Ice Skates & Guitar Strings

Perfection. That was all she strived to be, or more so what her parents wanted her to be. Every decision was made for her, including the things that were supposed to make her 'happy'. Elsa's life begins to change the moment she's acquainted one of the school's bad boys, Jack Frost. However looks may be deceiving, for he is about to teach her that perfection doesn't necessarily lead to true happiness...


15. Studying and Soundtracks Part 1

    “Elsa?” Hiccup’s voice called.

    “Yeah.” I yawned. 

    “Just making sure you’re still in there. You didn’t take any notes for the entire lecture. I’m assuming you were daydreaming.” He said as we walked out of the lecture hall.

    “Well can you blame me? Weaseltown’s voice is so irritating and dull at the same time.”

    “True, but you must’ve been thinking about something really important is you phased out of Freud’s theory of the conscious and unconscious mind.”

    “I missed Freud? Crap, that’s one of my favourite psychological theories.” 

    “I know, you told me before. Are you okay Elsa?” he asked.

    “I’m fine, I just didn’t get much sleep last night.” I admitted.

    “Doing something fun I imagine.” Yes, it was definitely fun.

    “Hey guys!” Merida greeted zooming by on her longboard. 

    “Hey Mer.” We greeted as she hopped off.

    “Don’t you have a class to attend to Haddock?” she teased.

    “Just wanted to make sure Ms. Arendelle arrived safely.” He played. “Sorry to keep you Ms. DunBroch.”

    “Oh hush now. We wouldn’t want to be late and neither do you.” She said to him as she took my wrist and stated dragging me to class.

    “We’ll see you later.” I called to him. He waved goodbye and walked towards the other direction to his next class. 

    “Well he’s looking mighty fine without his glasses on.” Merida remarked.

    “You think so?”

    “You don’t? He looks like a different person when he wears his contacts.” She pointed out. “I could’ve sworn I saw a few girls blush when he walked by them, but they looked down when they saw the braid in his hair.”

    “Didn’t Astrid do that a few days ago?” 

    “Yep. I think it’s weird he still has it.”

    “Well, I guess she’s marking her territory. And I think it’s cute that he hasn’t taken it out yet.”

    “Fine, fine; but you should know if I get a man, I would never do that to him.”

    “Good to know.” I giggled as we stepped into our lecture room. We walked all the way up the rows. I’ve grown used to sitting in a seat not at the front, I can actually see everything from the upper rows.

    “So did you do anything last night?” I asked Merida once we settled.

    “Not really; just practised at the range, had take-out and watched movies with Rapunzel.” She said.

    “The question is, what were you doing last night?” she smirked making me stop writing.

    “Netflix and studying while eating delivery; the usual.” I lied.



    “So what did you have? A Panagio’s Banquet burger? Or pizza?” My boy went cold at the name of Panagio’s.

    “I-“ I didn’t know what to say.”

    “You don’t have to lie Elsa.” She laughed. “I saw you there, you sat by the window.”

    “Okay…” I sighed. “So you know?”

    “That you were with him? Yeah. I just hope you’re okay considering who it was.” I had to hold my tongue from defending him, or should I?

    “I’m fine. I actually had lots of fun.” I admitted. Merida’s eyes went wide.


    “Yeah.” I nodded.

    “What the hell did he do to you last night?” she asked looking really concerned.

    Well he kissed me…

    “Nothing, we just had dinner and hung out.” I partially lied. “I’m not sure if I would do it again.” Another lie.

    Before Merida could ask me another thing, the professor’s voice boomed in the class, signalling the beginning of the lecture. 


    “Do you want to hang out later?” Merida asked as we walked out of the lecture hall.

    “Maybe. We’ll see what happens in my other classes if I have to get some work done.” I replied. “In case, where should I meet you?”

    “Our dorm. Punzie wants to watch a movie with everyone else.”

    “Okay, I’ll see what I’m doing later then.” I said as  Merida put her board on the floor; longboarding during the winter really didn’t seem like a good idea to me, but she looked like she could care less.

    “Just text one of us so we’ll know.”

    “Will do. See you later!” I called as she rode off to her next class. Usually I have some time to kill and I use it to sit outside and do some work. However the weather isn’t that promising; I don’t mind the snow, but using my laptop outside didn’t seem like a wise choice. Luckily there was a small bookstore that was close to my next class I could stay in, maybe I could do some studying in there for a while.

    I stepped into the small store and politely asked the clerk in the front if I could stay. To my surprise, she led me into the back room where there were multiple desks.

    “Your campus calls it a study hostile. Not many students know they exist, that’s why they’re so quiet.” She explained. 

    “Do you get any other students here?” I asked as I set my books down.

    “One regular in particular, I highly doubt you know him. And some occasionally come during exam time.” She laughed.

    “Oh well, thank you…”


    “Susan.” I smiled. “Thank you.” She left me alone in the quiet so I could do my studying. 

    My phone started vibrating when I was rereading my notes on Carl Jung’s theory of personality types. My screen lit up to reveal a text from my sister.

    ‘Punzie wants to know if you want to watch a movie tonight.’

