My Sexy Teacher

Hinata is a teacher, and Naruto asks for a little tutoring, something unexpected happens and they end up falling in love.


7. Whatever It Takes! Part 1

Naruto paced eagerly and nervously through his apartment. He had told Hinata that he would have her bye nightfall but that wasn't the case. You see he didn't even know where she was exactly. It had been three days sense she left and he had done some prowling and found out her whereabouts through his precious hokage. He had just packed a small bag with food and extra clothes ect. He looked at the clock. 11:27. It would be three more minutes before the night guards went for a five minute break. He had to leave the village at exactly at 11:31 because the guards were very precise when it came to timing. He took a deep breath and took off into the night.

He was now hidden behind a large tree about 20 feet from the entrance gate. The clock hit 11:30 and the guards were up walking away. As soon as they were out of sight Naruto made a run for it.

He was now running full speed away from Konaha. About five or so miles away from the village he stopped. He found a little stump and sat on it. He had a mental breakdown. He had no idea what he was getting himself into. What if he couldn't do it? What if Hinata actually like this Ryudai kid? He began to panic.

"No!" He shouted to himself. This was Hinata were talking about. No way he could think such thoughts! He was going to get her and that's that! He pulled himself together and persevered.

Hinata sat on a small loveseat seated in front of a small window. She looked out at the outside world. Tears streamed heavily down her small face. Her Naruto had not yet came and she was losing faith. She had isolated herself in a small room in the house for the days she had been here. Ryudai had promised her three days two adjust. This was the third day. As she wiped her face with her sleeve, the door opened slowly opened and her "husband" walked in.

"Hinata, was his only word as he sat next to her. She made no acknowledgement to him being their . he seemed aggravated bye this and grabbed her hand and slung her around.

"Let me go!" Hinata cried out.

"No! I am your husband and I will exert my husbandly rights!" He threw Hinata on her back ripping off her close with a kunai while doing so. She screamed and fought with him best she could but was no match for the much bigger man.

Before she knew it she was bent over with chakra locks on both her hands and feet.

"Please let me go!" she begged.

Ryudai said nothing as he looked her naked form up and down.

He whispered in her ear "I promise you'll enjoy this Hinata-san."

He slowly ran a finger down her back and slowly down to her area. He circled it with a finger before plunging his finger in.

It wasn't that she wanted him to do it, it was just she couldn't stop the pleasure that raced through her. "Ah Narutooo."

It made him stop dead in his tracks. He pulled out his finger and stared in shock at Hinata. Her chakra binds were released and he still stood there. She attempted to get up and run, but he grabbed her arm and threw her to the ground. He them grabbed her around her throat and began choking her. Hinata began gasping for air.

"How dare you disrespect me in such a way!" He had never in his life had such a thing happen to him. How dare she call him the name of another man. He felt disrespected in the worst way. Hinata began turning a light shade of purple. He let go of her neck and let her drop to the floor. He decided it would be in his best interest to stop before he killed the girl.

"This isn't over…" he whispered as he walked quickly out of the room slamming the door behind him.

She was shaking all over. She was crying violently as she ran to the bathroom and jumped in the shower. She scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed. She scrubbed until her skin hurt. She scrubbed until the water became cold. And she cried until it seemed like their were no more tears left in her.

Naruto stood in front of a rather large compound. He was breathing heavy. He had ran the whole day here! A day trip only took him about six hours! He took out a picture Tsunade had given him. 'Yep this looks like it' he thought as he circled the compound, and happily noted their seemed to be no form of security so he kind of just walked through the door (A/N Be Happy Bitches Didn't Feel Like Typing any extra shit so I Made it easy! So their!) . He took one step in and got tackled by an unknown person (A/N Ha-ha! I Lied!)

Naruto threw the person off him and got in his fighting stance, he looked up at his opponent. And it was… a girl! A rather sexy girl at that! She was clad in short ass shorts and a crop top with a kunai holster strapped to her thigh, with regular sandals. She wore the cloud headband around her small waist.

As he sized her up she seemed to do the same to him.

"Who are you?" she asked licking her lips in a teasing way.

"Ah … Naruto was at a loss for words he didn't know if he should attack or what!

She walked slowly towards him, and placed a finger on his chin and turned his face in a circle.

"Your kind of cute, if you come with me I promise not to kill you" she whispered.

Naruto contemplated for a second, if he was still with Sakura he would defiantly run game with this girl. But no he was with Hinata and couldn't cheat on her like all those times he cheated on Sakura but that didn't mean he couldn't take advantage of this situation so he could get some information from this girl to find Hinata.

He grabbed her hand as she lead them to a small room in the house. Now he had every intention of capturing the girl as soon as the door closed but the girl had threw him down on a small futon pulled off his pants and boxers and had took hold of little Naruto just like that!

