The Hummingbird's Circle

Aiza Evvis has always been enchanted more by the sea than by the sky,. Most don't understand; she is, after all, a Hummingbird child and from the oldest family of air mages.
But war comes to the many dimensions and The Hummingbird's Circle must rise under the leadership of the teen water mage, the first Chief who wasn't an air mage.


3. Prologue - Fledgling

After calming Sara and Rose down, and once Rowan and Ewan had finished packing up, Aiza picked up her own yellow backpack up before following the others up the path. Walking quickly up the pathway built into the cliff, the five quickly reached the top and made their way into the modest two storey house that sat at the top. Glancing back at the horizon, Aiza paused in the doorway before turning around, her lilac eyes meeting the twin's grey ones,

"I think we should go into town. Everyone else is there anyway." Rowan nodded is response while Ewan glanced back at Sara and Rose who were sitting in the kitchen before looking back to his sister and cousin with reluctance,

"You're going to go regardless of what I say, or what they say either. But, we are taking our emergency packs and leaving a note." Scowling, the two girls nodded and the three crept up the stairs to Aiza's room where their emergency packs were kept. Grabbing the dark green waist bags and changing out of their swimming costumes into t-shirts and shorts, Aiza and the twins slipped down the stairs and out the door quietly.


Heading inland, Aiza walked a couple of steps on front of the twins, her body slowly becoming more relaxed until there was no tension left. Exchanging smiles, the twins caught up to Aiza and walked on either side of her, their jet-black hair  blowing around in the wind as the town slowly came into view and the three of them came to a stop.


Smoke rose from various parts and far east edge had collapsed. Aiza's eyes widened in shock as she began sprinting towards the town, Rowan and Ewan snapped out of their own shock to follow her down the slope, shouting after her as they went. They rapidly approached the town, speeding through the empty streets, weaving around debris that was scattered around. Rowan was the first to reach Aiza's side, she glanced back at her brother who was carefully looking around while catching up to the two girls.


Turning onto Main Street, Aiza skidded to a stop with Rowan beside her and Ewan bumping into her back. The entire street was covered in debris and there were small fires burning at various points, apart from the crackling of the fire the street was completely silent and still as the three small children looked around at the damage,

"We should have stayed at the house. We should have stayed at home. We need to go back to warn Rose and Sara." Ewan began looking around, body tense and grey eyes darting around the surroundings with fear,

"No, we need to look for someone. Look for survivors, gather them together at the school, get injuries treated and move them to the house. The wards will keep whoever did this out, everyone will be safe. I'll send a wing to Sara and Rose to tell them what's happened." Aiza looked at Rowan who paused before nodding and Ewan sighed before meeting Aiza's eyes, hesitation showing as he looked to his sister before looking back to his cousin,

"They're never going to let us out of their sight after this. I'll stick at the school, so you can go around in a pair." Grinning, Aiza nodded in unison with Rowan, the two girls watched Ewan turn and run in the direction of the school.


Within an hour, the two girls had found several others hiding in various buildings and a few trapped under rubble. Some went to the school and others started to help search, mainly distracting the children helping when they came across a body rather than a survivor  Aiza and Rowan were joined by their aunt Millie, a tall willowy woman with curly chocolate brown hair and dark blue eyes, and her daughter Sia, the same age as Aiza but several inches taller and was a mini version of her mother. Aiza and Sia walked on front of Rowan and Millie; lilac and blue eyes scanning their surroundings. Glancing at her watch and seeing it was early evening, Millie sighed and looked at the children,

"It's getting late. Let's head back to the school, check with Ewan who hasn't been through and add our own before getting some food and heading back out." Rowan and Sia nodded their heads and turned to walk in the other direction, Aiza paused and nodded before turning around, following Millie.


Returning to Main Street, Aiza and Sia were just passing the crumbled bakery when a dark figure burst out of the rubble and grabbed the brunette, both girls screaming as Aiza watched the cloaked figure pull her cousin away from her. Pulling a dagger out from their cloak, the figure held it tightly as they tightened their grip on Sia, unseen eyes carefully watching Aiza as she stood still with her own lilac eyes watching the figure with horror as Sia froze as well,

"Sia." Hearing her cousin's voice filled with shock and fear, Sia looked up and blue eyes focused on the small girl before grinning and glancing away from Aiza, focusing on the ground then looking back up,

"Run, Aiza. Don't look back, no matter what." Staying still, Aiza shook her head and continued to shake when Sia glared at her. The figure tightened his grip on Sia's arms and pulled her closer as she started to squirm,

"Your little friend has the right idea, your two other friends may have left before I could get to them but neither of you are escaping me." The figure held his blade closer to Sia and the two girls froze again.


Looking away when the blade began moving quickly, Aiza heard Sia squeak before there was a quiet thump. Steeling herself, Aiza glanced back and saw Sia laying on the ground, the figure watching for her reaction. Taking a step back, Aiza began shaking as she felt her magic spark inside her and spiral out of control,

"SIA!" Pain filled Aiza's scream as magic poured out of her body and began saturating the area around her, the figure took a step backwards and dropped the blade, turning away as Aiza's magic exploded outward and levelled their surroundings before focussing on the figure. When Aiza looked around, she saw her sister round the corner before running towards her. Swaying slightly, Aiza looked at her sister before fainting and falling to the ground with a heavy thud,

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