The Hummingbird's Circle

Aiza Evvis has always been enchanted more by the sea than by the sky,. Most don't understand; she is, after all, a Hummingbird child and from the oldest family of air mages.
But war comes to the many dimensions and The Hummingbird's Circle must rise under the leadership of the teen water mage, the first Chief who wasn't an air mage.


2. Prologue - Nestling

Eight years later, Sara was chasing a small girl with bright, lilac eyes and curly pure white hair across the beach, her home just visible at the top of the cliff that boxed the beach. Laughing as she hooked her arm around the small body, Sara set the girl down on her waist, grinning down at the wriggling figure. Glancing back at Rose who had twins, a brother and a sister, laying on either side with jet-black hair and pale grey eyes, Sara walked over and sat the girl down,

"Now, please stay still, you need more sun cream Aiza, Rowan and Ewan do as well. You don't want to go inside do you." Aiza stiffened at the suggestion of going in and stilled, allowing her sister to cover her with the thick brown cream and the twins sat up to let Rose do the same. Grinning as Sara rubbed the cream into her cheeks, Aiza turned to the twins and helped bother to their feet before standing herself. Standing, Aiza just reached the chins of her younger twin cousins.


Rushing off to the edge of the sea, Aiza glanced back to the others and grinned, mischief dancing in her eyes and she put her foot in the water, using magic to pull some of it up her body to gather in her hands before sprinting over to her sister and jumping up, dropping the water on her sister's light brown hair and landed beside Rose with a wide grin,

"I see you've gotten better with your water magic, Aiza. Your air magic is improving as well." Nodding her head, Aiza glanced at Sara and watched her cautiously before noticing her proud grin, relaxing and sitting beside Rowan,

"Rose is right, at this rate you're going to pass the rest of the advanced before summer is up. Mother and father will be proud of you. How's your flying going? Is it stable? Or are you still combining it with reinforced jumps?" Aiza scowled and shook her head, eyes focusing on her lap and missing the twins confused glances and Rose's frown,

"I don't see why it's such a big deal, after all even full air mages struggle with flight at Zee's age, most struggle until they reach their teens, plus most mages from outside air's domain will never fly at all even as adults. So, Zee being able to fly as well as she has is pretty much a miracle." Rowan grinned at her cousin and hugged her, Ewan joining his twin sister in catching the smaller girl between the two of them.


Looking up, the three youngest watched Rose stand and drag Sara out of hearing distance. Pulling Aiza to her feet, Rowan gently pulled her to the edge of the sea and looked out at the horizon, grey eyes watching light dance over the waves,

"It must be pretty amazing, right, to be able to dance upon the water and command its very flow." Rowan looked back to Aiza who nodded. Sighing, she held out her hand and smiled when Aiza looked up at her confused,

"Can you show me?" Nodding her head, Aiza took Rowan's hand and pulled her into the water, pushing her magic into her feet and muscles as she did so.


Ten meters from the shore, the two girls stopped and Aiza held them on the water's surface. Grinning, she glanced at Rowan who was watching the sea with a delighted grin on her face as she tapped the water with her foot,

"This is awesome. Not even air mages can do this, they could imitate it but they're really just hovering...Is something wrong, Zee?" Rowan looked at Aiza who had tensed and was glancing back at the horizon, lilac flicking to different points and narrowing in suspicion. Pulling Rowan into a hug, Aiza cancelled her magic and the two dropped below the surface. Squeaking as they landed on the sea floor, Rowan looked at Aiza who was pushing water away to create a bubble of air. Letting Rowan out of the hug, Aiza took her hand and pulled her along the bottom, towards the shore,

"Aiza, what's wrong? Did you see something?" Rowan began jogging to keep pace with Aiza as the pair walked up,

"Something's not right. We need to get back to the house. We're not safe. Something is coming." Pulling Rowan out the water, Aiza let go of her hand and the two sprinted over to Ewan, who was watching the horizon with a wary expression.


Ewan looked up at the two girls before looking at his older sister, who was arguing with Sara, and scowling. Meeting Aiza's eyes, he sighed and nodded his head, helping the two girls pack away the belongings strewn around the area,

"So, who is going to tell them? And what are we going to tell them? Can't exactly tell them something fells off."
"I will, and I'll tell them exactly that. They know better that to write us off." Aiza shot a glare at Ewan who snorted in reply while Rowan fixed a look on her twin before giving a quick nod to Aiza.

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