Ice Skates & Guitar Strings

Perfection. That was all she strived to be, or more so what her parents wanted her to be. Every decision was made for her, including the things that were supposed to make her 'happy'. Elsa's life begins to change the moment she's acquainted one of the school's bad boys, Jack Frost. However looks may be deceiving, for he is about to teach her that perfection doesn't necessarily lead to true happiness...


28. Doubt Part 1

“Thanks again for coming to visit.” My sister embraced my father.  

“Of course, we always look forward to seeing our girls.” he smiled. When he came to me, he just stuck out his hand. 

“Maybe next time will be a better encounter for us? Right?” he spoke. 

“Maybe.” I replied but already knew that would be a lie. “I recommend notifying the both of us a few days prior to your arrival. That way the two of us can plan out the days.” 

“Well noted.” he nodded without showing an ounce of emotion in his face. 

“We should get going. It’s really late.” my mother interrupted him before he could say anything else. “It was lovely to see you again my dear.” She pulled me in for  hug. 

“Thanks mom. I’ll see you later… maybe.” I said in her ear. When she let me go, i felt her kind of linger for a bit before she walked away from me. My parents waved goodbye and walked out of the door. My sister locked the door and sighed as she leaned her back against it. My sister and I had just spent last night and all of today with my parents. 

“Thank goodness that’s over.” she said. “I think we’ve seen too much of them already.” 

“They’re our parents. We need to see a lot of them every now and then.” 

“Yeah, but didn’t we just see them like a few days ago? We’ve already had our monthly dose of our parents.” 

“Okay that’s enough Anna.” I laughed. “We’re supposed to love them.” The words would usually be okay with me, but after today they taste funny coming out of my mouth. 

“Still doesn’t explain why they had to come here unannounced. You know dad, he’s always busy with work and all that shit. Why come now of all times?” Now that Anna mentioned it, she’s right.  

“Maybe he’s going to start impromptu visits now that we’re in university. You know he would ask for our mark reports weeks before midterms right?” I pointed out as I plopped down on the couch and pulled out my phone. I was about to call Jack to ask if he was okay, until I saw something in my caller list.  

“Oh god…” I flushed. 

“What?” my sister asked as she walked over to see what I was looking at.  

On my screen was a long list of my father’s name. I had called him last night, and he had called me too. 

“I think I drunk called dad last night…” I sighed as I showed her my phone. Anna immediately took her phone out of her pocket to check for her caller list. 

“… Well the good thing is I didn’t drunk call dad. The bad news is, mom texted me this morning warning us they were coming.” she revealed. I groaned and tried to release my frustrations on a pillow, but that did absolutely nothing. We both sat down on the couch just processing what just happened.  

“Where were you by the way?” my sister asked out of no where. 

“What do you mean?” 

“Last night. You just disappeared; I figured you went home but dad’s reaction confirmed you didn’t.” 

“Did nobody tell you?”  


“I was with Jack last night.” Right when I said that, my sister rolled over on her side and looked my dead in the eye with a smile on her face. 

“Did you guys…?” 

“No Anna. We did not have sex.” I laughed. 

“I was going to ask if you guys slept together, but I guess that works out too.” 

“Well we did sleep in the same bed if that makes you feel any better.” For some reason I thought that would make her get off my back, but I should have known that would only make her curiosity ignite. 

“A little kiss, kiss too? Rub, rub, rub under the sheets?” 

“Stop it.” 

“He wrapped his arms around you, felt a little under your shirt.” 


“Sorry.” she laughed. “It’s just funny to see how red you get when you get embarrassed. I’m actually proud of you Elsa, you spent the night out and didn’t come back until morning for the first time in forever.”  

“Yeah… today was supposed to be great.” I scoffed. “I woke up in a great mood next to the guy I love, then we were supposed to have breakfast and just hang out for the rest of the day, then-“ 

“What did you just say?” Anna interjected. 

“We were going to have breakfast?” 

“No, before that.”  

“I woke up in a good mood next…” I trailed slowly realizing what I had just said. 

“To the guy you love?”  

I just said the word love… have I ever said that to Jack yet? I mean I’ve never really thought about it, yet, or not that much. I surely don’t love Jack, or- 

“You’re overthinking what you’re saying Elsa. Relax, it’s okay to love someone that isn’t family.” Anna practically laughed at me. 

“I’ve just never done that before.” I tried to calm down. 

“I know, but I’ve already said it to Kristoff.” she smiled and tried to make me feel better. Truthfully, I wasn’t surprised at all. 

“Good, he’s a good guy. Maybe dad would even approve of him.” 

“Okay, you have to stop talking about dad. Maybe we should get out of here and take you to Jack because based on how you told me the first encounter went then you clearly need to talk to him.”  

“I was going to Hiccup’s to do a project anyway, I’ll just meet him there.” I said… but I was really trying to stop thinking about Jack, especially with our recent conversation last night. 

“Okay, then can you drop me at Kristoff’s? I forgot some of my stuff there.” 

“Sure.” I said as I grabbed my keys. “Do you need to go anywhere else after that?” 

“No it’s okay. I think we were planning on stopping by Punzie’s to have a double date with her and Flynn anyway.” 

“Okay, then let’s role.” I grabbed my phone off the table and my bag and we walked out of the door. 

*********** Last night at dinner ********** 



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