have that in common. He lives in the projects, or the hood, or whatever you would call it.

Erin is my friend. I met her about a year ago when she ran into some trouble. I helped her out and then took her under my wing. Erin is three years my senior and she has just finished school. Her family is extremely wealthy and she lives in a mansion right in the heart of Hollywood.

All you really need to know about me is that after my parents died I moved in with Stephen. He took care of me, and then when he thought I was old enough ( just after I turned six ) he started training me, and teaching me how to use weapons.

So things are different from when I was that scared little seven year old having just ended someone's life. Now at the age of fifteen, I have robbed multiple banks, sold countless shipments of weaponry and/or drugs and I have killed more people than I can remember. And I'm loving every single mother-fucking second of it.




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