My Sexy Teacher

Hinata is a teacher, and Naruto asks for a little tutoring, something unexpected happens and they end up falling in love.


8. I Thought It Was Forever

Naruto stood still as stone, looking at everyone in the room. He looked at Kina and then at Hinata.

"I'm fucked! He thought to himself. So fucked."

"A danger? To his own sister?" Kina asked still not knowing the situation.

"His Sister?" Said Ryudai and Hinata simultaneously.

"Uh yeah. He said he came here to rescue his "sister""

"N-Naruto, you told her I was you s-s-sister?" Hinata asked softly, you could hear the sadness in her voice, the tears about to fall, had Naruto disclaimed her out of embarrassment?

"No! Hinata it's not even like that! Baby you know how I feel about you." Naruto yelled trying to think of a way to explain himself.

"'The fuck you mean it's not even like that!" Kina was getting louder and louder. "You sat there and told me you needed help rescuing your sister!"

"Hinata is more than just my sister… way more..." Naruto looked at the ground not knowing what to say next.

"Oh, she's more than a sister? Your "baby" as you said. You didn't have anything to say about your little "baby" when your dick was down my throat!"

Hinata gasped, and her eyes got big.

"Naruto… what is she talking about?"

"Look Hinata I know this seems bad but…"

"But what Naruto?" Hinata yelled on the verge of tears.

"But nothing, look how foolish you look Hinata, sitting here moping and crying over a man who was just with another woman in the same house he knew you were in!" Ryudai spat out.

"Hinata listen, I told her I was your brother because… because I feared she might not help me if I told her the truth… after… after what I let her do to me."

"Don't say it like your some kind of victim, if you didn't want me to do it you sure as hell weren't acting like it! Didn't attempt to pull me away, tell me to stop or anything!"

"Okay! I let you do it! But I'm a man! It's not the easiest thing in the world to walk away from! And besides you forced yourself on me! Had everything off me before I got a word in! Hell before I even knew your damned name!"

"That's not the point!" Ryudai screamed.

"Hinata… baby please just hear me out…" Naruto said ignoring Ryudai.

"Do NOT address MY wife as YOUR baby!"

"Don't address my baby as your wife!" Naruto hissed out. You could feel the killer intent coming off him in waves.

"I'm no one's anything! All of you just leave me alone! I want neither of you in my life!" Hinata screamed, with tears falling from her face.

"H… Hinata, please… I am so sorry! You don't even understand, I'm-"

"No! I don't want to understand! Naruto I trusted you!"

"Hinata you are STILL my wife no matter how you look at it! I quite honestly don't care if you want me in your life or not! Being that you're in an arranged marriage set up by your clan! You have no divorce rights!" Ryudai added with a sadistic smile on his face.

Naruto not really focusing on Ryudai was to flabbergasted that Hinata didn't want him anymore.

"Hinata please don't do this me…" Naruto said trying to grab Hinata's arm, only to have her snatch it away.

"I'm DONE Naruto Uzumaki!"

Naruto backed away from her slowly with a cold empty look on his face. He looked more or less… dead.

"Enough chit chat you're an unwelcome guest in my home who's been here far too long!" Ryudai yelled as he launched at Naruto.

Ryudai threw punches and kicks at Naruto loaded with chakra. But Naruto didn't fight back.

"Is that it you little pest! You're not even going to try to fight back! Very well then I'll end it all now!"

Naruto looked over at Hinata and said "I thought it was forever", as he closed his eyes.

You could see fear of losing him grip her hard.

Naruto was losing consciousness, not even caring. He was not going to live without Hinata, he finally knew what love felt like, this wonderful amazing feeling that he could not live without. It's like going to heaven then being sent back to earth. You just won't be able to do it!

Ryudai drew out a kunai about to slit Naruto's throat.

"No!" Hinata grabbed Ryudai's arm which held the kunai snapped his wrist.

"Byukugan!" Hinata attacked all his chakra points with lighting fast persistency. Even after his body fell limp she kept going.

Now in all honesty Ryudai could probably beat Hinata on a bad day. But being that her attack was totally out of nowhere he was unprepared, plus she was using all her strength.

Kina who obviously wanted nothing to do with this any longer fled. Not even thinking about helping her brother.

Naruto who was sprawled across the floor had fallen unconscious. While Hinata was still ruthlessly attacking Ryudai's limp body.

After she finally stopped, she gazed down at Ryudai in his unconscious form; she felt a big relief knowing she was free. But now she had to leave. _

Hinata walked over to Naruto and Contemplated how she was going to get both of them back to Konaha. She could probably carry him a few miles at the most. But that would have to be enough. They had to get away from this place.

