Sorry not Sorry

When 15 year old Megan lost Niall due to the X-Factor what will happen?
And what about when they meet again?


1. We were perfect

Megan's POV: 

I sat on my bed thinking of the past, what we would do.How his kisses have me fireworks.

And then I thought of that night.


 I read the text saying to meet him at the park,I grabbed my stuff and met him there."hey babe!",I shout coming closer to him."hey umm I have something to tell you",I followed him and sat next to him on the bench."what is it?",I questioned."I'm breaking up with you",was all he said."WHAT?!?! No why?",i asked panicky."I'm leaving to go on the X-Factor Tommorow and if I don't make it then maybe we could get back to-NO NIALL HORAN YOU LISTEN TO ME I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOUR UGLY FACE AGAIN!",I shouted and I never did see him again.

-end of flashback- 

I was tired so I went to bed.

I woke and got dressed and headed to Starbucks the best place in the whole world.Once I got there I ordered my usual.As I was looking for a seat I accidentally knocked into someone,but nothing spilled."Oh god I'm so sorry-Megan?",I heard someone say.

Oh god no crap,I slowly looked up."Oh it's you",I said."Yea it's me remember the love of your life?",I laughed and laughed harder."What?",he asked."You still t-think I love y-y-you HAGAHAH",this guy so funny."You don't?",he asked."Well good because I have a new girlfriend Emily and she is way better than you",he harshly covered up."I feel bad for that girl she dosent know what she got herself into",I said back."Hey Niall what are you-", I heard lots of voices from behind me ask."Babe why are you talking with a slut?",I turned around.

"Oh Hello Emily is it? I'm just talking with my ex boyfriend",I told her."You have dated other girls before ugh I knew it!",I laughed."Are you really dumb?he is a boy and boys date A LOT of girls in their lifetime they aren't  just for you,he has dated at least 100 girls before,then he used them and dumped them.You are just another hopeless",I finished.

It was true he dated the whole school(girls) before he got to me and"changed" yea right.




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