Ice Skates & Guitar Strings

Perfection. That was all she strived to be, or more so what her parents wanted her to be. Every decision was made for her, including the things that were supposed to make her 'happy'. Elsa's life begins to change the moment she's acquainted one of the school's bad boys, Jack Frost. However looks may be deceiving, for he is about to teach her that perfection doesn't necessarily lead to true happiness...


7. Unexpected Part 1

            “So let me get this straight.” I said as Anna was stuffing her face with triple chocolate ice cream. “Within a span of 24 hours you managed to make a total of six friends and get a date?” My sister nodded her head then pounded it due to brain freeze.
            “Wow, you are one social butterfly.” I snickered before shoving a Snickers bar in my mouth.
            “Well to be fair I met three of them through you, and my date is someone I met on my way to history.” She admitted. “So really I only met two people myself today. It’s you that’s the social butterfly.”
            “Rapunzel doesn’t count. She’s our cousin.” I objected.
            “But you met Merida before her.”
            “She was reaching for Ed Sheeran. Obviously I’d say something.”
            “So if she was reaching for Katy Perry or Justin Bieber…?”
            “I’d probably leave her be. I would also be very confused as to why such an edgy girl would listen to generic pop songs; not that there’s anything wrong with that.” I defended.
            “You’re just saying that because I’m into that kind of music.” Anna smirked. “In your head you’re criticizing their beautiful voices.”
            “Am not! Besides, they use too much autotune.” I said. “I wouldn’t know what their voices sounded like unless I’ve seen them live.”
            “Oh, but Alex Turner gets let off the hook?” Anna countered.
            “Yes.” I smiled. “I’ve actually seen them live, you forget that.”
            “Oh yeah; wait didn’t I go with you?” Anna recalled. “That underground concert I went to two years ago?”
            “Yeah.” I nodded. “And I plan on going to their AM concert as well.”
            “Maybe you can find another friend to go with you this year. I’m not really down to go to concerts where people smoke weed and get drunk in the crowd.”
            “Hey now, you think I’m up for that nonsense?” I protested. “I’m only there for the band.”
            “When’s the concert?” my sister asked.
            “In a few months. June I think.”
            “Elsa, that’s 10 months away.”
            “So? Doesn’t mean I can’t start planning everything now.” I shrugged as I ripped open a KitKat bar. Anna was about to say something but laughed instead.
            “Naturally you would.” She muttered and she stole half of my chocolate bar.
            “Hey!” I fought back by taking a Twix.
            “Come on! You always get the good candy!” Anna whined.
            “Because you always get the good ice cream.” I countered holding up my cheap vanilla. She just smiled and munched on the deliciousness. I looked around my room to see the mess we made on my bed. Empty wrappers littered my quilt and the condensation on the tubs of ice cream probably leaked into my pillows by now. My sister only got back an hour ago, when the clock struck 11 on this night.
            “What are we doing?” I questioned my sister as she started breaking chocolate bars and mixing them into her ice cream.
            “Getting chocolate wasted.” She replied as she drizzled chocolate syrup into her bowl.
            “And you got this idea from where?”
            “Rapunzel made us watch Grown Ups, then Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” I nodded at each of her answers.
            “Plus I’m on my period.” She said simply. I almost choked on my water. Anna however started to laugh at me.
            “Come on Elsa, you’re my sister. We can talk about this stuff.” She teased.
            “Yeah, but the way you just sprang to it.” I coughed.
            “What? That I’m bleeding from my vagina?”
            “ANNA!” she had to hold her stomach from laughing so hard.
            “Sorry. My uterus lining is shedding, causing me to bleed and secrete bodily fluids I do not want to.” she corrected. “That’s what dad would want me to say because it’s ‘more professional’.” I couldn’t help but giggle at my sister’s fact, but I knew what she was really thinking.
            “They aren’t here Anna. Their rules don’t apply here.” I sighed placing a hand on her knee.  My sister shot me a questioning look.
            “Since when did you start talking about mom and dad like that.?” She asked.
            “Like how?”
            “Like, they’re holding us back. I mean they are, but you’ve never talked about them like that.”
            “Never talked about them like that; but I’ve thought about it.”
            “Since when?!” she gasped.
            “Remember when dad started bringing me to work?” I asked. “Maybe 5 minutes in that building.”
            “Weren’t you 12?”
            “11. I remember vividly because he kept showing me off to the workers. One even tried to kiss me... she was an old woman… fine it was Aunt Lieza.”
            “But still, since then?! Why didn’t you tell me this before?
            “Maybe since we haven’t gotten close until we both graduated from high school.” Crap, I shouldn’t have said that. The happy look on her face faded once I said what I said and tension in the room started to get really thick.
            “I should go to sleep.” Anna murmured. She collected all un-open bars and her ice cream. I didn’t object because it was really late, and whenever we spoke of that topic we fought. Anna exited my room, wishing me a good night, but not looking at me. I sat on my bed in silence for a bit, before finally getting up to throw away all the wrappers and collapsing on my bed.
