My Sexy Teacher

Hinata is a teacher, and Naruto asks for a little tutoring, something unexpected happens and they end up falling in love.


3. The Nerve Of Some People

''WHAT!", You cant be serious after we nearly get killed trying to bring him back, he thinks he can just pop up I think not!", was Naruto's angry reply at what Tsunade had just told them. No one made an effort to calm him down, they all felt what he was saying especially Kiba, Lee, Neji, and Chouji, who had put their own life on the line to try and save him, it wasn't fair for him to do something like this, he shouldnt be allowed to live let alone come back to Konahagakure.

"Well I see where your coming from Naruto, Tsunade replied calmy, but him coming back could be benificial for us he holds alot of information that could be valuble to us. But you are right he didnt come back when you guys tried to bring him back and for him to just pop up all of a sudden is weird for all we know it could be a trap, for guys to meet him in the wave country then for him to just ambush you would be perfect for him."

"Hold on hold on we have to meet him is that very smart Hokage-sama?", questioned Shikamaru, "He could easily have someone waiting for us when we get there."

"Which is excatly why Im sending all of you, but I know how some of you feel, if you do not wish to accept this mission please leave.", Their was a breif pause for about 30 seconds no one said a word, then Shino walked out, followed by Lee, Neji, and TenTen, so as a result Guy, also had to leave. [A/N the senseis are their also they are just being quiet].

"So Naruto, Sakura,Hinata,Kiba,Chouji,Ino,Shikamaru, are you guys sure you want to do this?", they all nodded.

"Hokage-sama, a suggestion, wouldn't it be smart to send anbu?", the question obviouslly coming from Shikamaru.

"Yes it would but Sasuke would probally just attack them if you think about it, you guys are dissmissed, you have 1 week to prepare.

"Hai.", they all replied as they made their exit.


Naruto was furious! It took all he had to not start throwin things around his small apartment. He couldn't believe that teme thinks he could just pop up whenever he was ready. He tried to think of something to calm himself down, he was so mad he didn't even want any ramen! He took a deep breath and grabbed his cell to text Sakura.

N-hey sakura-chan-

S-wassup :]-

N-u seem pretty happy considering wats happenin....-

S-u shud b happy saskue-kun iz cumin bak dnt u mizz him-

N-uh no offense sakura but i think u r da onli person in da village dat misses him...-

S-impossible!!! DX-

N-uh i gotta go see u

Naruto was in shock he knew Sakura was still bent on Saskue but this was just... crazy. She did nothing to lighten his mood. "Maybe Hinata-chan will say something smart", he muttered.

N-ohayo hina-chan...-

H-hi naruto-kun r u ok about...u kno-

N-no an sakura isnt helping at all with my problem...-

H-dnt tell me she still actually likes him-



N-i kno-

H- i rlly dny understand y u wnt jus leave her!!-

N-well shes gonna want a reason-

H-wat she sed 2 u iz a perfect reason-

N-idk wat 2 do... can u come over pwwzzzz-

H-of course see ya in a min-

Naruto laid down on his bed and closed his eyes, it was about five minutes later when he heard a knock at his door. Naruto opened the door.

"Hello Naruto-kun", Hinata said as she walked in.

"Hey Hina-chan.", they walked over and sat on his couch.


"Hina-chan I don't get it why would he come back this has to be some kind of trap it has to be..."

"Naruto-kun don't let Saskue stress you out just try to calm down and don't let Sakura get to you I know your better then that,", she said as Naruto laid his head on her lap.

"Your right Hina-chan I need to chill out..., and you know what would really help me out?", he asked as a small smile appeared on his face

"Pray tell what would that be?", she asked knowing fully where he was headed.

"Oh I was just thinking my so sexy hime would be so kind as to cheer me up", he said as he sat up and kissed her kneck softly.

"Anything for my daddy", she replied as she pushed him down on the couch and began a battle-of-the-tongues with him. Naruto squessed Hinata's well toned soft firm ass. She let out a low moan.

"Naruto-ku-,before Hinata could finish a loud knock came from the door.

"NARUUUTTTOOO", suprise suprise it was Sakura.

"Shit", Naruto muttered he quickly got up, while Hinata smoothed out her clothes as Naruto went to get the door.

"Hi Naruto",she said barging in past Naruto, before he could stop her, " Listen Naruto we need to ta-, she stopped herself when she spotted Hinata on the couch.

"Eh hi Sakura...", said a pissed looking Hinata.

"Why?", she asked looking at Naruto.

"I told you she was... tutoring me chakra control an stuff.", he replied nervously.

"And your interupting a VERY important lesson", Hinata all but hissed.

"Well sorry to interupt your soooo interesting teaching thing but Im Naruto's girlfriend and Im his main attraction at the moment.", she replied giving Hinata the why-are-you-still-here look.

"His main attraction...?", Hinata bit down on her tongue to stop herself from going into a fit of laughther.

"Anyway Naruto, she said ignoring Hinata., do you wanna go out tonight Im sorry about the Saskue thing and I thought we could go somewhere."

'Or use him to get free food', thought Hinata

"I would love to Sakura but im kinda in the middle of something right now and I kinda need to finish my lesson sorry..."

"Well okay maybe tommorow", she said giving Hinata one more glare before hugging Naruto and walking out.

Naruto waited untill she was out of earshot before going back to Hinata. "Now where were we", he said as he tried to kiss her again.

"Naruto-kun we should really get to to the um tutoring", she said as she pushed him away.

"Aaaawwww why?", he whined.

"Because Naruto-kun if we just have sex all day what will you learn?" He opened his mouth to say something but Hinata quickly interupted him "Referring to the jutsu", she said. An he shut his mouth back. "My point excatly."


"Tsunade-sama are you sure its okay to send them on this mission....especially Naruto?"

"Shizune I know what Im doing!"

"Of course, what I mean is isnt there a great chance this is a trap?"

"Well of a REALLY big chance actually." Shizune sweat-dropped.

"Then why are you sending them?"

"Well he obviouslly want willing leave with anbu Shizune."

"l guess what you say is always best Hokage-sama."


"Okay Hina-chan I got it can we stop now pwease im tired", Naruto whined.

"Okay fine we can stop", Hinata said standing up. "I'll see you tommorow Naruto-kun."

"Wait NOOO, I worked hard I deserve a...reward.", he said smiling.

"A reward you mean like candy", she asked trying to tease him.

"Candy.... uh yes candy axcatly I want some of your tasty sweet candy.", he said as he pushed her down to the floor pinning her hands down . Hinata was turned on and slightly peaved that he'd turned her joke on her.

"I guess I guess I could reward you for being such a good student", she purred as she started to kiss him back.

Naruto began slowly and teasingly pulling Hinata's clothes off, leaving a trail of kisses as he went down. He had just finished taking off her pants, he kissed the V of her lace panties, she groaned at his teasing ways. Suddenly Hinata felt herself being lifted up and her panties hit the ground. Before she could say anything Naruto had one of her legs on each side of his shoulders. He slowly ran his tongue over her wetness, paying close attention to her sensitive pink clit, he occasionally slipped his tongue inside her wet and warm cave. And for about ten minutes all you heard was ''NARUTO'', coming from the small apartment. Hinata felt herself about to cum,and to stop the whole entire from hearing her when she screamed , she muffled it bye barrying her head in Naruto's hair. After licking his lips clean he laid her on the couch and prepare for round three.

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