Ice Skates & Guitar Strings

Perfection. That was all she strived to be, or more so what her parents wanted her to be. Every decision was made for her, including the things that were supposed to make her 'happy'. Elsa's life begins to change the moment she's acquainted one of the school's bad boys, Jack Frost. However looks may be deceiving, for he is about to teach her that perfection doesn't necessarily lead to true happiness...


8. Unexpected Part 2

            “Alright, that’s all for today.” The professor said to dismiss us from the class. Everyone began to pack up and scurry out of the lecture hall while I was scurrying to get away from Hans. It’s not that he wasn’t attractive; I just got a bad vibe from him… and his friends. Merida must’ve caught my drift because she followed me right when I ran down the stairs. We maneuvered our way through the crowd and found an exit a peace garden outside.
            “Please tell me he isn’t following us.” I inhaled.
            “He seemed surprised when you ran, but he didn’t follow you.” Merida confirmed as she set her board on the concrete.
            “I have to get to archery.” She sighed. “I’ll see you later then?”
            “Yeah… wait, they have archery classes?”
            “Yep; Right next to kendo, judo and fencing… and I take them all.” She smiled as she hopped on her board. “What’s you next class?”
            “I have Detective Fiction in an hour, then I’m done for today.”
            “Sounds fun. If you have time later we should hangout. Ask Anna to bring you over to our dorm.” Merida offered.
            “Yeah, that’d be awesome.” I agreed. She held out her fist for me to bump.
            “See you around.” She smiled before zooming away. I couldn’t help but notice how joyous she looked when the wind blew her hair from her face. I bet she has a great life with parents that don’t have big expectations and force responsibilities on her; I wonder what that’s like. I had some time to kill so I sat under a tree to do some readings. I was really getting into the hardships of being an athlete when-
            “God damn it!  Every time!” the voice of the guy I wanted to avoid exclaimed behind me. Sure enough, behind the tree I was under, Hans and his group of friends were standing by the building… smoking.
            “How do you spill it in your bag every time?” Gothel snickered before taking a long drag.
            “It’s not my fault these textbooks crush my container open.” He snarled pulling his textbooks out of his bag.
            “Hey, be thankful it wasn’t snow. That shit’s a bitch to clean up.” The pale, lanky one commented.
            “True to that Pitch.” Hans said as he started scooping pills into a container. “Where the hell is Frost? I needed to talk to him.”
            “You know he never comes here.” Gothel smirked. “And when he does, he’s pissed.”
            “God forbid that doesn’t happen.” Hans sighed.
            “What’s the big deal? I can take him?” The beefy one, Drago, snickered.
            “Like that time he knocked you out cold when you sat in his chair?” Pitch snorted.
            “Hey! I just worked a 10 hour shift… and got pretty drunk.” He tried to defend himself.
            “Sure, sure.” Hans smirked before taking the cigarette from Gothel. I was too scared to hear what else they had to talk about, so I just packed up my stuff and made my way to class.
            I knocked on his door, softly, but hard enough for him to hear. The last thing I want is attention from his neighbours, or to cause drama that would affect him.
            “Well hello there Elsa.” Hiccup greeted with a smile. He let me into his dorm.
            “I know this paper is due next week, but I want it to be done early.” I apologized as I walked in.
            “It’s fine; I should really start working on my assignments this early anyway.” He waved it off. “But I have other projects on the side.”
            “What do you do?”
            “Nothing really important. Just a few modifications here and there.” He explained as he led me to what I assume was his room. His dorm actually looked like a normal apartment, meaning it was bigger than my dorm…. How the hell did he get this dorm?
            “Here.” He said turning a hallway and opening a door. There were two other doors which I assume were the bathroom and his roommate.
            “Don’t worry.” Hiccup cut in my thoughts. “He’s almost never here; he only comes to eat and sleep. He won’t bother us.”
            “Have you talked to him yet?” I asked stepping into his room. He shrugged.
            “We’ve exchanged hellos and whatever, but we’ve never had a real conversation.” He said as he flicked the light on in his room; now I see what he does on his spare time. Hiccup’s room was… how do I say it? You know he’s a nerd the minute you see it. Figurines, which I’m sure he made himself, were cluttered on shelves. White boards covered most of his green walls, and I had no clue what was written on a single one of them. They looked like blueprints of some sort, with lots of equations on each board. Then there was his desk, with a double monitor computer and stacks of books.
            “Wow.” I stood mesmerized.
            “Sorry. I tried to make this place as homey as I could.” He said switching on his computer.