            The wind furiously blew into the car as Rick drove us to the party. My hair was falling out of its braid, so I gave up and just let it all wave down.
            “Dang Elsa! You look bangin’.” Theresa gasped when she looked back at me. Well she was the one who put me in this little blue dress. It wasn’t like hers that was mostly sheer, but it was very form fitting and shorter than I prefer.
            “Meaning what?” I asked.
            “She’s saying you look hot.” Rick chuckled. I blushed and returned a compliment.
            “Okay, we’re almost there.” Rick confirmed before turning up the radio. He had his own mix of rock and EDMs, but it fit surprisingly well. I tapped my foot to the beat of the bass, feeling the thud against my chest. This music fixed with the scene outside was gorgeous; the sun was about to set, turning the sky orange, the lake was rippling in the wind, making an odd mirror but a hell of a mural. Oh yeah, this was pure Zen.
            “We’re here.” Theresa sang. Rick turned into a street and parked on the curb. My two friends jumped out of the car, but stopped once they noticed my lack of movement. Rick opened my door for me, but I still didn’t move.
            “Elsa come on.” He pleaded as he offered me his hand.
            “This was a mistake Rick.” I sighed. I looked towards the house. It looked like a three story cottage, and there were defiantly people inside it because of all the cars scattered on the street. “I can’t go in there.”
            “Elsa, come on.” Theresa sighed. “I promise that if you don’t like this one, we’ll never take you to another party again. Just give this a try, for me, please.” Rick held his hand out for me to take. Despite how nervous I was or as much as I didn’t want to do, I placed my hand in Rick’s and stepped out of the car.
            “Day two and we already have a paper due next week.” I remarked once we left the lecture hall.
            “It’s in partners.” Hiccup tried to make the situation better.
            “I know, but I don’t like people in my other classes.” I admitted. “I dread the day I have to do group work for those classes.”
            “Because you usually do all the work?” Hiccup guessed. “I know, I’m usually that guy too.”
            “Not this time.” I assured him. How about this, whenever we have group work for this class, we’ll always be in a group.”
            “I thought that was already implied.” He smirked. I playfully slapped his arm and my next lecture room came into view.
            “I’ll see you at the shuttle then.” He said before walking to his own class.
            “Okay!” I called before he disappeared into the crowd. I stepped into the lecture hall; Athletic Kinesiology.
            “Watch out!” a girl’s voice screamed behind me. Someone smashed into me, and I fell over like a cut down tree.
            “Sorry, I didn’t see you there.” Her Scottish voice apologized.
            “It’s okay.” I groaned rolling over to see her. The moment I saw her wild red hair I knew exactly who hit me.
            “Hey Merida.” I winced once the ache spread on my back.
            “Oh Elsa, hi!” she cheered as she got to her feet. She helped me up and picked up her… skateboard? “I didn’t know you were in this class.”
            “And I didn’t know you skateboard.” I chuckled as I brushed myself off.
            “Longboard.” She corrected. “I like to go fast and feel the wind on my face.”
            “Sounds fun.”
            “It is; you just feel free.” She explained. “Want to sit together?”
            “Sure.” I agreed. “You’re the only person I know in this class anyway.” We walked up the rows to find our seats. Normally I would’ve sat in the front row, but I followed Merida to the higher rows.
            “I like the view.” She defended as we sat down. “And I can see the slides better.”
            “Like how you watch movies in a theatre?”
            “Exactly.” She said as she whipped out her notebook and put her feet up. I took my stuff out as well to get ready for the lesson when Merida tapped my shoulder.
            “Look who just walked in.” she whispered. I turned my attention to the figure wearing all black. I was thankful to see no silver hair, but my stomach churned seeing that familiar face from last night.
            “Okay, how did I not notice him yesterday?” I gasped as I looked away and covered my face with my notebook.
            “You do know you’re only drawing attention to yourself when you do that.” Merida smirked. “And they’re coming this way.”
            “They?!” I panicked as I put my book down. Sure enough, he and that bitchy girl were walking up to find a seat. I bent down to pretend I was rummaging in my bag. I’m not sure how long I was down there for, but I sat up once my back started hurting. I looked around the room.
            “Where’d they go?” I whispered to Merida.
            “Right behind you.” He whispered in my ear. I covered my mouth to muffle my scream if it were to come; but all I got were goose bumps, a pounding heart and shortness of breath. I heard that girl, Gothel, laugh at me from behind Merida.
            “Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.” Hans apologized as I tried to calm myself down.
            “It’s fine.” I choked and gave a small smile.
            “I didn’t know you were in this class.” He smirked as he pulled his books out.
            “I can say the same about you.” I said before turning back to the front to avoid any other conversation; to my luck no such thing happened.
            “Maybe I’ll have more classes with you.”
            “Maybe.” I muttered.
            “That would be nice; seeing a familiar face for once.”
            “What about me?” Gothel snickered.
            “You don’t could.” Oh god, please start the lecture professor.
            “Okay, can you all hear me?” Professor E. Aster’s voice echoed in the hall as he spoke at his stand. The class settled down and the lesson began.

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