My Sexy Teacher

Hinata is a teacher, and Naruto asks for a little tutoring, something unexpected happens and they end up falling in love.


2. Our Dirty Little Secret

Hinata, was totally frantic she had 30 minutes until 9:00! She had just gotten out of bed an ran to the shower. She spent five minutes in there and ran to her closet, now being that she wanted to look good for Naruto, but not wanting to be exposed, she grabbed a pair of blue capris, and a violet top which left alot of cleavage showing , not liking it she took it off put on a fishnet, then put the violet top back over it so though the top part of her breast were...out, she still had it covered. She slipped on her regular sandles and was about to grab her jacket but after thinking about it, its best to leave it here, because its sorta hot out. She was telling herself that but she knew the real reason why she decided to leave the jacket here.

"Ok Hinata go over there and apoligize, and tutor him nothing more", she whispered to herself before knocking on Naruto's door.

"Who is it?", came a voice from the otherside.

"Naruto-kun its me Hinata please open up Im really sor-, and before she could finish the door was swung open and out popped a half naked Naruto.

"Hey Hinata-chan come in please.", he replied as he went in and sat on the couch, Hinata couldnt help but notice how nervous he looked *cough*or the fact that he was only in a pair of pants that werent zipped and showed his orange foxy boxers*cough* "Listen Hinata about yesterday Im really sorry I did that to you please forgive me I dont know what I was thinking violating you like that Im really sorry!"

"Naruto-kun Its ok its not like you....forced me or anything, it wasnt one-sided, so Im as much to blame as you.", was her calm reply. And both of them had the same thought 'WOW this did not go like I thought it would.' They only stared at eachother for a second before Naruto broke the awkward silence.

"Ok anyway about you helping me..."

"OHH right I kinda forgot, would you like to train here or got to a traing ground?"

"Ummmm training ground 71"

"I'll race you.", Hinata taunted.

"Oh you are so on!"..."Right after I put on a shirt!", he yelled as he ran to his room, put on a shirt and shoes and ran back to Hinata....well he ran back to where Hinata was she had all ready ran out."CHEATER!",he yelled as he ran out the door. He was gaining on her quick within 30 seconds he was side by side with her. Hinata started going faster the training ground was dead ahead, but soon as she was about to set foot ond the ground Naruto rolled past her, and thus winning the match.

"Ugh no fair!", Hinata laughed as she walked to him.

"Not fair?!?! Are you serious you had a headstart and everything!", Naruto replieded,waving his arms around to add emphasis.

"Humph lets get started." They sat infront of eachother cross-legged. And now that things have calmed down Naruto got a good look at what she was wearing and nearly fainted. He couldnt bring hiself to take his eyes off her body. "Naruto-kun!!!".Hinata yelled noticing him staring, she folded her hands over her chest instinctivley.

"Uh uh!!", Naruto began shaking his head furiously. "Sorry Hinata-chan lets just get started what do I have to do first?"

"Well first we ca- did u just say CHAN?!!?!?!?!?",It dawned on her for the first time that he had been using 'chan' every sinse she came over!

"Uh well I can just call you Hinata if you like"

"No no its fine I was just kinda suprised.", "Anyway we'll start by trying to mold your chakra, try to bring chakra to your palm without forming a rasengan."

"WITHOUT!?!?!", "Is that even possible??",he said giving her the are-you-crazy look.

"Of cousre, see watch." She brought a small amount of chakra to her palm and, it formed a small diamond like shape that started spinning around. "You see, easy."

"Ok I'll try.", he brought chakra to his hand but way to much and formed a rasengan, Hinata sighed. Naruto dispelled the rasengan and looked at the ground ashamed.

"Naruto-kun you are using to much chakra you got to ease up a little, give me your hands.",Hinata held Naruto hands in he palm as she released chakra. "Do you feel it Naruto-kun?", she asked as she looked up at him

"Uh yeah I do." he said looking down on her also,they only stared at eachother for a few seconds then it happened once again they acted on impulse just as they had in the classroom. Their lips touched, Naruto took his hands from hers and wrapped them around her waist as he pulled her closer, he slipped his tongue in her mouth. Hinata only slightly aware of what was happening as she wrapped her arms around his kneck. They were completly acting on their hormones. Hinata pushed him down and crawled on him straddling him with her legs in doing so she felt his hardness rub against her area, she let out a moan into his mouth. She almost didn't notice that she had began rocking her hips on his manhood, getting him more hard, and her more well....wet. After a few minutes of this they finally broke apart. Naruto sat up with Hinata still in his lap. They pulled back slightly and looked at eachother."You make it so hard to be faithful.", he said still breathing hard.