            “I think it’s great.” I said as I sat down on his bed. In his pillows, something leaped onto my lap, which almost made me knock over the lamp on his nightstand. A black cat was not sitting on my lap, staring at me with his big green eyes. The longer it stared at me, the less time it took for me to realize that his claws were digging into my leggings.
            “Toothless.” Hiccup sighed before taking the feline from my lap. “Don’t worry bud; she’s a guest not a predator.” The cat meowed at me before jumping back onto his bed.
            “Toothless?” I questioned as he circled me.
            “Yeah. He’s from the vet I work at. Someone brought him in and never claimed him.” He explained. “Poor thing; came in with no teeth and missing a foot. I nurtured him back to health, made sure the teeth that were still growing grew back and just kept him.” It was almost impossible to pay attention to what Hiccup was saying because Toothless and nuzzled himself into my lap.
            “At least he likes you.” Hiccup chuckled.
            “What would he do if he didn’t?” I asked petting the black cat.
            “You would be scratched up and bitten all over by now.” Hiccup said making some gesture with his hands. Toothless got up from my lap and walked out of the room.
            “He shouldn’t bother us anymore.” He said as he took his textbook out of his bag. “Let’s get started.”
            “Therefore, Psychotic Depression is not only contracted through the individual’s surroundings, it is also hereditary.” I concluded as Hiccup typed it up.
            “That was fast.” He said saving the file. “That only took an hour and a half.”
            “Well id did some of it when I had spare time.”
            “You did five out of eight pages Elsa.”
            “Hey, productivity is my thing.” I defended. Before Hiccup could say anything, both of our phones buzzed.
            “Astrid’s coming over.” He informed setting his phone down.
            “And I’ll be going home to an empty dorm. My sister has a date.” I sighed.
            “Well you’re welcome to stay here if you want. I doubt we’re going to be doing anything tonight.” Hiccup offered.
            “Nah, I don’t want to be a third wheel.” I said packing my stuff up. “Plus I don’t think Astrid would like it if I stayed over.” Hiccup chuckled.   
            “Elsa, she may come off as intimidating at first, but that’s just how she is.” He admitted. “Things change when you get to know her better. She’s one of the best people I know.
            “No, it’s not that. I just think she might assume something’s happening between you and me.” I explained.
            “Oh…” he stopped. “I never really thought about that.” He leaned all the way back into his chair and just stared at the ceiling. “She should know she has nothing to worry about.”
            “But she doesn’t know that.”  I pointed out. Hiccup sighed and took off his glasses to rub his eyes. I didn’t realize I was staring until he waved his hand in front of my face.
            “What’s wrong?” he asked.
            “Nothing… it’s just…” I was still kind of stunned. “Have you thought about getting contacts?”
            “I have them, I just don’t wear them as much as I used to. Why?” he questioned.
            “You look different without frames it all.” I reasoned.
            “I only have them because I was pretty active in sports even though I sucked at them. Not my idea, my dad put me into them.”
            “What made you stop?”
            “An accident a few years back.” He sighed. “Cause me to lose this.” He rolled up his left pant leg to show off a prosthetic. His entire leg from the knee down was replaced with a metal one. I was actually surprised; never would’ve known he was an amputee is he never showed me.
            “Yep, that’s the expression I always get.” He interrupted my trance.
            “Eyes of pity, gaping mouth, sometimes pale face.” His listed rolling his pants back down. “I hate when people give me that look. I don’t need their pity; I just need them to accept me.” I nodded with agreement. I hated when people looked at me like that; pity feels like someone’s shaming you for something you have no control over. It’s not Hiccup’s fault he lost his leg, nor is it Anna’s fault for being dyslexic and having ADHD, or…-
            “I get it, pity sucks. They thing you’re the one that’s changed when really their opinion on you is what really changed.” I explained,
            “Y-yeah.” Hiccup’s eyes squinted as if he was trying to read me. A knock on the door was what ended our conversation… as well as the sudden urge to empty out my bladder.
            “Hey, where’s your bathroom?” I asked.
            “Left door.” He pointed out just before getting up to answer the door. I followed him out to do my business while he answered the door. I was expecting a disgusting bathroom, but it was surprisingly clean… like cleaner than mine and Anna’s bathroom; I guess it’s because there was basically nothing in there. All I heard were doors opening and closing from the other side of the door. I took this as my cue to leave without any awkward encounters. Hiccup was texting someone by the time I got to his room.
            “I’m gonna go.” I announced as I started packing up.
            “You sure?”
            “Yeah. I don’t want to leave when it’s dark, plus Astrid-“
            “I get it.” He chuckled raising his hands in the air. “You don’t want to upset my girlfriend.”