    ‘Yeah Merida told me already.’

    ‘So is that a yes or no sister?’

    ‘It’s a Maybe.’ I set my phone down and went back to my notes. It didn’t take long for me to be disturbed once again, but this time the door swung open.

    “Well this is a surprise.” Hans smiled as he shut the door.

    “Yes it is.” I choked and broke the lead of my pencil. Hany set his books down on the desk beside me and took a seat.

    “How’ve you been?” he asked ignoring his books and looking at me.

    “Good.. I guess.” I shrugged not looking at him and trying to make more notes. He didn’t say anything for a while until my phone buzzed. 

    ‘Oh you forgot to tell me how it went last night.’ My sister texted.

    ‘I’ll tell you after my classes.’ Once I set my phone down, I saw a small smile come on to Hans’ face.

    “I gave you my number.” He smirked.

    “Did you? I don’t remember.” I lied.

    “It was a while back ago.” He recalled. “I wrote it on your receipt.”

    “Oh yes I remember. You also said to call if I had any problems.”


    “I didn’t have any problems with my laptop.” I bluntly said. That thankfully shut him up a bit. I expected for there to be an awkward silence, but I could tell he was actually focusing on the work he was doing. Curiosity started to make me twitch and peek at what he was working on.

    “Do you have notes on Michelle Mead? I need her views on feminism.” He asked looking up from his paper.

    “Yeah.” I replied flipping through my binder. “What topic are you working on?”

    “Female athletes vs. male athletes.” He said as he started reading my notes. “What did you choose?”

    “Psychological and sociological impact of sports broadcasting.”

    “That’s one of the most difficult topics.”

    “I like a challenge.” I smiled before taking out my journal. “This is our final paper so I better make it good.”

    “Well don’t forger we also have a seminar to do.” He pointed out. 

    “Crap! I forgot to plan out my stuff.”

    “You could join my group. It’s up to four people and I only have two.”

    “We’ll see. I may or may not already be in a group.” I quickly rejected.

    “Well if you change your mind, don’t hesitate to ask.”

    “Thanks for the offer.” I smiled and checked the time.

    “And I have class.” I said as I started to pack up.

    “Do you want me to walk you?” he asked.

    “No it’s fine. It’s right across the street.” I said trying to scurry away. “I’ll see you tomorrow I guess.”

    “Or do you want to hang out later tonight?” Hans asked.

    “Um… tonight?”

    “Yeah. A couple of friends are just getting together. Nothing big, just a chill session.” He explained. “You’re welcome to join us if you want to.”

    “Will I know anyone there?”

    “Well, me.”

    “I don’t really know you Hans.” I practically snapped. A crocked smile stretched on his lips.

    “Feisty yet also truthful.” He cooed. He stood and walked toward me. “Then let’s start over. My name is Handerson Isles, but people call me Hans because I liked Han Solo from Star Wars when I was younger. I currently attend DDU and I am in Kinesiology program. Who are you?” he crossed his arms and smirked, waiting for my answer. I was very confused, but decided to fall into his niceness.

    “Hi. I’m Elsa Arendelle. I’m in the Psychology program in DDU and I am minoring in English. If you must know I just moved here months ago before the semester started.” I held my hand out to shake. Hans gladly took it.

    “Well Ms. Elsa. Would it be totally forward and inappropriate if I asked you to hang out with me and a few friends later tonight?” he asked still gripping my hand.

    “I believe it is not totally inappropriate, but unfortunately I have plans tonight with my sister.” I partially lied. “Maybe another time.”

    “Well, maybe when you have the time you can call me?” Hand held up my phone. His contact information was on my screen and if I could guess, he texted himself so he had my number too.

    “Will do.” I tried to hide my shaky voice, and took my phone from him. “I’ll see you whenever I guess.”

    Hans nodded and watched as I left the room. I said a quick thank you to the clerk and walked out of the bookstore. The only thought I had while I was waling the class was, how the hell could Jack and Hans be friends?


    “Bye Elsa!” my sister called out as she shut the door. I was alone once again in my dorm. I lay on my bed and I just shut my eyes.

    It was 6 PM on a Monday night. I don’t know how my sister had the motivation to go out. I was drained of most of my energy. And on top of that I had some school work to do.

    “Siri wake me up in 15 minutes.” I said into my phone. Almost as soon as I set my phone down on my bed I passed out.


My drunken body swayed with the melody of the thumping bass. His hands roamed up and down my body as he moved with me. Before I knew it I was grinding into his body.

I moved my hair up so the air could touch my hot skin and maybe cool me down. However I did not expect that he would start kissing and sucking on my bare skin. I would have normally pushed him off, but the alcohol in my system made me rebellious.

    “Didn’t know you could move.” He murmured before his teeth grazed my ear.

    “Neither did I.” I breathed. His hands rested on my hips and his lips trailed on my jaw. I spun around and his kissed the corner of my mouth. Before I knew what was happening our lips were latched together and out tongues were doing their own dance in the dark. We broke apart to breathe and walk off the dance floor/ area.

    “Let’s go into the house?” he whispered into my ear. I nodded and let me guide him back inside.


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