Naruto let out a hiss as his member hardened in her hand. He was still a man after all! Next thing he knew his whole thing was down her throat! Yes all ten inches! 'Holy Fuck!" he mentally screamed as he threw his head back! Now out of all the head he had gotten no one had ever managed to get the whole thing down their throat! This was the best head he had ever gotten!

He grabbed the back of her head and started to attempt to pull her away but couldn't manage the will power to do so it just felt sooo good! Was this considered cheating? I mean this girl is basically head raping him! Even though he likes it this was not his intentions at all!

They were like this for about fifteen minutes before Naruto came, like everywhere.

Naruto sat in a daze he swore that was his biggest orgasm ever! He swore he almost popped a vessel in his eye he came so hard! But as soon as he recovered from his initial shock he was back to his original plans. He quickly made three clones and had them all hold her.

"What the fuck is this?" the girl whispered, knowing if she yelled she'd be in more trouble then Naruto.

"That was nice and all but it's not what I came here for, where is Hinata located?"

"Why the fuck would I tell you where my brother's wife is?" she hissed out at him.

He doubt if he told the girl why he really came she wouldn't help him at all. "She's my baby sister… and she made me promise I'd come and rescue her from this… place." He said with a little angst in his voice.

"She's your sister… as much as I want to be on my brothers side with this it'll bother me if you can't help your sister because of my brothers whoreish ways. She's on the third floor fifth room on the right. You shouldn't run into any trouble up their because theirs no one home but the maids."

"Thank You …?"


"Thank you Kina , please wait here after I get my sister I'll be back." He said as he dispelled the clones.

"I'll be waiting."

Naruto exited the small room. He was on the first floor still so he looked around for some stairs. He couldn't find the stairs but he found an elevator (A/N Go Figure -.-). He stood awkwardly in the elevator with one of the maids. This was quite a set up he thought. An elevator in a house equipped with elevator music and all. When they reached the third floor he looked at the doors from where he stood it seemed like the long stretch of hallway never ended. He mentally sweat dropped. He just shook his head at the ridiculous sized house as he counted five doors down. Wait! What is she meant five doors down the other way? He began to panic this was a big ass fucking house!

He chanced his luck and just went to the five doors down closer to him. He took a deep breath and slowly opened the door. He could here someone weeping softly in the room. He followed the noise and find to his astonishment his Hinata sitting on the floor balling her eyes out. Her back was facing him so she didn't know it was him.

He leaned over and touched her shoulder softly.

She jumped back and screamed loudly. "No! Oh dear Kami not again please don't touch me!"

"What Hinata it's me!" yelled an astonished Naruto.

She snapped her head around so quickly her neck almost popped. "Naruto-kun!" she jumped on him and held him tightly. She was so happy to see him she didn't know what to think.

"Baby its okay I'm here stop crying, I'm sorry it took me awhile but I had to find you first!"

"Naruto Thank Kami your here! I couldn't take it anymore!"

"Hinata what were you talking about when you said not again please don't touch me again, what the fuck happened?"

"It's nothing Naruto lets just go…"

"No it is something tell me!"

"No Naruto it isn't important let's just go please."

"It is important! Just fucking tell me damn it!"

"Okay Naruto fine! That bastard touched me he put his dirty nasty disgusting hands on my fucking body! Is that what the fuck you wanted to hear?" she snapped at him.

"…Hinata I'm sorry I wasn't here in time I'm so sorry babe." He hugged her to him tighter as tears also fell from his eyes.

"It's okay Naruto all that matters is that you're here now…"

"No Hinata it's not okay!"He was about to continue his ramble but the approaching footsteps made him dive into the near closet in the room. He stood quietly peeking through the crack in the closet.

Hinata quickly jumped up and got into her Hyuuga fighting stance.

"Hinata please don't try to fight me I have every intention of finishing what I started no matter whose name you say this time."

He launched at her pinning her to the ground. Naruto of course couldn't stand the sight of this and quickly ran out the closet.

Ryudai saw him and he got up and faced Naruto. They were now face to face husband to lover.

And to make matters worse here comes Kina bursting through the door. She apparently got tired of waiting. Fuck Naruto thought not only would he have to fight Ryudai but Kina is probably about to find out Hinata is more hen just a sister. And Hinata is about to find out Kina is more than just a random person bursting through the door. Everyone stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Until Ryudai finally decided to speak.

"Who the hell are you?" Ryudai asked Naruto.

"Names Naruto. And the best thing for you to do right now is to hand over Hinata and your life may be spared." Naruto hissed out an orange glow emitting from him.

"Ah Naruto-san I've heard so much about you from Hiashi-sama. Most importantly that you're a evil demon and a threat to Hinata and needs to be destroyed.

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