Ryudai would probably only be out for a few hours so she had to get a move on. She packed her bags and threw them out the window. She maneuvered Naruto on her back some way and then leapt out the window herself.

"Erg!" She groaned she never realized how heavy Naruto was! She made a clone to carry her luggage. And then she took off running as fast as she could with Naruto on her back.

As she predicted she had only gotten a few miles away before Naruto's weight was starting to way heavy on her. She pushed herself a little further until she came to a small clearing which led to a little cave opening not even 30 feet deep.

After Hinata had sat Naruto in the cave, she searched for firewood, she thought long and hard about the situation, she loved Naruto truly but she couldn't go back with him. She would pretend everything was okay until she got back to the village, that way if he tries to do anything crazy, there will be people in the village to help him, Hinata knew that leading Naruto to believe that it was okay was wrong, but he'll but okay at least until they get home.

She was so deep in her thoughts that she didn't realize how long she'd been gone and how dark it was getting. She headed back to the cave when she walked in Naruto was already up.

"Nieh, Hinata-Chan…?"

"Hinata didn't reply she simply nodded her head.

"Hinata I know you probably hate me right now, but I have to ask, why did you save me… after what I did too you?"

For a few minutes Hinata didn't reply. She simply thought about how she was going to make this lie sound right. Then she finally said, "Because I love you Naruto, with all my heart and soul, I don't know what I would do without you. Though what you did may have been very wrong, seeing you about to be killed made me forgive you instantly, too see you not fight back like that… about to lose your life… because of me! I knew that you really loved me at that moment, I knew I couldn't lose you." Hinata had the worst feeling in her stomach ever about lying to him like that.

"Hinata thank you so much for forgiving me! I promise you won't have to worry about me being unfaithful to you again! That was the first and last time!" He was about to go hug her but his body was in excruciating pain.

Hinata saw the pained expression on his face when he tried to move.

"Naruto-Kun, are you okay?" She asked quickly rushing to his side.

"I'm fine just a little pain that's all. Kyubai will have me healed in no time!" He said with a little smile.

"Naruto-Kun how come Kyubai-San didn't stop you from almost letting you die?"

Naruto stared at the ground for a second, "You know what… that's a good question! In fact I haven't heard from the fur ball sense you left! I wonder what's going on."

"Hm, Kyubai-San always seems too keep in contact with you no matter what's going on! Do you think you should be worried?"

I honestly could care less that he isn't talking right now, I mean yeah I'm a little concerned but you are much more on my mind at the time then Kyubai."

"Damn!" Hinata thought to herself, he was making her feel worse and worse about what she was doing.

"But Naruto-Kun what if something's wrong?"

"What could possibly be wrong? He can't even get sick he's kind of trapped in me remember?"

"But Naruto think about it, Kyubai was about to let you die? Ending his life as well? Doesn't sound very much like the kitsune I know."

"True, but I bet theirs a very logical explanation for this."

"Like what Naruto? If something's wrong with Kyubai, there might be something starting to mess up in you! Who knows?"

"Hm, true but I guess I'll just have to wait and find out."

Hinata sighed. She was going to have to stay in this cave for a while, until he was able to function correctly, she could see that he was in incredible pain, and he was trying hard to hide it. She only had to keep up the act for at least until tomorrow afternoon, he should be better by then.

It was the middle of the night and both Naruto and Hinata were still up.

Naruto was in deep thought, and he felt as if there was something he needed to do. He looked over at Hinata and took a deep breath, he was about to do the hardest thing ever.


"Yes Naruto?"

"You… You don't have to do this…"

"N-Naruto-Kun, what are you talking about?" Hinata felt extremely nervous at this point.

"I know you're probably just trying to stay with me so I won't off myself, I don't want you to be with me just because you feel like you have too, I want you to be with me because you want too…"

"N-Naruto-Kun-", he cut her off before she could finish. His eyes were soaked with tears.

"No Hinata let me talk, I have this gut feeling that you don't want to be in this anymore, that you still love me, but you don't want to be with me, your just with me out of worry, as much as I would hate to live without you, I thought about it and, me killing myself would only make your life worse, you'll feel guilty and I don't want that. They say if you really love someone you'll let them go, well Hinata… my love, my baby, my life, my world, I love you to death, and consider this as me letting you go…"

Hinata had an astonished look on her face, she should be happy about this. Right? She didn't have to pretend anymore but why did she feel as if she wasn't pretending at all, why did it feel like her world was just crushed and stepped on all at once? Why was she so sure at this point that Naruto was an important factor in her life?

"Naruto-Kun no! I thought that was how I felt but now actually facing the situation I feel totally different! You're right; I was thinking that I should just pretend to keep this going until we got back to the village, but knowing now that this could really be it, I can't do it, Naruto I need you, I waited for you entirely too long to lose you when I finally get you!"

