The Hummingbird's Circle

Aiza Evvis has always been enchanted more by the sea than by the sky,. Most don't understand; she is, after all, a Hummingbird child and from the oldest family of air mages.
But war comes to the many dimensions and The Hummingbird's Circle must rise under the leadership of the teen water mage, the first Chief who wasn't an air mage.


1. Prologue - Hatchling

It was a stormy summer night, filled with raging wind and violent downpours, but safely tucked away in their cosy seaside cottage, a family of three were distracted by a small miracle about to take place.


The father, Simon Evvis, was rushing around the kitchen and filling a large basin with warm water, he grabbed a two large towels before carrying the basin up the stairs. Nudging the door open with his foot, he set the basin down at the foot of the bed, smiling gently at his wife as her pale lilac eyes fixed on his dark blue ones as her own tired grin twisted in pain. Sitting beside her on the bed, Simon glanced at his daughter who was curled up, asleep and hugging onto her mother's arm. Seeing her grimace in pain again, Simon frowned as the two exchanged a worried glance,

"The little one will be fine, just a little impatient but that may be my fault. Where is Marwa?" Glancing out the window, Simon raised an eyebrow at the weather battering the window before looking to his wife with a stunned expression,

"Maisha, your sister has to walk through this weather with Rose and her equipment. Besides, she'll be here soon, sent a wing ahead to tell us." Maisha nodded her head, paling as she leaned back into the pillows, shaking her daughter's shoulder gently and smiling as the girl woke and looked up at her, with a exhausted smile,

"Sara, your aunty and cousin are coming. Can you wait down the stairs for them please?" All traces of exhaustion disappeared as Sara sat upright with a bright smile before nodding her head and rushing out her parent's bedroom.


Turning to her husband, Maisha grunted in pain, hands holding her bump gently as she felt another contraction. Waiting for the pain to die down, she grabbed Simon's hand and sat up slightly to look directly into his eyes, her own filled with pain,

"I will not lose this child. I will not lose another little one. This little one will be strong." The couple held onto each other's hand, silently drawing strength from the other.


Minutes later, they heard a knock at the door and Sara rushing to answer the door, they heard her exchanged with hello's with the visitors before hearing someone make their way up the stairs, pausing by the door and knocking,

"Hey, Mai, how are you doing?" A slightly older-looking Maisha pushed the door open, her jet-black hair scraped back into a ponytail, and slid into the room, a large bag in her hands and a calm smile on her face,

"Considering I am in labour and I'm not due for another month and a half, I am doing just fine, Marwa. Now, be honest with me sister, what are the chances?" Marwa moved to her sister's side, perching on the edge of the bed and grey eyes met lilac. Sighing, Marwa glanced at her brother-in-law and took her sister's hand,

"It varies, chances of survival are good, but that is based on statistics for a hospital birth or a home birth with proper equipment. We don't really have that, I did however prepare for this as a precaution, one of the older midwives gave me a crash course and I have the maternity ward's number. But, they will not be able to get anyone to us for a few hours so-" Maisha silenced her sister with a glare and tightened her grip with both hands,

"We don't have a few hours, the little one is coming now. I'm going to give birth before the night is out, so you better get ready." Marwa paled as she rubbed her face, before nodding her head and standing up.



Almost one hour, several frustrated yells, a few pained screams and a slap later, the sound of crying broke through the storm. Sara and Rosina, Marwa's daughter with her mother's black hair and dark green eyes, stuck their heads around the door to see Simon holding a small crying bundle with a small goofy smile on his face as he bounced the bundle,

"Sara, Rose, come and sit on the bed." The two girls crept across the room before sitting on the bed, facing their mothers.


Marwa's hair was a mess and she was folding a used towel while keeping her eyes on her sister, Maisha was pale and the exhaustion was clearly showing as she watched her husband with a protective glare. Sara and Rosina exchanged a glance before turning back to their mothers with a questioning look on their faces, Marwa laughed softly,

"Now I know what Father felt like. So, Sara, Rose, do you want to meet the newest member of the family?" The two girl's nodded furiously and grinned. Maisha sat up completely and held her arms out towards Simon, who smiled at her before gently placing the bundle in her arms and then sat behind Sara on the bed, letting her move towards her mother,

"Now this, Sara, is your little sister. Her name is Aiza. She's really small because she came early so we all need to protect her and make sure she's healthy. Your aunt and cousin will be over a lot to help." Sara looked down at the small baby girl in her mother's arm and smiled, nodding her head.

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