"You make it so hard to be innocent", was her reply as she pushed him back down. Naruto wanted to be in control so he flipped them over so he was now on top. She started to slide her hands up his shirt and began feeling his well toned chest. Naruto in reply removed both of her tops and began to squeeze her breast through her silk lavender lace bra. "UhnNnN Naru aahh", she moaned as he slipped his hand behind her and undid her bra. He started squeezing the mounds loving the sounds of her moans. He the removed his shirt then brought his mouth to one of her hard nipples. He teasinly licked the hardened peak, then took it in his mouth and sucked. "Aaaa hUUnnN Naruto ahhhhh.'' Naruto let go her breast earning an unpleased grunt from Hinata. He gathered their shirts and her bra, wrapped his arm behind her and left behind a puff of smoke. Naruto had took them to his bedroom.

Now in full action he pounced on her again kissed her ruffly. "Are you sure you want this Hina-chan?"

"Yes of course Naruto-kun please take me." That was all he needed to hear he had them both stripped down. He gave her a quick kiss on the lips before he marked her on her kneck leaving a big red mark when he was finished. He began to trail butterfly down to her navel at that point he circled it with his tongue. She let out a low moan. He then drug his tongue down until it reached her special nub, which he began to suck on eagerly."AHHHHH uUuUunnNnN NARUTO-KAAAAAAAAHHHHHH UUHHHNNHNHN OH KaMi!!"

"You lik that Hina-chan?",Naruto asked as he removed his tongue and began to play with the nub with his finger.

"Aaahhh yeeeeessssss uuuhhhnnnn I love it oh Kamiiiiiiii unngghhhh more!"

"As you wish Hime." He slowly enetered her then quickly broke past her barrier. she felt a pinch of pain but it was over as soon as it begun. She looked at him with pleading eyes, getting the mesage Naruto started thrusting into her.


"Come on Hina cum, please baby cum for me, cum for your daddy!"

"Ah Ah Ah NARUUUUUTTTOOOOOOOO AHHHHHHHHHHHH!", Hinata screamed as she released.

"AH Hina-chan fuuck!", Naruto released as well.

Naruto and Hinata were in an warm embrace as a loud banging on the door. "NARUTO!" Both of their eyes shot open that was Sakura's voice!! Hinata ran in the bathroom as Naruto quickly put on his pants and ran to the door.

"Hello Sakura", said Naruto as he stepped outside and shut the door behind him.

"Naruto the Hokage wants to see us in her office in 1 hour and if you see any else the are to report to her office also."

"Ok well nice seeing you.", Naruto said quickly as he tried to escape back to the door.

"No Naruto wait I want to apoligize about yesterday I was to harsh, thinking poor 'sweet' Hinata would do that to me.

'Hehe she tastes sweet too' Naruto thought smugly.

"And I don't know why, timid 'ol Hinata would ever try anything shes way to.........shy for that kind ofd thing."

'If you only knew' ,Naruto thought to himself.

"Well I'll see you in an hour baby"she said as she leaned forward and softly kissed his lips.

"Uh yeah bye'', he quickly bounded back in the house. "Yo Hina where are you?''

"In the shower!" A wicked grin spread across his face. He slowly crept in the shower behind Hinata.


"AAAAHHHH,Hinata quickly turned around NARUTO NOT COOL!!"

"Well sorrrryyyy.", he said as he stripped an joined her in the shower. And told him what Sakura had said about a mission, and the other things.

"If only she knew", replied Hinata.

"You know I thought the same thing", he said as he washed her back. "Hina-hime we cant tell anyone about us."

"Oh I know Naru-kun it will be our little secret"

"Our dirty little sercret", he whispered as he spun her around and hooked her legs around him and entered her again.

"Okay now that everyone is here you have an S-classed mission.",said Tsunade to the rookie nine.

"Hokage-sama, is it ok for me to go on a mission, I have my class to teach.",came a statement from Hinata.

"Its ok Hinata I have someone fill in for you.", Now your mission... Sasuke Uchiha has decided to come back...

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