She ran over and hugged him.

"Hinata-Chan, are you sure? You really don't have to pretend you know."

"Naruto I'm not pretending, this is much more than just a fantasy for me. I love you with all my heart I'm more then positive at this point that I want you in my life.

Naruto held her tight. "Hinata I swear on my life that I will never do anything to hurt you again!"

And for the first time sense she left Konaha they kissed. But it wasn't one of those "I want you now" kisses it was more of an "I feel like I haven't seen you in years and I miss you" kiss. They pulled apart and stared in each other's eyes, before Naruto wrapped his arms around her and held her tight, as if never wanted to let her go. They fell asleep in each other's embrace that night.

Hinata awoke in the morning to being thrown to the floor and a loud piercing scream. She looks around to see if she could find the source of the noise, she looked over and saw Naruto balled up in a fetal position, screaming for dear life.

"Oh my goodness! Naruto!" Hinata screeched, as she tried to reach out for him but quickly drew her hand back after feeling the heat radiate off of his body. Her hand actually felt like it had been lit on fire while she was reaching out for him, and she didn't even touch him!

"HINATAAAAA! ARRGHHHH!" HELP ME! PLEASE!" You could hear the pain and agony in his voice.

"Naruto w-what can I do?" Hinata was panicking, her eyes a river of tears, Naruto seemed to be in unimaginable pain but there was nothing she could do to help him, she couldn't even touch him!

"Oh my god Naruto! What can I do? How can I help?" He didn't reply he was just screaming and screaming and screaming, and all she could do was stand there and watch.

Naruto then out of nowhere let out the loudest piercing scream she had ever heard, and then to Hinata's amazement Naruto's ears disappeared! They seem to have just literally vanished, and out popped to animal ears on the top of his head… fox ears maybe? But it didn't stop their even crazier than the ears, Naruto sprouted a tail! A long puffy and… orange tail? Hinata watched as Naruto's whisker marks on his face grew bolder, and his fingernails, turned into short claws, he grew small sharp fangs, and his pupils turned cat like.


Naruto had stopped screaming, he was now just lying there.

"Naruto-Kun you alright?"

Naruto looked up slowly. And he rose even slower.

He let out a soft growl which made Hinata jump a little.

Hinata pointed at the top of Naruto's head, and he nervously patted down, then a very shocked look crossed his face, he looked behind him and saw the tail because it was flopping a little and hitting the back of his leg. He looked shocked to the max.

Hinata had begun backing up slowly, not because she was scared, but because she didn't know what to expect.

"Hinata…" Naruto more or less growled her name.

He took a few steps towards her and she squeaked a little.

"What happened to me?"

"Naruto-Kun, just stay calm so we can figure this thing out, go look in the lake at your reflection…"

Naruto began slowly walking towards the lake, Hinata stepped very far out of his way.

Naruto bent down and looked at his reflection, in he let out a small gasp.

"What the fuck happened to me?"

"Naruto-Kun please calm down…"

"The fuck you mean calm down, I just sprouted fox ears and a fucking tail, and your telling me to calm down?" He was getting louder and louder.

"Naruto you're scaring me it's okay you-"

"Look at me Hinata! I'm a fucking monster!" Naruto looked like he was about to just attack her.

"Naruto stop it!"

"No you stop it!" With that Naruto was inches away from her face.

Hinata did the only thing running through her mind at the time, she ran. As fast as she could.

Naruto seemed shocked by this for a second, then it dawned on him he had probably been intimidating her. He didn't mean too he was just really upset.

Was she afraid of him now? The very thought of that gripped his heart hard like a fist made of broken glass. Did he just drive away the only person that ever truly loved him?

"What the heck is going on?" He thought aloud.

Then it dawned on him, Kyubai! Kyubai had told him awhile back that eventually they would merge; he said that he wouldn't be able to talk to him for days before and after the process, it had totally slipped his mind! That had to be what was going on. It all made sense now!

He also said that there would be a lot more things that would probably change, but he didn't mention what it was.

But back to what was really on his mind. Hinata. He had to find her, before something happened to her.

He ran off in the direction she went. Something was odd. He smelled something, he spelled Hinata? It was like he knew her scent, and he smelled it, but why?

It must be one of those things that changed in him because of his merge with Kyubai. Oh well just another good thing for him.

He kept running her scent was getting closer and closer.

He found her sitting up against a tree with her head in her hands.

"Hinata-Chan, I'm so sorry."

Hinata looked up slowly.

"No Naruto I'm sorry, you were obviously very upset about what happened I was trying to make it seem like everything was okay and it's not, you got a little mad and I overreacted."