            “Yeah.” I nodded checking my pockets to make sure I had everything.
            “Shit. I’ll be back.” I said.
            “I forgot my phone in the washroom.”
            “You use your phone on the toilet?” Hiccup snorted.
            “No. I took it out of my pocket so it wouldn’t fall into the toilet.” I explained walking out. With my luck, the door was locked… but the other room was open. One peek wouldn’t hurt right? I entered the other bedroom, giving in to my curiosity.
            The first thing I saw was blue; Blue walls, blue duvet, accented with dark brown furniture. There were no pictures in this room, accept for one on a desk. A black frame with a picture of a family sitting happily in a living room; a beautiful woman was smiling with a pretty little 6 year-old and a 13 year-old boy. The boy was ruffling the little girl’s hair while sticking his tongue out and the girl had one of the biggest smiles on her face. They all looked so happy in that picture, it reminded me of the happy times I had with Anna when we were young.
            “What are you doing?!” a voice startled me from the doorway. I spun around and felt terror hit me when I saw his silver hair.
            “Wow, didn’t you think you’d be the one to snoop Queeny.” He snickered walking towards me. “Haven’t you ever heard that curiosity killed a cat.”
            “But satisfaction brought it back.” I countered. He still had an amused expression on his face, only making me more irritated. “Just leave me be Frost.” I fumed trying to leave his room, but he blocked me from exiting.
            “I should be the one saying that, considering you’re basically stalking me.”
            “Then you must be enjoying it considering you won’t let the so called stalker leave.” I fired back.
            “Touché Queen.” He chuckled moving out of the way so I could leave. I walked out of his room but spun around to say one more thing.
            “It was an honest mistake Frost. Maybe you could just let this one go.” I said. His eyebrow arched and he looked me in the eye.
            “We’ll see. Just don’t go into my room again… unless I bring you into it.” He smirked. I felt myself turn red, so I just speed walked straight into Hiccup’s room to get my things.
            “I’ll see you tomorrow.” I huffed grabbing my bag.
            “Wait-“ he tried, but I was already out of the room. I just let myself out, not wanting to encounter Jack again. I’m pretty sure I broke the elevator button with the amount of times I pressed it. As soon as the elevator dinged, someone tapped my shoulder.
            “Forgot something?” his deep voice said in my ear. His arm wrapped around me as if he was hugging me from behind, but he held my phone in his hand. I tried my best to take it so it wasn’t obvious I was shaking.
            “Thanks.” I mumbled. I could feel his body heat right up against me. His breath tingled my neck and his hands dropped down to my sides. He moved a small section of my hair to expose my neck. He leaned in so his nose and lips were in contact with my bare skin.
            “I’ll see you tomorrow.” He murmured against my skin. I felt his lips move to kiss my neck and give me a small bite. I don’t know what he did, but he stimulated my nerves making me feel everything and my body pulsate in places I didn’t know it could. He let me go and I didn’t feel him anymore, but I could still sense he was behind me. The elevator doors opened… with Astrid inside. She saw who was walking away, immediately pulled me inside and shut the doors.
            “Are you okay?” she asked me. I was still in a little daze, but I found myself to answer.
            “I think so…” I trailed touching the spot Jack was just on.
            “What do you mean? Was he aggressive?” she questioned.
            “No… if he was then he wouldn’t have just walked away like that.” I explained. Astrid signed and pinched the bridge of her nose.
            “Okay I don’t really know you Elsa, but I will tell you this.” She started. “Stay away from Jack Frost.” She looked me dead in the eye to show her seriousness.
            “Is he really that bad?” I asked. Astrid pursed her lips.
            “Don’t tell Hiccup, but Jack used to be my martial arts… partner.” She explained. “It was years ago, like we were 13. The minute high school started, he just… changed.” I found it really odd how interconnected everyone is… well I guess that’s what happens when you stay in the area.
            “Okay.” I agreed. Astrid gave a small smile and opened the elevator doors.
            “I’ll see you whenever I guess.” She waved and walked through.
            “See you!” I called as the doors closed between us…

Hey guys!!! I'm sorry i don;t post as often, but i am REALLY BUSY!! School, friend and family drama, and then trying to find a job. GOD I DON'T WANNA GROW UP!! Well it gives me a reason to make the chapters as long as i can make them... yeah this is the longest chapter i've ever written in any fic. I hope i can post the next chapter soon, i'm already working on it. Thank you for sticking with me! i hope you enjoy this fic, as well as stick around for the sequel of BHFH because it;s coming soon... and let me tell you it;s coming out great! LOL Luv you all!!! Happy Reading ;)

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