"Hinata look at me… what am I going to do? I'm a monster now…"

Hinata looked up at him and smiled, that smile turned into a grin, that grin turned into a giggle, those giggles turned into an awful fit of laughter.

Hinata was laughing going on two minutes now, Naruto looked around awkwardly he had no idea what the heck was so funny. Hinata had gone completely mad.

"Ahem" Naruto cleared his throat.

Hinata eventually looked up.

"Naruto-Kun a monster? A monster really? Like be real though you look like a monster? Is that what you think?"

"Um, yes. Pretty much..."

Then Hinata switched from laughing to so serious mode.

"Naruto right about now you look like the cutest thing I've ever seen in my whole life!"

"Huh?" Naruto seemed very confused by this.

"Naruto you have a huge fluffy tail, adorable ears, and big cat eyes! You are freaking adorable!"


"Naruto I assure you there is nothing scary about you right about now."

"Hinata, how the hell am I supposed to return to the village looking like this? What is everyone going to say and think?"

"Who gives damn what any of those bastards have to say? Fuck them; fuck what they think, and fuck their lives! Not trying to be a blunt bitch about this but Naruto you and I both know, most of the villagers never accepted you from the get go; nothing's going to change now except now they have another thing to talk about."

"…You're right Hinata, besides I don't have to prove anything to them, and no one to impress."

"Now that you see things my way, we should get back home."

"Good idea."

Naruto and Hinata walked back to the cave and gathered their things, and began the short journey back home.

They were about halfway to the village running slowly.

"You know what I thought about Hinata?"

"What Naruto-Kun?"

"We've been through a hell of a lot of things from yesterday and today." Naruto said with a somewhat plain look on his face.

"Heck yeah, this is defiantly an experience I would not like to repeat."

"Mm." Was Naruto's reply.

Hinata came to a complete stop.

"N-Naruto-Kun, I've been wanting to do something sense you went all fox on me…"

"Mm, and what is that my love."

Hinata slowly reached up and started scratching Naruto's fox ear.

This seemed to trigger something in him, his tail began wagging furiously.

Naruto felt his self getting very aroused and pulled his head away from Hinata's hand and he kind of backed up a few feet, now was not the time for things of that nature.

"Hinata I'll let you scratch and pet all you want later, but now doesn't seem like a good time for it."

Hinata who had already figured out why he backed up understood what he was saying.

They were standing at the village gates.


"Hinata I'm going to run to see lady Tsunade, I want you to go to my apartment and stay there until I get back and please try not to get seen."


Naruto gave her a quick kiss before they went in different directions.

Naruto was running so fast that all you could see was a blur.

When he finally arrived he slowly walked towards Tsunade's office. He stood at the door for a while before he actually knocked.

"Come in!" Yelled Tsunade from the other side of the door after hearing the knock.

Naruto slowly opened the door and walked in.

"N-Naruto? Where the fuck have you been? You've been gone for two days, and didn't give any memo, didn't ask to leave the village or anything! Do you know how much trouble you could've been in if I weren't hokage? Do you have any idea how fucking worried I've been? Why the fuck do you have fox ears and a tail?"

"I'm sorry… I had to go get Hinata…"

"Go get Hinata? Go get her from where? Where the fuck did she go? When?"

That's when Naruto explained the story to her from the beginning the whole story excluding the part about their ravenous sex life.

"All this is accurate?"

"Yes Lady Tsunade."

"So you in the Kyubai are merging, why are you merging?

"Honestly I have no idea why, he just told me it was going to happen and it did, I haven't talked to him yet so I'll update you when I do.

Mm, I suggest you stay hidden until I find out what to do about that situation. And you look rather cute by the way." Naruto blushed a little at that. "And as for Hiashi I have good news for you." Tsunade let out a small smile.


"We can arrest Hiashi, on two accounts; one he didn't tell me he was sending Hinata into an arranged marriage, all things like that have to be ran by me, and two, he sent Hinata out of the village without permission, he didn't even say anything, which is a serious crime which you could have been facing."

"Tsunade, have I ever told you I loved you?" Naruto asked with the biggest grin on his face.

"Not often enough Naruto, not often enough, now shoo! I have to alert the Anbu Black Ops."

"Why the Black Ops?"

"Because whenever we send to have someone arrested and the person their arresting in a ninja, we have to send them. Ninja's are trained to kill and protect themselves automatically making them a high risk threat, and besides I have a feeling Hiashi won't be coming with us very willingly. Now go I have to get on this I'll keep you updated, and our little chat isn't over!"

Naruto bowed quickly before exiting; maybe things would start to get better for him. He quickly ran home, and was staying out of sight.

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